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Shattered Singer by queenschreavee
Shattered Singerby Mrs. Schreave
Completed: What if America didn't find out about her father passing until the morning? What if Maxon didn't hear that crash in the hallway the night before the choosing...
The wrong choice by TinaEmma
The wrong choiceby Tina Emma
The selection has ended. Maxon has chosen the girl he wants to marry. The choice was unexpected. He chose Kriss Ambers. Maxon was happy until the day all the Elite girls...
Selection Series One Shots by sayhannahliz
Selection Series One Shotsby sayhannahliz
One shots that take place after The One by Kiera Cass. She made the characters and every other wonderful thing about the Selection series.
The Married Life : America & Maxon by AshleySidhu
The Married Life : America & Maxonby Ashley
Wondered what happens after The One? Want more of an ending? Want more Maxerica? Well your at the right place!! This is my FanFiction about The Married Life of America a...
Baby shower by user75023522
Baby showerby
The storyline of maxerica's first pregnancy (everyone Will have the same names kiera Cass gave them
One Shots from the Selection Series by DiscombobulatingBoom
One Shots from the Selection Seriesby DiscombobulatingBoom
A collection of one shots of my favourite couples, requests are open! ;) I drew the cover myself, (cover updated October 21, 2017 in celebration of almost 1k reads!) (ye...
Two Beautiful Miracles by DanielaNoyola9
Two Beautiful Miraclesby Daniela Noyola
What would happen if the rebel attack never happened? What if Maxon chose Kriss? This is a story where Maxon picked the wrong choice, and after the ceremony America's he...
The Selection One Shots by ArtisticFangirl18
The Selection One Shotsby Winter
Just some random one shots, taking place between all of the books. I am going to randomly switch between stuff so don't read if you haven't read all the selection books...
This is the Real Happily Ever After (The Selection Series Fan fiction) by maxongirlfriend123
This is the Real Happily Ever Yoyohehe
If you are a selection fan (like me) you could have wished for more Maxerica. Well, this one shots are cute stories throughout America and Maxon's married life. What wil...
America+Maxon: A Different Ending by RachelJackson130
America+Maxon: A Different Endingby Rachel Jackson
It's been a month since America was sent home. After being discovered with Aspen by Maxon, Maxon chosed Kriss as the One. His One The Next morning she was sent home wi...
Maxerica One-Shots by thatmajesticfangirl
Maxerica One-Shotsby thatmajesticfangirl
Little Maxerica stories that will hopefully give you the feels! THERE WILL BE SPOILERS SO PLZ DONT READ IF U HAVENT READ THE SERIES!!
A Million Mistakes  by Hhhhhh05
A Million Mistakes by Makena
America is heartbroken by her break up with her ex-boyfriend Aspen. Prince Maxon is tired if the constant disrespect from his parents and peers. So he escapes the palace...
Another Selected (Book 1 of Selection fanfics) by _lovemultifandoms_
Another Selected (Book 1 of _lovemultifandoms_
Erika Carpenter lives the simple life of a farm girl in the heart of Kent. Though the castes have been abolished, her family still sees its effects. Farming is a dangero...
A Maxerica Love Story by dizzyfox1221
A Maxerica Love Storyby dizzyfox1221
This is an alternate ending to The One. In this story King Clarkson and Queen Amberly are alive and still in reign as Maxon and America take on life as Prince and Prince...
The Selection without America? by lilys_library_17
The Selection without America?by Lily's library
What if in a parallel universe America never got picked for the Selection? She never went to the palace to win Maxon's heart? If they never met that first day in the gar...
The REIGN : a Maxerica fanfiction by Youwontknowmyname9
The REIGN : a Maxerica fanfictionby Youwontknowmyname9
⚠️READ THE SELECTION BOOKS BEFORE ! "Hello, my dear," he whispers. "Don't start," I warn in return, and we're both left smiling. He holds my hands as...
After: a Maxerica Story by theselectionfanfic
After: a Maxerica Storyby the selection
The beloved prince of Illéa, Maxon Schreave, has finally picked America Singer to be his wife, and the future queen of their country. Though everything seems perfect for...
Switched by Hhhhhh05
Switchedby Makena
18 years ago, Queen Amberley and King Clarkson were flying to Italy when Queen Amberley went into labor. They demanded that the plane be landed immediately at Carolina a...
Peanut Butter Fingerprints by maxerica_lives
Peanut Butter Fingerprintsby Warrior Queen Amy
It's been five years since America Singer won the heart of Prince Maxon Schreave in the Selection. Now Queen of Illèa, America struggles with balancing her royal life an...
Maxerica Rewritten by miraculous_selection
Maxerica Rewrittenby miraculous_selection
Maxon chose Kriss. America returned to Carolina to find herself in a life altering situation: carrying the prince's baby. Will she have to return to Angeles? Will she ke...