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The Reincarnated Goddess Is Fierce (1) by JingXiuying
The Reincarnated Goddess Is JingXiuying
In her former life, she was robbed of her status, her looks, and her reputation. Reborn, she is now a top scholar, and queen of the entertainment world. She will teach t...
the hurt  by 5secsmendes
the hurt by A
"It hurts" "I'm not going to hurt you"
lifesaver by 5secsmendes
lifesaverby A
"Do you like doing it?" "Do I have a choice?"
You'll Always Have Us | 5sos  by readswitha
You'll Always Have Us | 5sos by Arya ♡
"And Taytum" "Regardless of whatever happens, at the end of the day, you'll always have us" ________________________________________ Taytum Rae. A...
Sisters by livingindreams1
Sistersby beauty is within ❤️
The first time someone in my life died, it was my best friend. Because of brain cancer. Then it was my parents, because of a car crash. And now it's just me, Dalia, and...
Eternal by avocadoos56
Eternalby avocadoos56
Sophia Holdge recently moved in with her best friends and also doctors after some...incidents. Can she handle 4 doctors and overprotective friends all at once? Will she...
the odd shephard out by gilllgirl123
the odd shephard outby gilllgirl123
Isabella Shephard the youngest sister of the famous neuro surgeon Derek shephard. Out of the blue Isabella turned up at Seattle Grace Mercy West hospital looking for her...
One Direction and Five Seconds of Summer Doctor Imagines and Sickfics by 1DHyperion
One Direction and Five Seconds 1DHyperion
REQUESTS Closed! Just a bunch of doctor imagines and sickfics. I don't care about reality. In my stories Zayn either will or will be not in there. Depending on my mind...
growing pains by 5secsmendes
growing painsby A
"That's my beautiful princess" "Dad- stop"
Distraction  by trashpandaleader
Distraction by trashpandaleader
We all try to find things to distract us from reality. Sometimes we don't even realise that those coping mechanism are destroying us. We all need someone's help when tho...
Promise  by trashpandaleader
Promise by trashpandaleader
"I promised i would i always stay with her. Even if it meant i was suffering. " A story in which a girl who wants to help everybody finds out with the help of...
runaway. by lucidsoulz
#12 lucidsoulz
her biggest desire was to get away. nothing - not her friends, her family, nor her town - was strong enough to keep stella jade madden tied down to this place. she'd bee...
TRIAGE | grey's anatomy by fullofsalts
TRIAGE | grey's anatomyby bridge :)
triage (noun): the process of sorting victims, as of a battle or disaster, to determine medical priority in order to increase the number of survivors. clementine santos...
𝐂𝐎𝐃𝐈𝐍𝐆 , grey's anatomy  by fxllmoons
𝐂𝐎𝐃𝐈𝐍𝐆 , grey's anatomy by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
perfect couldn't keep this love alive. © fxllmoons 2021 grey's anatomy , seasons 1━? mark slo...
brave//5SOS by 5sosxruel
brave//5SOSby lol
What do you do when there's no hope? When your mum is battling cancer, but her sword breaks beyond repair? What do you do when you feel alone? When everything you've ev...
Divine Genius Healer by MelyEly
Divine Genius Healerby MelyEly
Ye Qingli is the daughter of an Imperial Businessman's first wife, wealthy and overbearing. But because of her mother's early funeral, she suffered utter oppression and...
Medical OneShots by Nobody483
Medical OneShotsby 🙃
I'm not a med student or anything so sorry if it's inaccurate. Some of them might be celebs/TV show/movie characters if I can't think of names XD I will take requests bu...
Mental by Lovely_Bell
Mentalby Bella
A teen struggling with her mental health and her new Psychiatrist who wants to help her ⚠️⚠️WARNING Contains depressing topics. Self harm issues, eating disorders and ta...
Stop by 5secsmendes
Stopby A
"I just want it to stop" "Let me take care of that"
You Promised | Mark Sloan [ONGOING] by writer_daydreamer
You Promised | Mark Sloan [ONGOING]by — rhi
❝I want us too much... so yes, let's be complicated together.❞ He was the warmth she never knew she needed. She was the fall he had always desired. They were love at fir...