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Kidnap For Three Days Grace Ships. by theblacksorceress
Kidnap For Three Days Grace Mrs.Matt JP Walst
What happens when three days grace is kidnapped by a crazy fan to do sexual stuff to each other.
Sex wars by theblacksorceress
Sex warsby Mrs.Matt JP Walst
As two new girls moved in right next to adam and matt. The guys see the girls one night trying on new underwear. they started to watch the girls as they teased the men...
TDG Ships by theblacksorceress
TDG Shipsby Mrs.Matt JP Walst
three days grace ships with each, yourself the reader, some threesomes, foursome, and maybe they all sleep with each other.
My celebrity crushes  by theblacksorceress
My celebrity crushes by Mrs.Matt JP Walst
Photos of my celebrity crushed male and lzzy hale, actors, anime characters, video characters, magician, skateboarder, jackass.
We are Painkillers by theblacksorceress
We are Painkillersby Mrs.Matt JP Walst
One day Danny Murillo meets the neighbor's niece as she ends up moving in with her aunt and uncle. As Samantha just lost her parents in a car accident last night. He dec...
My nightmare, Their downfall by theblacksorceress
My nightmare, Their downfallby Mrs.Matt JP Walst
When Matt keeps having the same nightmare over and over the girl he used to secretly date comes back after 13 years on the spot after her dad dies in a mysterious house...
Can't Forget You by SingForTheFallen
Can't Forget Youby Walst's 💖
Matt Walst love story! so i got this idea from a book that i will label in the description. So if you have read it, then most of this book will be based on that one! Ell...
Doomed//Bradam Fanfic by tiredandgay
Doomed//Bradam Fanficby off brand teenager
Is it wrong? by theblacksorceress
Is it wrong?by Mrs.Matt JP Walst
Brad Walst and Adam Gontier are best friends since childhood. What happens when Jennifer Gontier adam's baby sister finally tells brad that she in love with him. Will, h...
We Are All Mad Here by theblacksorceress
We Are All Mad Hereby Mrs.Matt JP Walst
As 21-year-old Emily Wilson Rose is sick of people treating her like a loser. She decides to take all types of drugs to end her life. Before she does she sees a very han...
Teen pregnancy  by alexahua12
Teen pregnancy by alexahua12
This is a future story of Alvaro and Camila!
My darkest days ships by theblacksorceress
My darkest days shipsby Mrs.Matt JP Walst
My darkest days ships with all the band members. With threesomes and foursomes and a few gangbangs. Plus there not a lot of my darkest days stories or ships. So I hope y...
Rousey's Old Friend by Lucy9825
Rousey's Old Friendby Lucy9825
When Alexa Bliss and Baron Corbin go insane with power over RAW, Stephanie has had enough. She now understands why Kurt warned her not to let Corbin decide things on RAW...
I'm three days grace property. by theblacksorceress
I'm three days grace Mrs.Matt JP Walst
What happens when Samantha wins a contest by three days grace. Just to find out they own her for there own sexual pleasure. Will things get out of hand or will she enjoy...
Three Days Grace Gay Love Stories by AttackOnTitan_fan666
Three Days Grace Gay Love Storiesby Alicla Rose Sakowski
Different stories about the band members in gay relationships
Give Me A Reason | ✔️ by LG_Jackson
Give Me A Reason | ✔️by Lizbeth Jackson
"Give me a reason to turn and run, give me a reason to burn this house down. Give me a reason, I wish you would, wish you would. "Give me a reason for disaster...
He's Back by lost_and_damaged
He's Backby Painkiller
Adam Gontier posts on media websites, saying how Three Days Grace sucks and Matt Walst has a shitty voice. Adam quits Saint Asonia and he returns to Three Days Grace. Ho...
Like nobody else  by theblacksorceress
Like nobody else by Mrs.Matt JP Walst
Matt Walst goes and hangs out with his brother during the never too late video shoot. As he meets the people in the video, he gets to know the main girl in it. Hannah Da...
Welcome to Hell by showfreak19
Welcome to Hellby Ashley
(Matt X Adam) Adam is an addict. Addicted to Oxycontin, he overdoses and kills himself. Sent to Hell, Adam receives therapy from Matt, an Angel determined to save what's...