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Paper Hearts (BoyxBoy / Yaoi) by KageKei
Paper Hearts (BoyxBoy / Yaoi)by Kageyama Kei
Iwaizumi got married to a girl and Oikawa was there to witness their wedding.
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Haikyuu!! X Male! Reader by Hoshii-ta
Haikyuu!! X Male! Readerby Ravioli
You like gay vollleydorks? You like good stories? Well me fckn too-
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The host club's cat by twenty1_twenty2
The host club's catby Planetary
Somehow, I, Tetsuro Kuroo, a 6'2" volleyball blocker, chemistry nerd originally from Nekoma high, get transferred to Ouran, the prestigious school for insanely rich...
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Haikyuu x reader Lemons  by HamFam360
Haikyuu x reader Lemons by XFandom360
It's a lemon book. So don't be surprised. Requests can be accepted
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♥My World, Your Universe♥Seijoh 3rd years♥#ABA2017♥ by Puripuriko
♥My World, Your Universe♥Seijoh Mi-chan
They are all teammates when it comes to volleyball, but they are rivals when it comes to the game of love! Toyohira Hisui is new to Aoba Johsai High, and she is here to...
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snapchat  by GrandKingOikawa
snapchat by 徹
oikawa doesn't understand his emotions, just like iwaizumi doesn't understand the god-damn frustrating app. somehow, it's a perfect combination. » completed
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♥Wonder Fool World♥Oikawa Tooru♥Haikyuu♥ by Puripuriko
♥Wonder Fool World♥Oikawa Tooru♥ Mi-chan
Due to the fact Oikawa put Ranfa in a very embarrassing situation in her family restaurant, Ranfa saw him as a nuisance and a complete joke whenever they speak to one an...
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Kunimi x reader by HamFam360
Kunimi x readerby XFandom360
Well you are the sister of Kageyama. Ironic right? Well you go to Aobajōsai because your parents are divorced by you still kept in contact with your brother. You have a...
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blue leaf. by cheesetarrt
blue chi
"Someone who got the looks like Trashykawa but not trashy, huh. That's not bad." And that's their manager. [Seijou x Reader]
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MAMA ||matsuhana|| by hqheaven
MAMA ||matsuhana||by hatari
MAtt_sun: heyoooo MAkki: hey a story in which Matsukawa met a certain someone on an app. ©hqheaven Book 2 from the "Wings" series.
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euphoria ||matsuhana|| (book two) by hqheaven
euphoria ||matsuhana|| (book two)by hatari
MAtt_sun: it's been a while MAkki: who
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Haikyuu! x Reader♡ by _imajinbangtan
Haikyuu! x Reader♡by _imajinbangtan
hehe enjoy!~ . .
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usernames || matsuhana  by siouam
usernames || matsuhana by ugly
one night hanamaki gets bored which leads him to texting random usernames on a random app he automatically clicks on a rather unique screen name after a short conversati...
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Haikyuu!! ~Signos del Zodíaco~ by Carlaya25
Haikyuu!! ~Signos del Zodíaco~by ~Carla~
¿Queréis divertiros un rato? Pues aquí os traigo un Zodiaco de Haikyuu!! Sé que esta es una idea que se usa muchísimo y he cogido de internet muchas ideas para poder h...
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♡True Lovers♡Seijoh 3rd years♡Haikyuu AU♡ by Puripuriko
♡True Lovers♡Seijoh 3rd years♡ Mi-chan
"I have everything but at the same time, I have nothing." Matsukawa Issei and his three friends have everything from the moment they were born. Money, power...
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Colourful by RizRice
Colourfulby RizRice
High school is made up of multiple stories where people make or strengthen friendships, relationships, and themselves. ...Or just cause shenanigans for no reasons whats...
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Just One Night (Issei Matsukawa) by WizzyGameMaster
Just One Night (Issei Matsukawa)by Wizzy
It was only meant to be just one night. A single night of passion and then I'd never see you again. Unfortunately, Fate made other plans. Apparently it has a cruel sense...
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Haikyuu X Child Reader by Oikawa_Iwaizumi
Haikyuu X Child Readerby Sting_Eucliffe_Wife
Here are some Haikyuu various x child reader scenarios ~ i do not own any of these characters or you reader
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neutral - bokuaka by frozentothetouch
neutral - bokuakaby rain
Demon/Angel AU A war between heaven and hell is about to break out and to have a neutral on one's side means they could have an advantage. Bokuto is suddenly pulled int...
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Hanamaki x reader  by HamFam360
Hanamaki x reader by XFandom360
I haven't seen any books of him so here.
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