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Mine (Jason McCann Fanfiction) by bieberisbless
Mine (Jason McCann Fanfiction)by bieberisbless
"She's Mine. And If I can't have her, noone cane." - Jason McCann. Note: I do not own this story what so ever. All creds go to user beautifulmistakes ! You can...
Kidnapped By Jason McCann by Life_for_Belieb
Kidnapped By Jason McCannby Madelynn 😊
Alex is a eighteen year who lives a normal life. Jason is worldwide criminal whose looking for love. When Jason kidnaps Alex, what will happen? Will she fall in love wit...
LUNA ⚘J.M Interracial by DefJaebeom
LUNA ⚘J.M Interracialby astro
twisted → j.m. by bizzlesglock
twisted → 𝓪𝓵𝓮𝔁𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓻𝓲𝓪
must follow me to read certain chapter due to Wattpad marking them private. ❝NO! Please stop...d-don't come any closer!❞ I cried out as tears slipped out of my eyes, the...
Be Alright ➙ Jason McCann by sarahblij
Be Alright ➙ Jason McCannby ♡
"Come on baby, breathe." A soft voice mumbles in my neck as i try to wiggle out of his grip. I can't hold my breath any longer, my body forcing me to take a br...
McCann's |Jason McCann| by ayebieber_
McCann's |Jason McCann|by ayebieber_
Jason McCann ( • Possessive • ) adj: [demanding someone's total attention and love] And Bridget Satterlee ( • Fear • ) noun: [an unpleasant emotion caused by the threa...
Don't Fall For The Criminal~Jason McCann by BMcCann6
Don't Fall For The BMcCann
Jason McCann is one of the most wanted criminals that everyone knew to stay away from. He's part of a gang that everyone knew of and knew to stay distant from them too...
Autistic Innocence by JazmineLuv
Autistic Innocenceby Jazmine
(Jason McCann Version) Issa Jelena story. In which Avalanna is played by Selena Gomez but was diagnosed with Autism when she was just three years old.
Precious (Justin Bieber as Jason McCann) by jerry_imagines
Precious (Justin Bieber as Jason jerry_imagines
"YOU DON'T OWN ME!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, pushing him away. He violent pinned me back against the wall, and whispered in my ear, "If I can't...
•McCann's|Jason McCann • by Jerryismypizza
•McCann's|Jason McCann •by Bizzle
♧She was his, only his, he protected her from everything♧ Know one would mess with him, so Know one messed with her, |Jason McCann• Ruthless, Largest gang leader world...
Soulless (Justin Bieber Love Story / Fan Fiction) by PrincessMahone
Soulless (Justin Bieber Love MEGAN
[COMPLETED] Plain, quiet, and barely noticed Kennedy Nolan's curious, journalistic instinct gets the best of her and she finds herself dancing with the devil: Justin Bie...
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Fell For The Criminal : Sequel to Don't Fall For The Criminal JM by BMcCann6
Fell For The Criminal : Sequel BMcCann
This is something I never would have thought of. When everyone told me Don't Fall For The Criminal, I never thought I would till I Fell For The Criminal hard. That crimi...
Love Me Like You Do -Jason McCann- by biebver
Love Me Like You Do -Jason McCann-by justin bieber
At first he was perfect, everything a girl could of wanted. Then, he changed. It was almost as if it was overnight.. His usual loving, caring self changed to an abusive...
Jason McCann Dirty Interracial Imagines by Royalty_Loves
Jason McCann Dirty Interracial BIEBER🔵 MCCANN🔴
I put my head flat-faced on the pillow because I can't keep my head up since the pleasure was so much, but only to be yank up by my hair which made me arch my back and y...
Toxic Love ↭ Jason McCann  by cloudwatchings
Toxic Love ↭ Jason McCann by :)
Sometimes love goes from sunshine to rain... literally. © all rights reserved Wrote this when I was 13-14 years old back in 2013 so just know that it is not some masterp...
SHE'S MINE + JASON.M. (The dark series) 1 by ShereseDaniels
SHE'S MINE + JASON.M. (The dark Sherese Daniels
Ever have that feeling that someone is following you. That's the feeling that Emily Standard is having. Jason McCann is Ruthless, obsessive, possessive. And he won't let...
Middle of Nowhere. • j.b [CURRENTLY EDITING] by askaboutrobyn
Middle of Nowhere. • j.b [ Robyn ♡
Jason Mccann is the leader of the most dangerous gang in Miami. He's not exactly the nicest criminal either. One problem is that he's never experienced love. He's never...
The Innocent Love of Jason McCann by xSnowKiss
The Innocent Love of Jason McCannby Yessica
Jason McCann, innocent face but criminal mind. If it wasn't because of the Las Vegas Police Force, he wouldn't be in jail. He doesn't talk to anyone and spends all his t...
Saving Mr.Bieber by xSnowKiss
Saving Mr.Bieberby Yessica
Carter Gray was just chilling at a club in Los Angeles when she stumbles upon the one and only Justin Bieber. Justin's drunk from too much drinking and Carter decides on...
After The Run Away: Jason McCann: 3rd book to Dont Fall For The Criminal by BMcCann6
After The Run Away: Jason BMcCann
This is the third book to Don't Fall For The Criminal! It's been five years since Jason, Mackenzie, their child, and the gang moved away to an island where they can not...