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The Streets of Aislinn by GeekGirl192
The Streets of Aislinnby mae 🍒🧸✨
"The time on top read "15:33 Day 98 Year 1157 A.G.W." A.G.W. stood for After Global Warming. It was something children learned about as a historical event...
The world underneath  by idkwhyImhere__
The world underneath by idkwhyImhere__
What if there's a world that humans didn't know about? A world that is just below there feet. A world that is made up of non human creatures. And what happens when these...
The Legend Of 5 Teens by prettyjiminie
The Legend Of 5 Teensby Mazi
War is upon us. Written by: @pretttyjiminie & @yoonglesalert
If This Isn't Love by ohhthats_ke
If This Isn't Loveby ohhthats_ke
London is a 21 year old studying at Emory University to be a Registered Nurse that lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up she didn't have it quite easy, going in and out...
First Day at the Academy for Shadow and Her Sister by lullabyprince
First Day at the Academy for Damien Makenshi
In this story, a evil Shadow is inside a girls mind, sort of trying to escape... And shes winning the battle, the Shadow gets loose, and terrible things happen to Crona...
Back to December by bitchyvegan
Back to Decemberby babe
Taylor Hathaway isn't your average teenager. She goes through life at a different perspective. There's hospitals, Sex, drugs, alcohol, Babies, Family drama and more. why...
The Meaning Of You by Angelkissables13
The Meaning Of Youby Kissha Denice Balansag
Date Started: Nov 2, 2022 Date Finished: Bookcover: pinterest( credits to the rightful owner)
Whatta Man by duhhhitz_leah
Whatta Manby stfu thxs Vinnie hacker Simp
Mazi Vally (You), Aliyah Vally (single mom), Royal Vally (older brother) Mazi 17 (Your a girl btw) Royal 23 Aliyah 36 Mazi is Black, Italian, French, Mexican so is her...
White Nightmare by PumpkinJuice
White Nightmareby PumpkinJuice
a short story about Sullie, a disturbed child who experiances brutal nightmares and wakes up to tragedy.
Destination Unknown - Book One {Completed} by Ninjawolf96
Destination Unknown - Book One { Kerri
"But this is all just a legend. What are you planning to do?" Jade's smile grew even larger. "The five objects. The necklace, the ring, the goblet and t...