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Vale's protector- jaeger Male pilot reader X RWBY by robbiewazup
Vale's protector- jaeger Male All Hail Megatron
The Grimm have gotten bigger. Huntsman aren't cutting it against the wave of humongous sized monstrosities. So we've done what we always do: adapt, overcome... and level...
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Space Galleon Javelin by CesarTheWriter
Space Galleon Javelinby CesarTheWriter
An space opera epic, a pilot with delusions of grandeur stumbles upon a mysterious derelict ship in the middle of nowhere. With its crew apparently gone and no signs of...
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New high score- Male Holon pilot X Cammie McCloud  by robbiewazup
New high score- Male Holon pilot All Hail Megatron
The last of the UK squad 'the dragons', Y/n Weller is sent to the Anvil along with his mech Predaking. However, Y/n finds his father isn't the only one who's there from...
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Steel Gods by JetForce33
Steel Godsby Wr!+3r
When Christianity becomes the dominant religion of the Western World, the Greco-Roman gods are angered and in 2042, they attack the Earth with giant monsters called thir...
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Time Y.02: Aftermath by H69theFamilyFriendly
Time Y.02: Aftermathby H69theFamilyFriendly
Just one piece, in this big puzzle in my head.
Falling Skies- Fight For Survival  by CheniseRobson93
Falling Skies- Fight For Survival by Chenise Robson
Skylar has been on her own since they came. But before that she was a normal girl, went to school, got straight A's, baby sat for money. Until she runs into an old frien...
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Lost in space (completed 7/7) by Captainleon_English
Lost in space (completed 7/7)by CharmRing_English
The Robinson family crosses the black hole and are lost in space next to a robotech spacecraft, which must make an emergency landing. Fanfic of conspiracy, crime, crosso...
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The Ultimate Enemy by DarkExcaliburSonic
The Ultimate Enemyby DarkExcaliburSonic
Sonic learns that in the future Mobius is ruled by an evil entity that can't be defeated. Mobius lives in eternal darkness and people live without hope. In the future th...
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Girls und panzer: the mecha chronicles by yourfriendlywriterLE
Girls und panzer: the mecha I am blessed by Sweden
Basically girls und panzer with dude counterparts and transforming mech suits
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Darling in the Franxx: reincarnation RP by CoreyBiggin
Darling in the Franxx: Corey The Shade
Set thousands of years after the events of darling in the Franxx. The world is at peace. But for how long?
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The black veritech (completed 17/17) by Captainleon_English
The black veritech (completed 17/ CharmRing_English
A Retelling of the saga against the Zentraedi, from Lieutenant Jr Knight's point of view. It also covers what happened after the battle of Dolza in South America that is...
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The Unexpected Jump by Demonwith4rifle
The Unexpected Jumpby ThatGuyJarred
Halo + Infinite Stratos crossover Also the Spartans have random numbers somewhat so even if there is a spartan like Rodney spartan 357 but a character is using it means...
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 War for the Surface  by JarradMcCarthy
War for the Surface by CobraKai
The Dawn of a new era has began, the world is now a hostile land on the surface of the planet. After the inevitable nuclear world war broke out, most of humanity had fle...
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My favorite Cons by 0NightFlower0
My favorite Consby NightFlower
Transformers prime
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three lifes by optaniumprime
three lifesby Athena prime
okay so three girls from different lives. they each have different stories. they each meet someone, and that someone might be a bot. they each then have life's with them.
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Memory of AUSOS by tewaters
Memory of AUSOSby T. E. Waters
The gods have abandoned the royal family of Nahwan. Nonetheless, fifteen-year-old mech-crazy Intan Aghavni enrolls in the piloting program at the Royal Military Academy...
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Junebug by MCQCReapers
Junebugby The Reapers
June Norris was only a new born when the first Omnic Crisis happened. As a 19 year old, she is now attending Numbani University. But things take a turn when another Omni...
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Sisters From Outside the City by BadWolf739
Sisters From Outside the Cityby Viola Sinclair
Days before she is to graduate from the Beacon Academy Sapphire Rode awakens in a completely alien city. Cut off from her friends and the resources of her home Sapphire...
Menta-Life: Defiance (Book 3) by Avery_Nunez
Menta-Life: Defiance (Book 3)by Avery_Nunez
Everything that was anything to Vanessa Pheros's new beginning has torn itself apart from under her own feet. Broken, defeated, and lost, she abandons the few who expres...
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