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The Final Son Of The Sage (Male Otsutsuki Reader X Naruto) by Combatmoster44
The Final Son Of The Sage (Male Combatmoster44
(Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of these pictures or the anime and things won't be a 100% cannon I'm going to change a lot of stuff) This is the story of Y/n ōtsutsuki the...
Naruto The Bijuu Holder by Anbu842
Naruto The Bijuu Holderby Anbu842
What if Hashirama kept all the bijuu? What if Naruto became the Jinchuriki of them all? See how Naruto's life changes in this story.
In a future with NO boruto (Kakashi Fanfic) by Rioulu
In a future with NO boruto ( Kuro
This is in a future with NO boruto, so none of them were born, no boruto, himawari, sarada, n so on(well there might be some filler/minor character, i mean it would be k...
A Jinchuuriki Forever by dragonfire1222
A Jinchuuriki Foreverby Sakura
Naruto becomes friends with Kurama earlier on, there's a person who apparently interacted a lot with Naruto that Kurama has no knowledge of, and Gaara really likes... tr...
The Reason Why Mom Loves Dad by tenny10-10
The Reason Why Mom Loves Dadby tenny10-10
After Neji misses Tenten's birthday, Tenji gets mad and stumbles upon an ancient Chinese scroll. "If this scroll really works, then I want to know why mom loves a...
My Life As A NINJA! by TwillightMune11
My Life As A NINJA!by Twlight Mune
What if Doranbolt was only able to save Carla Wendy died on the moment when the face explode. Death is the end of one adventure but that's the new beggining of a anothe...
Naruto the sage's successor. (On Hold) by Turtles_onDrugs
Naruto the sage's successor. (On Crackhead
i am to lazy to write a description.
Unrevealing Our True Selves (Naruto FF) [Team  7] (Discontinued/Hiatus) by PyschopathicGirl101
Unrevealing Our True Selves ( Alpha - (WhiteKitsune)
First off I don't own any of the Naruto characters except the OC's created by me. I don't own Naruto, all rights are reserved to Kishimoto. Things about this story that...
Naruto the great by tamunoiscool
Naruto the greatby tamunoiscool
Naruto is going to be ridiculously overpowered and kurama is going to give him a new op dojutsu he is going to be stronger than the ōtsutsuki king in every aspect by age...
Naruto: Kamikaze no Uzu by RunnerPardox98
Naruto: Kamikaze no Uzuby Itachi98
Que hubiera pasado si en realidad uzugakure no hubiera sido aniquilado, si naruto era residente de dicha aldea, y a la vez hermano de yugito, con su maestría en jutsus f...
Akari (Uchiha,Hyuuga) Mitarashi. (Anko Mitarashi's daughter) Naruto fanfiction  by Kitsune643
Akari (Uchiha,Hyuuga) Mitarashi. ( Kitsune643
Akari Mitarashi daughter of Anko Mitarashi,unknown holder of the two tails cat demon Matatabi she seems as crazy or crazier than her mother and that's saying something b...
jinjuriki entre heroes by ESPARTAN120
jinjuriki entre heroesby 120 esparta
hola soy LuisMaldonado648, ¿porque me hice otra cuenta? pues porque no :v
Ice, Shadow, And Bone.     (Slow updates) by Dc-al-fine
Ice, Shadow, And Bone. (Slow Dc-al-fine
Follow the life of Shikanai Nara (Slow updates)
Un Cambio En Vegeta by Daxwor
Un Cambio En Vegetaby Daxwor
Imagínense que Vegeta fuera cariñoso, que demuestre su amor por su familia,que fuese algo inocente como Goku y que no fuera orgulloso.
The Jinchuuriki: The Power of Trio by kagamiuchiha25
The Jinchuuriki: The Power of Trioby Kagami Uchiha
Naruto have meet his two fellow jinchuuriki Yugito Nii and Fu and formed a three-man joint-forced team in order to withstand against the attacks from the Akatsuki. The s...
DreamQueen's Adventure In Naruto {Disconnect}  by Harley_Dreamer13
DreamQueen's Adventure In Naruto { Harley Daniels
This takes place after my O.C Harley Lauren also know as Dream-Queen takes her/mine throne. She/I get sucked into the portal and my land/clan gets frozen in time. While...
The Legend of Yugito Nii: The Tale of The Blue Cat by kagamiuchiha25
The Legend of Yugito Nii: The Kagami Uchiha
This is the story of Yugito Nii, the former jinchuuriki of two-tails who survived the tailed beast extract. She gained her nickname ' The Blue Cat'. Her story took place...