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Megamind: Who Says The Bad Guy Doesn't Get The Girl?  by Slinky-Dogg
Megamind: Who Says The Bad Guy Shelby
I think the best way to start of this story is to explain somethings. I live in Metro City. The only city to have a super hero and a super villain fight each other at le...
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Megamind X Child!Reader by MidnightblueGhost
Megamind X Child!Readerby Ghost
Heyo! Ghost here, and this is gonna be my second x Reader! :) I wanted to write a Megamind one since I don't see very many for him, plus I've had this idea in my head fo...
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  • megamindxreader
All in One: Watching their movies and reactions by Lois128
All in One: Watching their Lois128
Everyone has already done the Big Eight reaction, but what if there were more characters added to it? Watch as they laugh, cry, and have fun. Movies: Frozen, Rise of t...
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City of Slaves [#SFF] [#Complete] [#Ooorahs2017] by AbbyBabble
City of Slaves [#SFF] [#Complete] Abby
In a galaxy where popular opinion is instant law, someone unpopular is about to change everything. ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ Trillions of minds are knitted together in the internet-lik...
  • slavetrade
  • magic
  • science-fantasy
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TMNT/ MLP EG: Sunset Shimmer by makayla435
TMNT/ MLP EG: Sunset Shimmerby Makayla Light
Based of the movie Megamind: Though she is the most-brilliant supervillain the world has known, Sunset Shimmer is the least-successful. Thwarted time and again by Princ...
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  • raphshimmer
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Once a Captive, Always a Captive - A Megamind x Reader fanfiction by MissMegamind
Once a Captive, Always a MissMegamind
Heyoooooo! This is my first book :) So, basically, this is for the person who has a crush on megamind. Which I do. I look for stories like this, but can't find any for...
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Megamind's (Adopted) daughter by bookwriter1235
Megamind's (Adopted) daughterby Sparkles🦄
What if Megamind found a baby girl in a dark alley all alone on a rainy day? Being an evil villain and taking care of a human baby? Is he up for the challenge? Will Emil...
  • megamind
Makayla and the 4 Lost Spirits by JakobTullis
Makayla and the 4 Lost Spiritsby JakeStar9000
Note: This is an inspiration from my other friends who are also doing this. Makayla is a half demon/angel princess who was sent to earth along with her sister, Watric in...
  • tmnt2012
  • megamind
  • adventuretime
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Colossus Rising [#SFF] [#Galactic] [#Complete] by AbbyBabble
Colossus Rising [#SFF] [#Galactic] Abby
All spacefaring civilizations are absorbed by Megacosm users, or else enslaved by them. Anyone who dares to question the elected rulers of the Megacosm--or worse, defy t...
  • space
  • superpowers
  • megamind
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Dimensional Love (Megamind X Reader) by Shadow813Castor
Dimensional Love (Megamind X Shadow Castor
This is my first Megamind x reader and my first x reader in a long time, first one on this account. so sorry if its bad. You wish Megamind was real, but he is just a mo...
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  • reader
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Megamind X Reader(Smut) by MasterOfTaehyung
Megamind X Reader(Smut)by Tae_express
Just a smut about megamind🤷‍♀️
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Help Me. (Megamind x reader) by SierraPoulson
Help Me. (Megamind x reader)by TheDarkOnesDagger
Your 18, and live alone with your abusive father. He gets drunk, and violent. At school, you're bullied by the most popular girl because your mother left. They say she l...
  • xreader
  • evil
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Megamind X Reader by Pandalion23
Megamind X Readerby Pandalion23
This is a one shot of Megamind and you in school. If you've seen the movie, you would've noticed how Megamind's childhood was actually pretty rough and he didn't have an...
  • xreader
  • love
  • pandalion23
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Mega Mind x Metro Man x Minion ((SMUT WARNING)) by gracynvance
Mega Mind x Metro Man x Minion (( Emma
  • smuttyfanfic
  • minion
  • smutwarning
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Roxanne Ritchi by FidelityWolfAnimagus
Roxanne Ritchiby Fandom Neek
Megamind, but in Roxanne's POV. When the villian finally defeats the hero, what happens next?
  • megamind
  • megarox
  • roxanneritchi
Dimensions 3 by NinjaGirlWritter
Dimensions 3by Mayonaka Gekkō
After a battle in Ninjago, Shadowclaw and her brother Sparkstar get separated in the portal still after Scourge. What happens to her in the Megamind Dimension?
  • megamind
  • warriors
Bulletproof by le-litterateur
Bulletproofby le-litterateur
Synopsis: What if Metro Man had a cousin? 23-year-old Cor-El, or her earth name (F/n L/n), is a famous model who has been hiding a secret from as far back as she can rem...
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His forehead 《A Megamind x reader oneshot》 by grandmalulu
His forehead 《A Megamind x lulu
Y/N is a typical girl in a typical world, but what will happen when she meets a man, a blue one at that.
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  • meme
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MEGAMIND:Roxanne X Malereader titan by Bulltial
MEGAMIND:Roxanne X Malereader titanby Gold Sulfur Titanium Nitrogen
you become the new titan.
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  • malereader
  • megamind
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Megamind-Roxanne's Birthday Present by Jeepgirl173
Megamind-Roxanne's Birthday Presentby Jeepgirl173
It's Roxanne's birthday, but another year without her father doesn't make her a happy birthday girl. Not even family, friends, or presents can put her in a good mood. So...
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