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MCSM OneShots by forever_multi
MCSM OneShotsby ❀ mintchocolate ❀
Random short stories with almost every ship in Minecraft Story Mode. Enjoy! Don't forget to vote and comment for your favourite ships! Involves: 🥐 Nonsensical humour...
ARROW IN THE HEART (YANDERE Minecraft Story Mode X Reader) by SamClumsy
Everything seemed normal until you walked into their lives and realized they were losing their emotions and their souls were breaking. They would do anything to have you...
Yandere Minecraft Story Mode Headcanons,asks, and more by SamClumsy
Yandere Minecraft Story Mode Doodle Cat
I don't own Minecraft Story Mode it belongs to Mojang and Telltale please don't sue me I don't own the background it belongs to Simon walker on nova skin and I don't own...
The Endless Torment of an Admin (MCSM Fanfiction) by FanfictionalWarrior
The Endless Torment of an Admin ( The Cliffhanger Queen
"Numb's good. When I focus my attention on something mundane, focusing so hard I can't feel my emotions any more... that's the only time the powers completely go aw...
Minecraft Story Mode: Preferences by AnnIsAmazing
Minecraft Story Mode: Preferencesby "Fight Like a Girl"
It's all about the Boys you meet is •Male Jesse •Lukas •Axel •Aiden •Radar •Romeo New Catch Up: Jack Were live In Beacon Town the boys you loved and I hope you enjoy it...
【𝐌𝐂𝐒𝐌】:"And the universe said I love you" by bumble_bee256
【𝐌𝐂𝐒𝐌】:"And the universe Honey Bee🍯
MCSM X READER. Reader uses feminine pronouns. In the near future, I will publish a masculine and gender natural verison of the story for the other people who don't feel...
WITHER JESSE by TheWriter525
WITHER JESSEby TheWriter525
Okay, to really understand this so called "Wither Jesse" fanfiction, you will have to play the game, Minecraft: Story Mode or simply watch gameplays on youtube...
MCSM: Shattered Souls [COMPLETED] by cosmiqueer
MCSM: Shattered Souls [COMPLETED]by welcome to hell
Heroes get wrapped up in all sorts of crazy shit. That's just a fact, one that Jesse has proven time and time again. Every time she thinks no adventure could possibly to...
True Love Can't Be Broken (Rewritten)  by Pastel_Aiden936
True Love Can't Be Broken ( Pastel_Aiden936
This is basically the rewritten version of the old book. The new order decide to go on all sorts of adventures here.
Who doesn't like oneshots? [ON HOLD]  by Zctym33
Who doesn't like oneshots? [ON Zctym33
So, I've decided to try and write some MCSM oneshots. Because I felt like I needed it, besides, who doesn't like oneshots? Now, I DON'T write lemons. I don't take anymo...
MCSM: Headcanons!! by planetorbit
MCSM: Headcanons!!by 《≭ օʀɮɨᏆ ≭ 》
Hello there and welcome to my MCSM Headcanon book!! This book contains headcanons about characters from Minecraft: Story Mode!! I hope you enjoy them!! HEADS UP!! Each h...
The Assassin's Curse by Jessesoftie
The Assassin's Curseby softie.andscene
"Her fingers... is that cobblestone?!" Following the events of MCSM: Season 2, legendary heroes Jesse and Petra race against time to find the cure to a strange...
Mcsm Stories  by EvaLovesMcsm
Mcsm Stories by EvaLovesMcsm
Heyo, this is just a book with stories I write about mcsm, hopefully ya'll guys will like it :D (Oof I know the cover looks bad, I'll change it soon lol)
MCSM: Forgotten Demons (sequel to A World Unwound) [HIATUS] by cosmiqueer
MCSM: Forgotten Demons (sequel welcome to hell
It's been almost a year since the Authors put the world back together. Two since the Witherstorm was defeated. Everything should be going right. The Authors had ended ev...
Luktra Oneshots! by The_OOTL
Luktra Oneshots!by Luktra Fluff Fam :3
Yep, read the title. In this book, we'll be writing short Luktra oneshots. They may have OCs, AUs, and other just plain weird stuff. There will be a mix of fluff, feels...
MCSM  of individual junk works by mayomama
MCSM of individual junk worksby mayomama
There are lots of images about mcsm.
Complications - Luktra AU by cosmiqueer
Complications - Luktra AUby welcome to hell
Dragon-riders have a tough life. Hard as it may be, Petra loves every bit of it. Racing comes naturally to her and her faithful dragon, and she wouldn't trade it for an...
. : D R A G O N B O R N : . (a MCSM fanfic) by JayZX535
. : D R A G O N B O R N : . (a JayZX535
Once, a fearsome dragon roamed the End, guarding the realm from any who sought to enter it. Many were slain in an attempt to fell the beast, until at last the Order of...
MCSM: A World Unwound [OLD] by cosmiqueer
MCSM: A World Unwound [OLD]by welcome to hell
please for the love of god don't read this ---------- ~The world is crumbling, and only the writers can save us now.~ One year has passed since the Witherstorm was...
7-Day MCSM One Shot Challenges - 2020 Edition by FanfictionalWarrior
7-Day MCSM One Shot Challenges - The Cliffhanger Queen
Writing a MCSM One Shot every day for a week, based on a randomly generated prompt word!