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my bestfriends brother 🤭 by destinysfanfics
my bestfriends brother 🤭by Destiny 🤩💙
intro 😉
  • blesiv
  • mathew
  • huncho
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my soulmate🥺💞 by curlyheadmarcc
my soulmate🥺💞by sofia💖
Just read it ig lmao you will like it I promise lmao😂
  • marcgomezfanfic
  • marcgomezfanfiction
  • huncho
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the day i fall in love with my best friend  -marc Gomez Story by Alissalove11
the day i fall in love with my alissa
  • desiree
  • diego
  • marcgomez
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The Kissing Booth 2.0 by osnapitsari_
The Kissing Booth 2.0by osnapitsari_
Continuing from Elle arriving home from dropping Noah to the airport. Why can't she shake off the horrible feeling of nausea.
  • romance
  • consequences
  • popular
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Cheated by flowerbug
Cheatedby Ali James
S O P H I E never imagined that she'd witness her mate cheating on her. When it did end up happening, she was completely caught off guard, having no clue how to react...
  • austin
  • love
  • alpha
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Mutant is the new normal (boyxboy) (shaylor) by Dalton159
Mutant is the new normal (boyxboy) Dalton159
Shawn has had an....interesting life. He has powers that he doesn't understand. When he turned 13 years old he started to develop his powers and now 3 years later has al...
  • taylorcaniff
  • nashgrier
  • shawnmendes
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Funtil Dawn- Only fans will understand by GigiTales
Funtil Dawn- Only fans will GigiTales
Do you love Until Dawn? If so, you are in the right place. Funny comics, memes and more. And sorry for my English, because I'm from Czech Republic.
  • joshua
  • sam
  • ash
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My Sister's Husband by OliviaMarie97
My Sister's Husbandby OliviaMarie97
Felicia's whole life she has been second best to her older sister Molly, never good enough for anyone. Finally she meets a guy who actually cares about her. To bad he's...
  • molly
  • mathew
  • murder
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After by Dark_Nerd_
Afterby K. M. Forrest
What happens 3 years after Allegiant. Told from the perspective of Tobias, (Christina a little), and someone else you'll later meet (or reunite with
  • insurgent
  • prior
  • after
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matty healy, falling in love over night by the1975stories
matty healy, falling in love april x
when you're 17 and not looking for love you find it in the most unexpected places at least that's the case for grace. meeting a stranger at 3am with dark eyes and curly...
  • music
  • mathew
  • 1975
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All of Me by Kaitslightaddiction
All of Meby Kaitslightaddiction
This is a Spencer Reid/ Matthew Gray Gubler fanfic. This is my first so I apologize if the writing style is iffy. Hope you enjoy. Spencer Reid x Reader. Leave comments a...
  • gray
  • criminalminds
  • sexy
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Alone// Mathew Barzal by Nhlboys
Alone// Mathew Barzalby Nhlboys
New York Islanders
  • nhl
  • barzal
  • nhlwags
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Falling in Love with the Boys👀 by HoesssMad
Falling in Love with the Boys👀by Daddy.-.Chill
This story is about a girl named Andrea falling in love with the boys and the boys falling in love with her but who will she choose?? This story includes.. Andrea(you or...
  • marcgomez
  • blesiv
  • giovanny
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Beyonce Giselle Knowles is eighteen know and legal. Beyonce is only shy with people she doesn't know. She is so humble and has a talent for singing that nobody knows of...
  • beyonce
  • mitchelle
  • solange
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Butterflies  by Awaereads
Butterflies by Awaereads
"That Gilbert Blythe, he has the audacity to never leave my mind, to try to be the prince in my daydreams, well no, I won't allow it," said Anne stubbornly.
  • shirbert
  • fanfiction
  • awae
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Love Between Takes {Mathew Baynton Fan Fic} by Royalvalkyrie
Love Between Takes {Mathew Royalvalkyrie
When Bella meets Mathew Baynton a british actor, what will she decide to do? Acting or Love?
  • fiction
  • love
  • fan
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Why my Bella? by butterfly161993
Why my Bella?by April Duus
During the last few weeks of school Bella is being harassed by a junior named Mathew Keltings. A few weeks after school is out she gets kidnapped by Victoria. Bella is t...
  • mathew
  • edward
  • keltings
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Horrible Histories Memes by HiImAShoutyMan
Horrible Histories Memesby Shouty Man
Just a collection of memes based on Horrible Histories, Yonderland, Bill: the film, and Ghosts. These will include some of my own, and some from various Instagram accoun...
  • simon
  • howick
  • theelders
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6 Idiot One-shots by HiImAShoutyMan
6 Idiot One-shotsby Shouty Man
A collection of one-shots about the six idiots starring in Horrible Histories, Yonderland, Bill: The Film, and Ghosts! If you have any ideas for one-shots about the six...
  • mathew
  • mathewbaynton
  • ben
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SORRY..... AGAIN: Demi Lovato story  by ddlovatogoals
SORRY..... AGAIN: Demi Lovato Demilovatofan
There relationship looks perfect from the outside l, but what people don't know is what going on behind close door. What happens when henri suddenly breaks his sobriety...
  • jonas
  • family
  • sirah
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