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The Endless Torment of an Admin (MCSM Fanfiction) by FanfictionalWarrior
The Endless Torment of an Admin ( The Cliffhanger Queen
"Numb's good. When I focus my attention on something mundane, focusing so hard I can't feel my emotions any more... that's the only time the powers completely go aw...
Fanart for "perfect" written by zctym33 by mayomama
Fanart for "perfect" written by mayomama
I draw pictures and cartoons for this story I love!
MCSM  of individual junk works by mayomama
MCSM of individual junk worksby mayomama
There are lots of images about mcsm.
Mcsm Stories  by EvaLovesMcsm
Mcsm Stories by EvaLovesMcsm
Heyo, this is just a book with stories I write about mcsm, hopefully ya'll guys will like it :D (Oof I know the cover looks bad, I'll change it soon lol)
MCSM: Headcanons!! by planetorbit
MCSM: Headcanons!!by 《≭ օʀɮɨᏆ ≭ 》
Hello there and welcome to my MCSM Headcanon book!! This book contains headcanons about characters from Minecraft: Story Mode!! I hope you enjoy them!! HEADS UP!! Each h...
MCSM Oneshots by aircfire
MCSM Oneshotsby marce
Basically what the title says. I'm going to attempt this, so warning: these will most likely be cringey. And inconsistent. Yeah. (Cover by me. Made using Canva.)
Redstone Nightmares by ThePlayaJam765
Redstone Nightmaresby ThePlayaJam765
It's quite an interesting thing, the butterfly effect. In this case, Jesse still faces off against an Admin, but soon, she finds out that there is something far more sin...
Champion [An Unstarted Minecraft: Story Mode Fanfiction] by becca4leafclover
Champion [An Unstarted ✨P O O F✨
In a dirty trick of spite, the Admin forced Jesse to become his Champion against his will to protect the lives of his friends. Jesse was put into a trance and became a d...
Romara One shots, headcanons, n stuffs  by xteklabluex
Romara One shots, headcanons, n The Queen Of Romara
Xara kinnie junk, full of romara (Romeo x Xara) stuffs Stinky cover art is drawn by me
The Broken Champion (Unstarted MCSM Fanfic) by TheOwlLoverVideos
The Broken Champion (Unstarted The Owl Lover Videos
It's been months since Jesse won the Admin's challenge in the Icy Palace Of Despair, although he wasn't happy with her 'cheating' and her clingy-ness to her friends, cla...
Romeo's Daughter by ThatMultiFandomTeen
Romeo's Daughterby Jace
"Don't you ever feel like the world is full of lies? Have you feel like your real father is somewhere in the world? I know how it feels as I find my father" -J...
Welcome to the End(MCSM AU) by michaelmyerslxver
Welcome to the End(MCSM AU)by michaelmyerslxver
This story may have triggering themes!! The apocalypse came early for earth when humanity abused it, and now Jesse and Petra must team up with a fellow named Lukas to su...
MCSM but it's changed a bit by mcsm_mandyy
MCSM but it's changed a bitby Mandy
I had some headcannons about what I would change in MCSM season 2. It would start at the end of episode 2 season 2. :)
Redstone Nightmares (Old) by ThePlayaJam765
Redstone Nightmares (Old)by ThePlayaJam765
It's quite a funny thing, the Butterfly Effect, if you think about it. Basically, it means that one minor change can alter history in almost every single way possible. W...
The Admin's Reign: A Spark of Hope by JMat_the_Writer
The Admin's Reign: A Spark of Hopeby JMat_the_Writer
I may have been young, but I still remember a time when my world was free...Then he came, The Admin. ___________________________ "He's not like the other sold...
Starvation And Drugs by JesselovesReuben
Starvation And Drugsby 🤤Nanashima😍
16 year old Xara Carson has been body shamed for being chubby most of her life. She has also been living with an abusive, alcoholic father who only drinks and goes to th...