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Origins to Revelation by NinjaOfTheShade
Origins to Revelationby NinjaOfTheShade
Anna woke up in the middle of a dug site in France with no memories. She meets four others and together they listen to a little girl in need of help, in order to escape...
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Royalty against love by X-LeviChan-X
Royalty against loveby Leviathan(SeaSerpentDemon)
Richtofen is a rich prince Dempsey is a feith what Happens in this story With dempsey and His gang when they are found out?? ~Smut warning Not my story it is someone on...
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Origins by 6thbeachboy
Originsby firestarter
"GO GO GO- NO!!!" I scream at my TV that reads 'You have survived 31 rounds'. That was the first time I've ever made it that far on Origins! Hell, it's the far...
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A Full Moon by myangelmariel
A Full Moonby Angel Mariel
The vampire Caleb wakes up from a long sleep, without any memories of what transpired a month ago. Together with his girlfriend, Averie, they retrace his path and it ope...
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Love is weakness  by The-AuthorElf
Love is weakness by Just an author
This a something that I personally wanted to keep for myself but decided to show it lol. Edward Richtofen, part of the illuminati, joined group 935 to spy on their class...
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COD: Zombies Adventures  by Classymob54
COD: Zombies Adventures by Ланский
Random adventures involving Edward Richtofen, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, takeo and other groups such as the soldiers who have witnessed the undead. More stories in...
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New Player (Samantha X Me) by Battlefield_101
New Player (Samantha X Me)by BATTLEFIELD 101
A US Marine lands on the Nazi Zombies map "Nacht der Untoten" and he is with a little girl.
Stories Untold 》 One-Shots by keepfaithbaby
Stories Untold 》 One-Shotsby keepfaithbaby
A series of one-shots, featuring fictional characters and real life celebrities.
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Classic Sims [THE SIMS 2] by keepfaithbaby
Classic Sims [THE SIMS 2]by keepfaithbaby
In which I teach you awesome things about The Sims 2 that I've learned over the past couple of years! Obligatory for Beginners! But Intermediates can learn a thing or tw...
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Where to find the Spore Community? (EN/FR/ES/RU) by _-TAP-_
Where to find the Spore Pangolin
If you are a Spore fan, you might've felt alone more than one time. 10 years after the creation of the game, it isn't as trendy or as popular as it was. But a community...
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Shadow (A call of duty zombies story by EternalXSailorXMoon
Shadow (A call of duty zombies EternalXSailorXMoon
This is a post-apocalyptic story of four mix match warriors fighting to save the universe and beyond from the great evil consuming the earth. Along the way, Our leader...
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The Element Of Hell by Out-Of-Fiction
The Element Of Hellby Out-Of-Fiction
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My soulmate by The-AuthorElf
My soulmateby Just an author
This is another version like "the beauty and the butcher" but this one is like a cute but still has zombies in it. So Mali joined group 935 to create impressiv...
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WilMax Fanfic by AssCakes9
WilMax Fanficby Ass Cakes
Idfk. I was board as fuck. so... this oc ' Wilko ' is from an Amino friend of mine... and Maxis is my OC... so.. yey?
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Laura's Song Parodies: Volume 18 by HeiwaRoraAi
Laura's Song Parodies: Volume 18by Laura Williams
Volume 18 of Laura's Song Parodies presents: . A parody of the Here Comes Garfield song based on Peter the Cat, GuineaPigDan's furry persona . A parody of the Danger Mou...
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YO MAMA  by Anna_2005_Cupcake
YO MAMA by Anna_2005_Cupcake
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