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face claims by faintingfancies
face claimsby mads
read if ya need help my dude
  • freya
  • claims
  • face
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PEARL  by itsnotmybirthday
PEARL by itsnotmybirthday
"What are you doing, Undersee?" "I could ask you the same thing, Hawthorne." Their world is on the brink of a warzone. They are the catalysts Madge...
  • gale
  • jordan
  • connor
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Faded by idkcharlie
Fadedby charlie
The cliche story about the nerd and the popular high school boy. The only thing he actually cared about was her, and the only thing she cared about was, well, everything...
  • england
  • york
  • relationship
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The Devil Wore Fedoras (1D Vampire) by marvelouis
The Devil Wore Fedoras (1D Vampire)by marvelouis
"I bet I'm a better kisser," He grins, his eyes turning a darker shade of green.
  • fedoras
  • marano
  • fedora
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breathless || allen by wingsofhyun
breathless || allenby *・῾ ᵎ⌇sabrina.
"I only came here because I wanted to help my friend. I'd never believe that my life was going to change because of that." Mithzie's Inc. The Flash belongs t...
  • allen
  • gustin
  • west
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novacaine by winxna
novacaineby ali
"Are you jblythe124?" "Depends. Who's asking?" "I'm... I'm otisthepenguin." He never felt a hug as strong as the one Jackie gave him right...
  • givemenovacaine
  • ooc
  • original
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When You Talk Too Much by unromantic
When You Talk Too Muchby unromantic
Velvet tries to stay as far away from the spotlight as she can but with a dramatic best friend, her guy friend with his big secret, the enemy who seems to live to annoy...
  • romantic
  • blonde
  • freya
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Fascination - Harry Styles AU by unusedprofile11
Fascination - Harry Styles AUby maddie ⚓
Skylar Ramsay is known as Windsor Highschool's wallflower. When British transfer student Harry Styles comes, this all changes. Harry is different to most of the clean...
  • freya
  • direction
  • love
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Gracie by feelmypaynex3
Gracieby feelmypaynex3
Being raped as a young teen Anastasia Brooks finds herself struggling with school, work and at home responsibilities. When she happens to fall for her college professor(...
  • harry
  • mavor
  • hate
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Traces by emsheedy
Tracesby Emma Delaney
Ashton is intimidating, manipulative, and sleeps with girls like he's shopping. Charlie is rich, conceited, and doesn't associate with the lower class. Ashton and Charli...
  • irwin
  • freya
  • punk
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The Twisted Fairytale (One Direction) by SparkInSpacex
The Twisted Fairytale (One Tasha
Murder, Kidnap, Rape, these are a few things Carly Krit has witnessed, but when she finally is released from a harsh world, what will happen? And where does One Directio...
  • onsie
  • direction
  • louis
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Do I Wanna Know? // Bradley Simpson (The Vamps) fanficiton by bradsthong
Do I Wanna Know? // Bradley bradsthong
Freya was never good with boys. End of. So what happens when she unknowingly meets the 'next big thing' of the UK aka Brad Simpson? Drama. Follow Freya through a tricky...
  • freya
  • simpson
  • brad
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Who I've Always Been (One Direction) by SparkInSpacex
Who I've Always Been (One Tasha
Harley (Or Haz) Deyes has been upstaged her entire life by other people and for once she'd like to be best and not second, but to do that, she must find herself first.
  • harry
  • miley
  • freya
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Cereal Killers. by yamiletmurdock
Cereal yamiletmurdock
We were at a party once. It was wild and I didn't know what I was doing. We didn't think we were capable of bad things. But when we woke up the next day, we found out ab...
  • murder
  • freya
  • seconds
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The Prisoner & The Prep (On Hold) by KandaGracias
The Prisoner & The Prep (On Hold)by KandaGracias
Okay So right now I am starting to get back into writing and all these ideas are making my head hurt. I know I haven't written in forever, but I wanted to let you guys k...
  • romance
  • elliot
  • paul
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Like Fire, Like Ice by meutedeloups
Like Fire, Like Iceby Marie
  • supernatural
  • freya
  • ice
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