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Transformers Imagines  by TheAvengerJedi90
Transformers Imagines by Ahsoka is my wife
All the TF imagines I've posted on Tumblr, (at mastersnips-imagines), but here! So far I have - TFP Knockout TFP Knockout and TFP Breakdown (polygamous) TFP Optimus TFP...
Dogformers x human reader (COMPLETED) by RubyPasha
Dogformers x human reader ( RubyPasha
You are a 17 year old orphan who doesn't go to school. You are used to having a hard lonely life until you sine up at a dog rescue shelter. Most of the dogs there are up...
(CANCELED) Swapped (MegatronXAbused!Human!Reader)(ON HOLD) by StarscreamTheAsshole
(CANCELED) Swapped ( Codenamed Delta
(yes abuse is a large part of my writing,i use it as a way to show others how abused children feel,how they adapt and even believe that the pain is normal,so yes,trigger...
TransFormers x Reader [updated : Prompt is Open] by bliztbika
TransFormers x Reader [updated : Bika
What the cover and title said but it consists of : •imagines• •headcanons• •preferences• •oneshots• •scenarios•
His Seer(MegatronXDepressed!Seer!Reader) by StarscreamTheAsshole
His Seer(MegatronXDepressed!Seer! Codenamed Delta
It started off as a normal day. You'd wake up,prevent any unfortunate accidents with the coffee machine, but then you saw it... The two possibilities of the day that cou...
Transformers x reader by Just_a_rose8
Transformers x readerby Just_a_girl<3
"They are not just cars. They are family"
Misc. Transformers Oneshots by Wish-I-Was-A-Robot
Misc. Transformers Oneshotsby Wish-I-Was-A-Robot
I've been Transformers Trash for a fair few years and likely will be for a long time to come, so why not start digging my metaphorical grave now? Likely will include a f...
Whisper in Space by Miracle-the-Fangirl
Whisper in Spaceby Mira
You lived a wonderful life as Captain of your ship. You explored the stars with your crew and created star maps for your colony galaxies away. Autobots come and go but o...
TransFormers Prime: My Little WarLord. (MegaTron x Daughter Reader) {On hold} by GalaxAkaGalaxy
TransFormers Prime: My Little Galax(Galaxy)
Y/N Dark-Spark had been on the run from that autobots for 10 years. She the daughter of MegaTron. She had learned many skills during her travel. She had kidnapped Miko J...
Decepticons - Transformers x Reader by _The_Maverick_
Decepticons - Transformers x Readerby Sig
This is basically a bunch of one shots (kind of?) but with the Decepticons! I do have an Autobot story too!
Megatron x reader x starscream crazy love.  Slow updates by Sophiemoye
Megatron x reader x starscream Sophiemoye
Y/n is a blind human on the warship. But gets around on her on but megatron and starscream insist on one of them to help her around the warship.
(CANCELED) I Fucking Hate You(Megatron/Optimus PrimeXEx!Military!Reader) by StarscreamTheAsshole
(CANCELED) I Fucking Hate You( Codenamed Delta
Remember that time Megatron took Starscream to that cave and then was covered in rocks? That's where Y/n meets the Decepticon lord,Megatron. And yet again,the war vet wi...
MegatronxReader by fangirllols
MegatronxReaderby fangirllols
Your a 21year old girl in jasper navada.One night you decided to take a walk outside and the Storie to find out :)
He's The Beast You're The Key(Megatron X Reader) by Atafay
He's The Beast You're The Key( gza
you are none other than Y/n one of the most best trackers in the galaxy, you could practically do anything with your tracking and hacking skills which doesn't include ge...