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Challenger Deep by VinceTheStoryMaker
Challenger Deepby Vince Santos
On a top-secret dive into the Pacific Ocean's deepest canyon, Jamie Quentin (Dylan O'Brien) found himself face-to-face with the largest and most ferocious predator in th...
  • thriller
  • megalodon
  • prehistoric
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Shin no Sekai by Klliann
Shin no Sekaiby JakeFrosts
Olhe para o espaço, já pensou na imensidão que existe? mas... você já olhou pro horizonte? e já pensou na imensidão do que existe? essa foi a pergunta que Stefan Frost f...
  • suspense
  • megalodon
  • cthulhu
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The Tempt a Shark by GregoryAllenbach
The Tempt a Sharkby Gregory Allenbach
Dora Bloom is a trickster and a misbehaved mermaid. She convinces her friends to play a game that none of them will soon forget. There is something other than childish...
  • merfolk
  • shark
  • ocean
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The megalodon by Warehouse13fan01
The megalodonby Warehouse13
A group of friends are on a cruise enjoying themselves until something ruins it what you'll just have to read to find out what happens to them
  • horror
  • megalodon
  • shark
Deep Sea Hearts by Kunaichan
Deep Sea Heartsby Kunaichan
A continuation of Mouse-chan's Heart of a Monster, on his new account.
  • mosaxmegalo
  • ingen
  • mosasaur
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Jaws of the megalodon by WilliamSayers9
Jaws of the megalodonby William Sayers
prehistoric shark has come from out of nowhere and to the shores of the vacation resort. Renee Thomas, the daughter of a whaler might be the only one who can stop it!
  • shark
  • megalodon
  • jaws
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The Ancient Shark (Megalodon shifter x Monster Girl Encyclopedia) by DraconianLover009
The Ancient Shark (Megalodon DraconianLover009
(This is a story idea I've had for a long time.) Tales tell of an ancient species of shark, a creature so massive it could sink the largest ship. It's name... Megalodon.
  • megalodon
  • mge
Challenger Deep: King Lizard by VinceTheStoryMaker
Challenger Deep: King Lizardby Vince Santos
Two years after defeating the Megalodon, expert submersible pilot and sea diver Jamie Quentin encounters yet another unknown danger deep in the Mariana Trench, forcing h...
  • megalodon
  • action
  • horror
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Team 5 by racheljkdaby
Team 5by Rachel JK Daby
Living life with the worlds most dangerous job: dealing with megalodons
  • megalodon
Megalodon. *UNDERGOING EDITS, WILL UPDATE SOON* by godsspeak
Megalodon. *UNDERGOING EDITS, Emma Graham
Lilah Easton is one of the youngest people to lead a research team that's primary focus is sharks. She loves her job, she could never picture doing something else. But...
  • marinebiology
  • sciencefiction
  • megalodon
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World With Megalodons Roleplay-What if megalodons weren't extinct? by ShelbyHollis_WOF4
World With Megalodons Slelly(longstory)
Cover not by me. Credit: @? What I megalodons weren't extinct like we thought...
  • human
  • ocean
  • role
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DBX4 Short: Surbaya by Omega0999
DBX4 Short: Surbayaby Monstrous Theropod
The Meg vs Rampage As a Megalodon terrorizes the sea, A Monstrous Reptile is swimming towards Destruction!
  • themeg
  • megalodon
  • rampage
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MEGALODON by charleswrites
MEGALODONby charleswrites
This is about the extinct beast (MEGALODON) a shark that was living 100 million years ago.
  • fish
  • extinctsharks
  • animals
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Under Pressure (a CWACOM fanfic) by Gillukka20
Under Pressure (a CWACOM fanfic)by Gillukka20
Warning: creature violence, bloodshed, brief strong language, and drinking
  • manny
  • cloudywithachanceofmeatballs
  • megalodon
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The Birth of Shark Tooth by TamunaTsertsvadze
The Birth of Shark Toothby Tamuna Tsertsvadze
Janette Moreau is a mulatto girl from the Caribbean who goes on a journey to the sea in search of her pirate father, retold by her mother to be a glorious and honourable...
  • jacksparrowsdaughter
  • ships
  • disney
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Mermaid Secrets of The Sea by JessGardenia
Mermaid Secrets of The Seaby Jess_Gardenia
* CANCELLED STORY* When Apex meets a mermaid named Radia on the beach, it's up to them and their friends to save the mer-world, before the megalodons take over the ocean...
  • youtube
  • shore
  • adventure
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The World Beneath the Water by CoreyDowns
The World Beneath the Waterby Corey Downs
20-year old Maria Ramirez and 21-year old Lucas Hannigan are prolific ocean explorers selected to explore the Mariana Trench's Challenger Deep to discover more species o...
  • sea
  • deep
  • underwater
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Deep End by torishay2017
Deep Endby torishay2017
Five siblings and their best friend take a trip to Australia where they meet their most dangerous predator, Bruce. Bruce is the largest shark in the world. He is over...
  • shark
  • horror
  • curiosity
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Aquatic Beasts by Mohd759
Aquatic Beastsby Mohammad Fadi Kobeissi
The year is 2019, five people are sent on a mission to reach challenger deep, using the most advanced submarine in history, a life changing journey for all of them, stu...
  • mosasaur
  • cretaceous
  • deep
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matsley dinosaures saison 3: le basilosaurus vs MEGALODON by matsleySystems
matsley dinosaures saison 3: le matsley systems
Comme d'habitude depuis 2015, je vais au parc de Blanc Mesnil avec mes animaux de compagnie qui sont troodon (ptit raptor que j'ai capturé juste avant l'episode du basil...
  • megalodon
  • baleine
  • arthropleura
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