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lucifer's daughter by vlm0924
lucifer's daughterby vicky
In which Eulb Yvi, Lucifer's daughter, travels to Earth in attempts to bring her father back to hell. Is her plan successful? What does she experience along the way? Rea...
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Capture My Soul: A Lucifer Fanfiction by poptastic749
Capture My Soul: A Lucifer Lina
Lorelai Thomas is the poster child for being a Good Girl. Well mannered, outstanding grades and a need to succeed in everything she does, its no sock that she hasnt expl...
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TMAMF (Side Stories/Scenarios) by Demonica_Dragneel04
TMAMF (Side Stories/Scenarios)by Gen
So I decided to make another book because I realized I loved doing the little bonus chapters. But I also love doing little scenarios that I would love to share with you...
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Seven Devils by Realitybarnes
Seven Devilsby Stydia
"You're not human, are you?"
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Crooked Angel by Sutoritaimu
Crooked Angelby Kaiyou & Nero
What if Lucifer Morningstar had a daughter who had the same relationship with him that he had with God? What if she was also in Los Angeles?
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☆Lucifer Morningstar Imagines☆ by _lisaromero_
☆Lucifer Morningstar Imagines☆by Lisa Romero
A series of imagines created by me with your favorite TV devil, Lucifer, from the FOX TV show "Lucifer".
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Evermore (Devil's ʻĀnela) by TheQuietHufflepuff
Evermore (Devil's ʻĀnela)by TheQuietHufflepuff
Leilani, known as Lani, Iosua is the epitome of goodess. She never drank underage, she's never taken drugs, she follows the rules of the road, she barely even cusses. A...
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The truth shall set you free by VeGirl
The truth shall set you freeby VeGirl
For all of you who has seen Lucifer and for all of you that will see it, here comes a version of what might happen when Chloe has seen Lucifer's devil face.
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Tenebrae (Lucifer's daughter) by angelina_bukenovia
Tenebrae (Lucifer's daughter)by Angel ?
Lucifer did not come for a vacation in the city of angels. No. He came for something far greater. He came to LA to find his daughter
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Lucifer: After The Fall by THE_X-PHILER
Lucifer: After The Fallby THE_X-PHILER
Lucifer's favorite younger sister, Puriel, has been assigned to watch over him. While she's there, she tells him that she sees a very bright future for him and a certain...
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VENGEANCE || LUCIFER by herangelicvirtue
VENGEANCE || LUCIFERby ✧ཾ༚࿐ Ꮪantanico
❝So, what you are trying to tell me is that my ex sister-in-law is actually some angel of vengence?❞ [ cover made by: @hartistics ]
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Amnesia ~ Lucifer Morningstar x Klaus mikaelson. by harleyQuinnfan17
Amnesia ~ Lucifer Morningstar x 🇦🇺
@alexishutchens18 made the wonderful cover. ~ Julieanne Decker is the younger 30 year old sister of Elizabeth 'Liz' Forbes-nee decker, and the older sister of Chloe deck...
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Lucifer by betterthanwakingup
Luciferby betterthanwakingup
x readers for characters of Lucifer
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Love In The Dark (A Deckerstar FanFiction)  by FanFic_Love13
Love In The Dark (A Deckerstar FanFic_Love13
Chloe and Lucifer are caught in a case that places Chloe's life on the line and makes Lucifer question leaving everyone and going back to being the Prince Of Darkness. R...
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Lucifer Morningstar One-Shots by okamisakka
Lucifer Morningstar One-Shotsby ° okami sakka °
I've never done this before, so go easy on me. I really like the show lucifer, and I've been really trying to right aleast 1 decent Fanfic involving lucifer, so.... the...
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I Fell In Love With The Devil [ Lucifer fan-fiction ] by harleyQuinnfan17
I Fell In Love With The Devil [ 🇦🇺
~ [ Lucifer Morningstar x OC ] Shayla 'Shae' decker is a young girl, that is straight out of highschool, and had just turned the age of nineteen years old. she is the on...
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DOUCHIFER ⇝ Quotes by lucifersociety
❝CAN SOMEONE SEND ME, I DON'T KNOW, A MUFFIN BASKET NEXT TIME?❞ In which we share the funniest, deepest, most emotional, badass and legendary quotes from Lucifer.
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The Other Salvatore  by queen_of_weirdos27
The Other Salvatore by Queen of Weirdo’s
Sabrina hasn't seen either of her brothers for several decades. She last saw Stefan in Chicago in the 1920's when he was with the Mikaelson's. Several years later she de...
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Lucifer Deux by Ultimate_Reader10
Lucifer Deuxby Ultimate_Reader10
The Lucifer tormenting humanity and the Winchesters wasn't the true Devil. He was simply a terrible creation of the real thing. After many years, the real Lucifer finall...
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YOUTH GONE WILD ↝ Chloe Decker by mcrningstar
YOUTH GONE WILD ↝ Chloe Deckerby minttu!!
❝WE STAND AND WE WON'T FALL.❞ In which Kai Nolan, a human disaster in the form of a clever detective, gets transferred to the LAPD, making things difficult not only for...
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