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A Portal To Truths...  by jetraisendgame
A Portal To Truths... by darth stiles
Jesse. 18. Legendary hero. Saved all of the citizens of the Overworld from the deadly Witherstorm. Well.. not all. Jesse used to be a geeky, cheery, optimistic but tough...
MCSM x Reader by Carnistir
MCSM x Readerby Carnistir
When you wake up after being unconscious for so long in another world, how would you react? Would you try to fit in and take a chance at a new life? Or give it your all...
Lukas x Reader by lukesse4ever360
Lukas x Readerby lukesse4ever360
You are Jesse's younger sibling who is obsessed with books and music, you secretly have a crush on a teammate of the opposing building team Cover doesn't belong to me
A new life  (Jesskas) by koerrun
A new life (Jesskas)by koerrun
Jesse and Lukas were dating but Jesse got a condition and he don't think that Lukas and the others would be disgusted so..he left for to see what happens n...
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The Royal Truth (Minecraft Story Mode) by Crystal-chan03
The Royal Truth (Minecraft Story Crystal
Jesse always thought her parents were dead ever since she was found at someone's doorstep as a baby with nothing but a note containing her name and a yellow hair clip. F...
jesskas oneshots by mcsmlover82935
jesskas oneshotsby mcsmlover82935
If the title doesn't point out the purpose of this book already, it's a collection of all the Jesskas one-shots I've written! These one shots will include strong langua...
Ask or dare dancat and torquesparkle by Haighe01
Ask or dare dancat and Ruby-dreamer
You know by the title so it's time to ask or dare these two ships featuring the author aka me and dan,stampy,captain sparkle and torquedawg Warning:yoai don't like it do...
Concealed - Jesse X Reader: Minecraft Story Mode by glorious_gamer
Concealed - Jesse X Reader: glorious_gamer
I know I'm not what people say I am. I know I'm different from other people. I know I lied to The Order and basically of Beacon Town. But, I'm practically broken from pa...
MCSM Romeo x Reader Oneshots by AneesahAjam
MCSM Romeo x Reader Oneshotsby Queen Aneesah
Thought it was about time I changed the description. Welcome my fellow MCSM Romeo fangirls to the wonderful book of short stories involving fluffy moments with our favou...
Mcsm Ask or Dare |Requests Open| by IreneAngel1200
Mcsm Ask or Dare |Requests Open|by IreneAngel1200
Please send in requests or questions! Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of MCSM. They belong to TellTale games! Also, I may do different game characters! NOTHING I...
Fire Child by Nix7303
Fire Childby Nix7303
Jesse has saved many people many times. He is the leader of The Order of the Stone, the hero of all, and has been the official mayor of Beacontown for three years. Still...
When Fiction Beacons Reality MCSM x Reader by LydiaDanielle14
When Fiction Beacons Reality LydiaDanielle14
Y/N is a 25 year old who goes to collage and works part time at a clothing store. But what happens when her favorite series comes to a end and the Characters end up in h...
Minecraft Story Mode: Ask Or Dare! by ReaTheMinecraftGirl
Minecraft Story Mode: Ask Or Dare!by ReaTheMinecraftGirl
The MCSM crew is trapped with me >:3 MWAHAHA! Ask or Dare them!
MCSM One Shots (2018-2019) by FanfictionalWarrior
MCSM One Shots (2018-2019)by The Cliffhanger Queen
Check out my newest one shot book for more recently written one shots! A bunch of short stories based on the adventures of Jesse and her friends from Minecraft Storymode...
MCSM Ask or Dare with Wolfsbane! by WarriorCat_Firestar
MCSM Ask or Dare with Wolfsbane!by Wolfsbane
The characters of Minecraft: Story Mode have been invited - or forced - to participate in an Ask or Dare hosted by none other than my OC, Wolfsbane! Hilarity, chaos, and...
Day and Night by NeverEndingFanfics
Day and Nightby #Potato451
(Book 1) The Prince of the day who has never seen the night and the Princess of the night who has never seen the day one day they meet and fall for each other. Each of...
Processing... by Nix7303
#18 Nix7303
An episode 7 twist where Jesse has been chipped by P.A.M.A., leaving the rest of the Order to scramble without their friend, without his support. Things quickly get on s...
Perfect. [Completed]  by Zctym33
Perfect. [Completed] by Zctym33
As Xara walks out under the sunlight, she believes it's the beginning of a brand new life. A life, filled with light, freedom and other people; a life, where nothing see...
Would You Rather: MCSM Edition (Book One: 1# => 450#) by TRJennings
Would You Rather: MCSM Edition ( gβ⭐トミーくん
Completed. But you can still answer them! Title says it all! Best rating: [#566 in Random, 17/06/2017]