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MCSM: Headcanons!! by planetorbit
MCSM: Headcanons!!by 《≭ օʀɮɨᏆ ≭ 》
Hello there and welcome to my MCSM Headcanon book!! This book contains headcanons about characters from Minecraft: Story Mode!! I hope you enjoy them!! HEADS UP!! Each h...
The Broken Champion (Unstarted MCSM Fanfic) by TheOwlLoverVideos
The Broken Champion (Unstarted The Owl Lover Videos
It's been months since Jesse won the Admin's challenge in the Icy Palace Of Despair, although he wasn't happy with her 'cheating' and her clingy-ness to her friends, cla...
Petra (Minecraft: Story Mode) by DreaJohnsonn
Petra (Minecraft: Story Mode)by Fangirl Queen
What happended to Petra after she got the gauntlet and was kidnapped by The Admin? Find out in this dark story... *warning: may contain some disturbing, depressing or br...
Romeo's Daughter by ThatMultiFandomTeen
Romeo's Daughterby Jace
"Don't you ever feel like the world is full of lies? Have you feel like your real father is somewhere in the world? I know how it feels as I find my father" -J...
MCSM but it's changed a bit by mcsm_mandyy
MCSM but it's changed a bitby Mandy
I had some headcannons about what I would change in MCSM season 2. It would start at the end of episode 2 season 2. :)
haha story dump go brrr by sanslina_is_st00pid
haha story dump go brrrby sanslina
I'm just saying this so you'll read this book but I wrote a Romeo (MCSM) x reader oneshot (but it's trash and I can't fucking finish it oh god I'm already regretting eve...
Redstone Nightmares (Old) by ThePlayaJam765
Redstone Nightmares (Old)by ThePlayaJam765
It's quite a funny thing, the Butterfly Effect, if you think about it. Basically, it means that one minor change can alter history in almost every single way possible. W...
Part of me is missing by stillblockingthis
Part of me is missingby Romeo
After the fight in the Terminal Space, an admin from the portal network catches wind of what happened to Romeo and recruits someone we know to ruin Jesse. How does this...