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Mchanzo x child reader by Smittenkitten21
Mchanzo x child readerby Daytona
Finding a baby in their room wasn't really planned when Jessie wish on a shooting star to have a family with Hanzo. All rights of the overwatch characters go to the ma...
Drowning In Fear by VenomKat
Drowning In Fearby VenomKat
Hanzo Shimada wasn't the type of person to care for others. He went by the motto of "To kill, or be killed". But meeting him changed him completely in a way no...
A Young Mchanzo Fanfic by Kapamu
A Young Mchanzo Fanficby KAPAMU
This picture is not mine, I think it belongs to LadyGT on twitter. Hanzo is the next in line to be the leader of the Shimada clan, Jessie is a bounty hunter from the inf...
Mchanzo School AU (COMPLETED) by randoomMEIuser
Mchanzo School AU (COMPLETED)by me
Shy hanzo moved to america with genji and his dad, and met McCree...THE CHARACTERS ARE NOT MINE, AND MOST ART, including the cover art are not mines as well craftgamerzz...
McHanzo Fluff by MixelPixel
McHanzo Fluffby MixelPixel
Quite literally, fluffy McCree and Hanzo. ENJOY, YA HEATHENS (Nothing adult, just a quick crack fic that I might add stuff to later. Cover art isn't mine, credit to orig...
Colors AU (Mccree x Hanzo) by TooManyFandoms564
Colors AU (Mccree x Hanzo)by TooManyFandoms564
In a world where color is absent, the only way to see it is to find your soulmate. A/N This fic was inspired by an AU idea i saw from tumblr, i didnt follow it line by l...
McHanzo (SMUT!) by TheSeptiplierKing
McHanzo (SMUT!)by TheSeptiplierKing
McCree and Hanzo are set out on a mission to Numbani to meet a potential Overwatch hero, Orisa. They stay in a hotel but there's only one bed, What will they do? Share a...
McHanzo Oneshots by -water-witch-
McHanzo Oneshotsby Water Witch
A bunch of McHanzo oneshots. Irregular updates. If you have any ideas, leave them in the comments! ~Cover art by ishtrash on DeviantArt~
You Make Me Howl at the Moon by Musical-Nerd
You Make Me Howl at the Moonby Space Prince
Mchanzo Werewolf!McCree x ShapeShifter!Hanzo Monsters are a pretty normally thing to see along side omnics and such. Not many people approved of monster and human relati...
High School Sweethearts~ by Blackwatch_Reyes
High School Sweethearts~by Blackwatch_Reyes
High school can be difficult as it is. The stress of being at the top of your classes is extremely high for Hanzo, who is expected to show a good example for his little...
My favorite Fandoms/ships in a nutshell. by A_Serious_Problem
My favorite Fandoms/ships in a I_Have_A_Problem
I've always wanted to see my favorite characters/ships from other shows, games, and movies interact with each other. This might suck and it might be a little cringe. It'...
Little Dragon (McHanzo x Baby!Reader) by TheToastWithMost
Little Dragon (McHanzo x Baby! IThinkImADemon
Just a bunch of fluff with Hanzo and McCree, plus their adorable baby~ **Warning:** Mention of Mpreg! Some cursing but not a lot! Baby is a female
The Fish and the Riverman (Mchanzo fanfiction) by maddy_willow
The Fish and the Riverman ( 𝕸𝖆𝖉𝖉𝖞 𝖂𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜
This will be another Mchanzo fanfiction where McCree is a fisherman and Hanzo is a merman. This book will be a completely different story line than my other books. Hanzo...
Be mine. (Mchanzo fanfic) by VexBlack92
Be mine. (Mchanzo fanfic)by Priscilla
This is my first time doing this so I really hope you enjoy. If it gets enough like I'll continue the story. If not it was still fun. 😊 Its around the time Hanzo leaves...
overwatch oneshots (Closed!) by AdrianWritesStufd
overwatch oneshots (Closed!)by Yo I'm Adair
Here's some random overwatch character x character or reader oneshots. There's both lemons and fluff. If you want your ship as a oneshot, just ask for it and I'll write...
 A New Journey (MccreexHanzo) by NATSUtheKID
A New Journey (MccreexHanzo)by Lilyanna Garcia
This story is a Mchanzo fan fiction. Although they won't be around the same age, and this story won't tie with anything in the over watch lore, it's in the eyes of a you...
The Hunter and the Werewolf (MCHANZO FANFICTION) by maddy_willow
The Hunter and the Werewolf ( 𝕸𝖆𝖉𝖉𝖞 𝖂𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜
I've lost count on just how many McHanzo fanfics I've done, but here is another, because I just can't stop writing about them! McHanzo is for sure my favorite OTP! Anywa...
The Gardener (McHanzo)  by Wolves_eat_Biscuts
The Gardener (McHanzo) by Wolves_eat_Biscuts
Inspired by an AMAZING ARTIST called @volgayart on Instagram, blessed me with this idea for this fic. I hope they like it!! !Also! This book is slow. Its supposed to be...
Young McHanzo AU by wolfiphobia
Young McHanzo AUby wolfiphobia
Fantasy Young McHanzo AU where hanzo is an heir wanted for murdering his brother and (Mystery man)McCree finds him. i took the cover from kojiak on tumblr (If you ha...
Mchanzo Fanfiction by AceWolf109
Mchanzo Fanfictionby Ace
After seeing his brother after so many years of sorrow. He could tell that his brother was still mad at him. Who wouldn't? He killed him of course he's angry. Even thoug...