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Help Me. (Megamind x reader) COMPLETE by SierraPoulson
Help Me. (Megamind x reader) YessicaHaircut17
Your 18, and live with your abusive father. He gets drunk and violent. At school, you're bullied by the most popular girl, Sarah, just because your mother left when you...
Megamind Sister: Meg by Merci8Light
Megamind Sister: Megby Vic Skellington
What happens if Megamind had a young twin sister who was with him? Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Roxanne Ritchi by TheNeekyTree
Roxanne Ritchiby Tree
Megamind, but in Roxanne's POV. What happens after the villian finally defeats the hero?
Megamind X Child!Reader by MidnightblueGhost
Megamind X Child!Readerby Ghost
Sometimes all it takes is one inconceivable choice to change the course of another person's life, the way your story begins is a prime example. Metro City... it was ju...
Megamind's (Adopted) daughter by bookwriter1235
Megamind's (Adopted) daughterby Sparkles🦄
What if Megamind found a baby girl in a dark alley all alone on a rainy day? Being an evil villain and taking care of a human baby? Is he up for the challenge? Will Emil...
Megamind: Who Says The Bad Guy Doesn't Get The Girl?  by Slinky-Dogg
Megamind: Who Says The Bad Guy Shelby
I think the best way to start of this story is to explain somethings. I live in Metro City. The only city to have a super hero and a super villain fight each other at le...
If Only by makaylaLight435
If Onlyby Makayla Light
Based on the movie Descendants 3 and MLP FIM "The Return of Harmony" Somewhere far away there is an island called the Isle of the Evil. Here all the worst vill...
TMNT/ MLP EG: Sunset Shimmer by makaylaLight435
TMNT/ MLP EG: Sunset Shimmerby Makayla Light
Based of the movie Megamind: Though she is the most-brilliant supervillain the world has known, Sunset Shimmer is the least-successful. Thwarted time and again by Princ...
Charliemind by the_trowel
Charliemindby Tapeworm
When Megamind meets Charlie, he immediately knows they were meant to be. However, Charlie feels differently and there is a certain green ogre who is determined to ruin e...
Lilo & Goku by Emayuku
Lilo & Gokuby Elizabeth Mayuku
Presents the story of how lonely Hawaiian squirrel girl Lilo met and adopted Goku, a ruckus-causing little Saiyan who she thinks is a monkey and their adventures togethe...
The Islands by aevasugarskull23
The Islandsby katana
A slice of life on a island state , it gets saucy.
Even Heroes Need Saved. by NerdyFanatic81
Even Heroes Need Nerdy Fanatic Girl
Set one year after the Megamind movie and "Megamind and the Button of Doom", the ex-villain has become quite the sensation and loved by Metro City. Hal, also k...
dimension crack(completed) by yugihazashivoorhees
dimension crack(completed)by yugihazashivoorhees
This story is a crossover so if you dont like this type of stuff then dont read this. So this is a story were Mandy (me) accidentally cracks the portal to the dimensions...
The wish (Megamind x reader) by MizUniverse6
The wish (Megamind x reader)by MizUniverse6
Your a single 25 year old comic book artist who's hosting a Christmas dinner party your parents want you to be like your sister to meet someone have kids and get married...
Megamind X Reader by Pandalion23
Megamind X Readerby Pandalion23
This is a one shot of Megamind and you in school. If you've seen the movie, you would've noticed how Megamind's childhood was actually pretty rough and he didn't have an...
Makayla and the 4 Lost Spirits by Jakob8362
Makayla and the 4 Lost Spiritsby Jakob or Jake is fine
Note: This is an inspiration from my other friends who are also doing this. Makayla is a half demon/angel princess who was sent to earth along with her sister, Watric in...
Joshu's Epic Multiverse Adventure by OceanBacon_23
Joshu's Epic Multiverse Adventureby Annyvverse
"Emotional, totally not clickbate multi- universe college adventures of Joshu and a shit ton of ppl" . Joshu Higashikata was your average awkward anti-social s...
His forehead 《A Megamind x reader twoshot》 by grandmalulu
His forehead 《A Megamind x lulu
Y/N is a typical girl in a typical world, but what will happen when she meets a man, a blue one at that.
Megamind and the 4 lost souls ( Book 1) by TmntBeth
Megamind and the 4 lost souls ( DAWildKrattBeth
Megamind is half alien half human but he has a 6th sense he can talk to souls without nobody knowing Now he must save Alex the lion,Raphael,Adrien and Wilbur Robinson S...