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You Have a Twin?! by KaitieHegwood
You Have a Twin?!by Kaitie_Ione
DISCLAIMER!!!! This is a Maximum Ride fan fiction. Meaning this is nowhere close to the original story. James Patterson owns the Maximum Ride characters I do not, sadly...
A Girl Among Erasers by pearlly01
A Girl Among Erasersby Chaotic Artist
With strange letters in Fang's backpack and a strange thump to Max's heart, this story will have you bewildered and pumped for the next sentence. After a life changing c...
Maximum Ride, an Avenger by TickingTomBomb
Maximum Ride, an Avengerby TickingTomBomb
I was plummeting towards the ground of New York City from an altitude that only fighter jets use, and I couldn't do anything about it. Who would've thought that I, Maxim...
The Two Kinds (a Maximum Ride and Percy Jackson crossover) by BooksAreTheNewScroll
The Two Kinds (a Maximum Ride ;)
Maximum Ride wants some peace. Percy Jackson wants quiet. And the rest, they didn't want this either. So when people start getting kidnapped, Percy and Max must work tog...
United (a Percy Jackson/Maximum Ride story) by Polar_Wolf13
United (a Percy Jackson/Maximum Polar_Wolf13
This is a story about Percy Jackson and Maximum Ride. What if Percy was kidnapped and taken to The School? Well, he did and met the Flock and they agreed to help each ot...
Winged (PJO/MR Crossover) by spottyandme
Winged (PJO/MR Crossover)by Tigris
"That! Stupid! Lady!" Annabeth yelled, sobbing. Piper, Hazel and her were all sitting together, knowing that they will never see their boyfriends and brother e...
Flock Imagines (Maximum Ride Imagines) by LynnWinnie
Flock Imagines (Maximum Ride Lori
Just a bunch of imagines and some preferences about the Flock and you, hope you like it! Note: These are all girl reader imagines, not because I'm sexist, but because th...
Betrayed (a Percy Jackson   Crossover Fanfic) by RoyalGraceGrace
Betrayed (a Percy Jackson RoyalGraceGrace
When Percy is betrayed by the one he loves and all his friends he only has one person who still cares...Nico. The one guy Percy thought always hated him is the only one...
Maximum Ride : Phoenix and Skylar's story by Mrs_sakamaki02
Maximum Ride : Phoenix and Skylar' Mrs_sakamaki02
What if one night Max and Fang found comfort in each one night? What if they ended having kids? But max never told Fang? With the rest of the flock and living with
Fangs Blog (Ask Fang) by fnick_
Fangs Blog (Ask Fang)by Fang
Ask me, Fang. Tags/Questions/Dares //rewritten as of 5-27-17// Open.
Don't leave me! by ellaberneck
Don't leave me!by ella berneck
Max is finally happy. The flock is safe, she and Fang are married and even have a daughter. But, Fang doesn't know if he is ready for all this. Fang runs away. Aw...
Wings Prep (A Maximum Ride Fanfiction) by mistermysteries
Wings Prep (A Maximum Ride Tyler
Maximum Ride is about to set out on the experience of a lifetime: high school. Max thinks she's all in it alone at her new school when a group of students take her under...
Fang X Reader by animechick130123
Fang X Readerby Sonja Hugs!!
This takes place about a year after Jeb disappeared, you live with the flock and are good friends with iggy. You enjoy playing with nudge, gazzy and angel, help max ou...
Maximum Ride: Family Is The Most Important by Chancamazing
Maximum Ride: Family Is The Most Abigail
Max is betrayed by Fang and The Flock. She runs away and meets Jeb and Ari. She moves in with them but the flock comes back and begging for forgiveness. Will she give it...
A Maximum Ride Story by FantasticDreamer
A Maximum Ride Storyby Martika
what if fang had a twin sister? and what if she joined the flock? (This is the original that I wrote a while ago and just copy and pasted directly from my
Babysitting that Possesive Cold Mafia King (On Going) by iceymiss5373
Babysitting that Possesive Cold Night_tret
(TAGALOG) may Isang Dalaga na nag ngangalang Xianne Kylie Zaragoza, - Matangkad, Maputi, Pointed Nose, Kissable Lips, Pinkish Cheeks, Black Straight Hair, And ofcourse T...
FAX ( A Maximum Ride FanFic ) by SymmeDee0001
FAX ( A Maximum Ride FanFic )by Symme
After nearly six months villain-free, it comes as no surprise that The Flock must partake on another adventure, but this time of a different caliber. Max's disappearance...
Free Falling (Maximum Ride Fanfic Iggy x Reader) by waterwitch836
Free Falling (Maximum Ride Raven Moonlight
I got the idea for this book by seeing that there were no Iggy x Reader stories on Wattpad so I figured that I could indulge you btw this is my first fanfic. so please...
The Singer and The School Girl by FAX_forever_always
The Singer and The School Girlby FAX_forever_always
Fang and his band (The Flock) are rising stars! They have all they need and want. But the thing is, Fang left someone behind, someone who was there for him for every bum...
Wings or Fangs - Vampire knight Fan Fiction by TeenieJeannie
Wings or Fangs - Vampire knight TeenieJeannie
Purebloods are the strongest and the most powerful amongst all vampires. But what if there was a race that was much stronger? Jeannie is an Angelica, she is much more su...