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l o s t    [m.h, g.d] by BethBishop
l o s t [m.h, g.d]by BethBishop
Finn is drifting. On a path to self destruction, a chance encounter on a cold beach puts her on a different track. Zoots, smokes, and a sofa to sleep on are a nerve wrac...
It's Alright (matt healy) by LucyInuzuka
It's Alright (matt healy)by LucyInuzuka
Lissa's used to moving around, it's just what she's done ever since she was little. It's November and she's finally in a familiar place, Manchester, where a few boys in...
So Far ••• Matty Healy ••• {SlowUpdatesBcoz...School} by anaasantos_
So Far ••• Matty Healy ••• { anAAsantos
• "It's not a mistake is it? To love someone who you know isn't going to love you as much as you love them?" • • A Matty Healy fan fiction by Ana Santos • W...
Somebody Else by high_fivez
Somebody Elseby Sara from the 1975
Katie is faced with a decision whether to continue with the life she's being dealing with for so long or to finally break out of her deadly routine all brought on by Mat...
matty healy, falling in love over night by the1975stories
matty healy, falling in love april x
when you're 17 and not looking for love you find it in the most unexpected places at least that's the case for grace. meeting a stranger at 3am with dark eyes and curly...
H O T L I N E ••• Matty Healy by Wattoo-94
H O T L I N E ••• Matty Healyby UwattM8
With the pressures of fame getting to the front man of the band, The 1975, Matthew is desperate for an escape. Someone to talk to, where he can be himself, open up and m...
// THE MATTY DEALY // by sugarpuffxx
// THE MATTY DEALY //by sugarpuffxx
[Highest ranking: #67 on 21/12/16] What happens when a nineteen year old Matty meets his match? Beautiful cover by lovely @Devita33 x
Sex Addicts | Matty Healy by cocaine-cobain
Sex Addicts | Matty Healyby annie
Everything is temporary. warnings: drug abuse, sexual content (obvi), strong language
Somebody To Stay // Matty Healy. by fxcknhxll
Somebody To Stay // Matty J
"Hear you, falling and lonely, cry out: Will you fix me up? Will you show me hope? At the end of the day you were helpless. Can you keep me close? Can you love me m...
Empty. by elle_laa
#11 elle_laa
When Brinsley is at her lowest point in life she meets Matty; cute, charming, and he's got an accent. But at this low time for Brinsley is Matty what she needs to go fro...
Haunt || Matty Healy by secularsaviour
Haunt || Matty Healyby Big Poppa
Fan fiction // Matty Healy The 1975 // Horror // "I can't exist within my own head, so I insist in haunting your bed." Cover by @21duns
robbers// the 1975 by healys_heartxx
robbers// the 1975by healys_heartxx
// if you never shoot, you'll never know// a short the 1975 fan fic based off the song and music video "robbers"
Be My Mistake (Matty Healy) by MattysBaddie18
Be My Mistake (Matty Healy)by MattysBaddie18
Vivian is an artist from the city trying to find herself, while Matty is a recovering addict and a national rockstar. Despite all odds being against them, they just can'...
depths [ healy ] by handwrittenhood
depths [ healy ]by eunice mariano
they were just polar opposites. as his world expanded, hers slowly faded. as he begins to drip with color, she began to fade to gray. maybe it's just because everyone ha...
baby girl // j.r. by litpoppunktrash
baby girl // somebody
"I'm Jesse by the way." "I'm Desiree." "Such a pretty name for such a pretty face." *drugs,sex, self harm and abuse are used in this stor...
Sex // Matty Healy by highoffhealy
Sex // Matty Healyby highoffhealy
"Matthew, stop. We can't do this," I say, pulling away slightly. "Shh, yes we can, baby," he brings both of his hand to cup my face, his thumbs brus...
The cabin { Matty Healy } by cupofhealy
The cabin { Matty Healy }by Rass owns my ass
Anathema goes to the infamous road trip where she meets a smartass in black... just read it goddamit
No turning back now  by Slothgirl93
No turning back now by Bethany.Dalton
Daisy a nurse at St, Vincent's E.R is just stopping at Sams corner store. She watches as a young man runs in, she hears the gunshots and then sees the young man run out...
Young Love • Matty Healy by wattoo-
Young Love • Matty Healyby UWattM8
Young love, it's one hell of a rollercoaster ride. One minute you're up, then you're down. It's a thrill, sometimes scary. But once you're on, you're stuck, for the whol...