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Vocaloid Randomness by MellonWrites
Vocaloid Randomnessby Michael
Exactly as the title says. If you wanna know exactly what start reading but I warn you it's like those "______ on crack" things. So yeah this is basically a '...
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Corpse Party 2: The revenge of Sachiko [FIN] by itsFaridaFaye
Corpse Party 2: The revenge of Farida Faye
Sachiko is back for more killing and bloody deaths, she brings back the five survivors of Heavenly Host Elementary School and revives those who she killed. Will everyone...
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Epiphany of Rebirth by Story_of_Fate13
Epiphany of Rebirthby Fate
☆Servamp Fanfiction★ ★Kuro×OC☆ ☆Watch Anime★ ■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■ Epiphany: (N) A moment of sudden revelation. Rebirth: (N): The pr...
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One Week [Na Jaemin] by jaeminmyanmar
One Week [Na Jaemin]by Na Jaemin's Sarang❣️
One week was all I had with you, To feel all the things I hoped you felt too, To others it seemed as if this was a never, But I hope we be together forever. Highest rank...
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OliKase FanFic  by AnYu2316
OliKase FanFic by Kurumi the Neko
Is it real? Am I really doing it? YES! I am finally doing it! I'm writing an OliKase book! So if you wanna know what happens you gotta read to find out cause I'm not put...
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Kizka by imclearlyamazing
Kizkaby Kylee
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Varian's Diclonius Child by Varian122894
Varian's Diclonius Childby Varian122894
While he and Andrew and the other Saporians took over Varian was able to make a prototype machine that will allow him to travel to other worlds where he ends up in the...
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The Two of Us Lucy X Fem!Diclonius!Reader(yuri) by Yandere_Survivor21
The Two of Us Lucy X Fem! Kujou-chan
You are a diclonius in Kamakura and is looking for your childhood friend, Lucy. You two were really close. But what will happen when you two reunite? Will a new love blo...
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Blessed Messiah and the Tower of AI by jnobeza
Blessed Messiah and the Tower of AIby Cassie ♡
The world is weakening due to the Divine Punishment that took place years ago, and the people are fearing the worst of destruction from God. But a prophecy claims that o...
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The Rewritten Elfen Lied Story  (Isaac Foster x Female Diclonius Naruto) by BernNarakuFrederica
The Rewritten Elfen Lied Story ( _BernNara_
Ray and Zack are escaping from the police that are searching them. The killer and the girl, during the escape, find a cave into the forest, in which they will stay for a...
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One Month [Na Jaemin] by jaeminmyanmar
One Month [Na Jaemin]by Na Jaemin's Sarang❣️
[ SEQUEL TO 'ONE WEEK'] What happened to you? This wasn't the Jaemin I knew. Now when I see you all I want to say is 'SCREW YOU', And that thought always made me blue. H...
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kagamine Len x reader My Vocaloid Boy (Currently editing) by meifwalover1
kagamine Len x reader My erei~(eren/levi)
this between u and banana boy ;3 included ships:gakuluka,mekaito ;3
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Corpse Party Fanfiction [Complete] by creativegirl35769
Corpse Party Fanfiction [Complete]by creativegirl35769
I made a Sachiko X Reader because I have never seen one, and I feel like there should be some out there.
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Corpse Party One-Shots by WizzyGameMaster
Corpse Party One-Shotsby Wizzy
Just a collection of various Corpse Party one-shots. May contain some Lemons or semi-mature content at some point. These are also posted on my Quotev.
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Sang Antagonis dan Pangeran by Villainien
Sang Antagonis dan Pangeranby Aukishita
Aku, Kagamine Rin hanyalah salah satu mahasiswi fakultas ekonomi biasa. Karena kecelakaan yang menimpaku, aku terdampar di dunia aneh sebagai putri bangsawan jahat! Dan...
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{Vocaloid} Where the Odd Ones Lie by Raspy-P
{Vocaloid} Where the Odd Ones Lieby Rat {small hiatus}
Come one! Come all! Come see our show! Cast out. No one wants to look at them. Their deformities hurt the eye, but their words are calming and peaceful. Come join them...
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The Creation by Varian122894
The Creationby Varian122894
While Lucy is locked away her egg is taken along with Mariko's by Professor Kakuzwa whom uses their DNA to make a stronger diclonius years later Lucy makes an escape and...
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Waking Up to Vocaloids *Vocaloid fanfic* by fatetharlaown
Waking Up to Vocaloids *Vocaloid queen of gensokyo
Somedays, I wish I could remember. How I got here, who I really am, all of it. But most of the time, I hope I don't. Why? Because I love everyone here and I love who I a...
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Breaking fate (Mayushige) by Beautiful-lunatic
Breaking fate (Mayushige)by ☾Ava ☼
Every time the Sachiko ever after charm was repeated, Mayu would always die. This time the day starts all over and the 9 students get another chance. The person who's r...
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Lucy x Male! Reader: Just The Two of Us {A Elfen Lied Fanfic} by BernNarakuFrederica
Lucy x Male! Reader: Just The _BernNara_
You are the male diclonius. You met Lucy in the Orphanage and became best friends. Meanwhile, after you and Lucy are both separate from each other over eight years, you...
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