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The Inchling Hero: Sneegsnag (mha x origins fanfic) by Hourling4
The Inchling Hero: Sneegsnag ( 3:am happyness
Sneegsnag ran through his tunnels to find a strange portal! he jumps in because of donation. now his life is in chaos! fell from the sky, them almost squished to death...
Scrawls and Chicken Scratches {Mcyt x Bnha} by mysadnessisreal
Scrawls and Chicken Scratches { Sad
During a strange turn of events, the MCYTs are somehow transported from the Dream SMP into a worlds where 80% of the population holds abilities known as 'quirks.' Some e...
Respawn?.... yeah, okay sure by kamakam404
Respawn?.... yeah, okay sureby kamakam404
Wilbur loses his last life but chooses to come back to another different land. how will he live with his knew powers? what will he do? and why is this hobo chasing him...
Gods and Kings meets the Quirky People || Mha X Mcyt by WillowEatKatsudon
Gods and Kings meets the Quirky CatBred
This is a story where Mcyt which are gods or kings. One day, some dude decided to teleport them to a whole different world. Some were sent to villains, Some were send to...
Mcyt x BNHA crossover by Glitchabyss
Mcyt x BNHA crossoverby Glitchabyss
It was quite a peaceful day. If you consider heroes doing their job and villains trying to survive or have fun causing chaos as an everyday occurrence, then I'd say it i...
Fixing A Broken Mask (DreamXMHA Fanfic) by StarFWolf
Fixing A Broken Mask (DreamXMHA StarFWolf
As a tortured prisoner was staring at his reflection and begins to judge his own image. The prisoner is overflowing with fatigue, he falls into a deep sleep and wakes up...
Crimson Egg (MHAxMCYT crossover) [ON HOLD] by SomeoneWhoMakesStuff
Crimson Egg (MHAxMCYT crossover) [ Fandom_Stories
What happens when the egg in the Dream SMP suddenly disappeared? What if the egg got into MHA? How will the egg effect UA? Find out. Izuku was walking in the school gr...
Terrene | MCYT X BNHA/MHA (Discontinued) by Melted__Wings
Terrene | MCYT X BNHA/MHA ( Icarus_Flower
What happens when rat satan finds a mysterious device? What if 1-A met our beloved streamers? And what shenanigans ensue when worlds collide? Find out in this crack fic...
Despite All odds- An O!smp x mha crossover by Citrus_underscore
Despite All odds- An O!smp x mha
A completely improvised, Discontinued fanfic w/ your favorite OriginSmp members! ---- Latest Chapter: UPDATESSS Last updated: November 6th *Discontinued*
Another Universe (Discontinued) by JackieLoves20
Another Universe (Discontinued)by Jackie
Dream and his friends were recording some manhunt, but something came up, when they all finished the recording video. -------- Dream and the hunters are going back to th...
||¡¡SyStEm FaIlUrE¡¡|| {Bnha/Mha x Dream smp} by Zehavit_
||¡¡SyStEm FaIlUrE¡¡|| {Bnha/Mha Zephyr Kitso
Well hello mortals! It is I! the writer of this monstrosity! I have gotten the urge to write this since its been in my mind for months- So here's my idea This also has...
The Inchling Hero: Sneegsnag (Mha x Origins fanfic) by Winter0922
The Inchling Hero: Sneegsnag ( Winter Snow
Before anything! The original author of the story is @Hourling4, also she said and I quote, ' Anyone want to steal this story? I give full permission... So it is not ste...
A New World | MCYT x BNHA Fanfic by RosiiNook
A New World | MCYT x BNHA Fanficby Usagi<33
Ahah- I've got the motivation to actually make this so. . . . might as well do it! THIS STORY HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY BEEN DISCONTINUED. For reasons why, please check out th...
Finn vs The Government (Discontinued) by _binary_
Finn vs The Government ( _binary_
CW: Swearing, Violence, and Smoking The Syndicate. One of the more well known branches of the SMP organization. The Syndicate have been trying to take down the hero syst...
Falling |Mcyt x Mha| by Mynkziel
Falling |Mcyt x Mha|by Mynkziel
On May 30th, minecrafters from all over were sucked into their computers and were now falling from the sky over Musutafu, Japan. This story will no longer be updated, bu...
MCYT X BNHA/MHA ~vacation addition~ by Sammie12142
MCYT X BNHA/MHA ~vacation addition~by
(the story makes absolutely no sense+ discontinued) After all the lore and streaming in the dream smp was done, Dream decided that going on vacation in a different unive...
Black And White | Mcyt/ Dream Smp X Mha/Bnha by kayabigail
Black And White | Mcyt/ Dream @SurfingCat13
These gamers have chosen a universe multiverse to have a vacation in, Let's see what adventure this world has to offer. A rarely updated book Tw : swearing/ cussing Hall...
My Hero Crossover by Swordblaze8
My Hero Crossoverby Sword_Blaze
Hello there! I'm Swordblaze and i'm a bit new to this community, but i hope I can write great sories for you all! This Story is about Mha and the MCYTs out there! Hope y...
The Fallen by Mynkziel
The Fallenby Mynkziel
Day after day Minecraft streamers are going missing. The only evidence of their disappearances are the abruptly ended streams and destroyed computers. The new world they...
A sort of crackfic that i do for fun. The plot is pretty random until season 3 where it either gets better or messier, you tell me. One mind inhabiting a husk tries it's...