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Love in the Time of the Apocalypse by hjnelson
Love in the Time of the Apocalypseby H.J. Nelson
Got fantastical, magical or apocalyptic love problems? Send em into LOVE IN THE TIME OF and we'll solve em! This week we'll be talking with George, a pacifist who thinks...
The Confidant by Spiszy
The Confidantby Erica Jennings
Everyone has a life but Gabi. While her friends have careers, boyfriends, and apartments of their own, Gabi is stuck in a dead-end job with a middle-aged misanthrope for...
Sunny Brenner was just 17 years old when she posted her last video on Snap Chat. One that's been shared now millions of times and plastered on many true-crime websites a...
The Death of A Poet by ScarletteDrake
The Death of A Poetby Scarlett Drake
I'd watched the beginning of the end of The Dead Poets on Twitter. It's where I get most of my news these days. It's where most of the world gets their news these days...
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Radio West by KeriHalfacre
Radio Westby Keri Halfacre
You're listening to WLST Radio West with your host, Sal McClellan, as he accidentally live broadcasts the night of a sinister ritual. When Sal asks listeners to call in...
Working Mourning Til Nite by scottclemons
Working Mourning Til Niteby scottclemons
When a labor shortage hits a corporate-sponsored colony, the powers-that-be are forced to resort to "non-traditional" ways of filling the job market-namely, sp...
The Three of Me by Blondeanddangerous
The Three of Meby Kate J. Squires
If you had the chance to change everything about yourself... what would you do? Ava Entwistle is just a modern single girl - who also happens to be a shapeshifter. But...
Take Me Home by Seekeroflight
Take Me Homeby Héphzibah Brian
Kai Rose, a young girl with an undying obsession with serial killers meets Terry Rolling, a psychopath with too many tattoos who shows her the gruesome adventures of her...
Light Wire by HaleySulich
Light Wireby Haley Sulich
Two years after the anniversary of her boyfriend's death, Leia Roberts discovers a sign that he's still out there. Mediacorp Contest Entry - Light Wire
Room Eighty-Four by LLSanders
Room Eighty-Fourby Leslie Lee Sanders
World-renowned ghost hunter Bruce Dunce is recognized for capturing evidence of Old Henry Humphrey's famous phantom footsteps. Years later, excitement over his discovery...
The Amazement by amberkbryant
The Amazementby Amber K Bryant
Everyone wants to know what really happened that summer weekend in Degory Manor. I'm finally ready to tell you. Will you listen? My name is Devon Jayne, and this is my p...
All For One by rskovach
All For Oneby RS Kovach
They protect the family of the richest man in Malaysia, keeping Ruslan Raja's secrets as much as their own. While the job is high-risk, it's also full of rewards: access...
The Meridian Divide by brittni-anderson
The Meridian Divideby Brittni Anderson
Twenty-one-year-old Zayre Milna had two years left of a five-year sentence serving onboard the starship Neptune as an engineer. She'd learned how to blend in, how to no...
Not Everyone Loves Mai Tais by rskovach
Not Everyone Loves Mai Taisby RS Kovach
***WINNER of the #mediacorpcontent podcast Contest*** Rebecca Fong has been saving for a Balinese vacation for years so when the resort upgrades her from a sparse jungle...
Terminus Approach by TechieInAK
Terminus Approachby Mattias Ahlvin
When Walker Foxwell accepted an offer to join the crew of the spaceship Relentless on a voyage to colonize a distant planet, his mission was simple and safe. Record the...
Between the Lines by RubixCube89201
Between the Linesby Rubix
a podcast of a podcast - It's quite a wonder how Peter Callahan-Jang stays confident, or maybe just delusional, while he runs Between the Lines, a storytelling podcast t...
21 Days by reannekennedy17
21 Daysby ReAnne Kennedy
This is my entry to the Mediacorp x Wattpad Podcast Writers' Competition. Alina Heinen wasn't expecting Hudson Jensen to return to Kelowna, let alone be working with her...
The Witness by heater0387
The Witnessby H.M. Hood
Top 10 finalist in the #mediacorpcontent contest! "This was supposed to be a routine mission. Nate Banks was the last host, and I could finally put this piece of hi...
SUPERZERO by jr0127
Despite being diagnosed as delusional, eighteen-year old Zack Fulton is convinced that he's a real-life super hero born to save the world--one small town at a time. His...
Jer's Guide to Marrying a Deity by WhiskeyJaneDoe
Jer's Guide to Marrying a Deityby Whiskey Jane
My name is Dr. Jeremiah Cherry. I was a normal, run-of-the-mill Egyptologist until I met Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of the desert and healing and married her. Now, we...