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Bound by qwae29
Boundby QWAE29
The Force moves in mysterious ways and all are bound to its ultimate will, especially the Jedi. Part one of Force of Providence series.
Another Choice by marionette2009
Another Choiceby Marrionette
"Life is about choices that we made. Our choices are the hinges of our destiny." 16 years old, age when every girl get to enjoy their life. Yet, Haneul need to...
Imperfect by qwae29
Imperfectby QWAE29
Even for a Jedi there is a price for perfection, but what if fate offered a chance at a refund? Part Two of the Perfect series.
Stained by qwae29
Stainedby QWAE29
When a mission goes sour, master and padawan are temporarily separated while engaged in a fight for their lives. When Qui-Gon is reunited with his apprentice he discover...
Perfect by qwae29
Perfectby QWAE29
Even for a Jedi, there is a price for perfection.
My dear apprentice - Anakin!skywalker x fem!reader  by IsabellaJohansson748
My dear apprentice - Anakin! IsabellaJohansson748
As a now fully trained jedi knight, Anakin must take on the responsibilities and tasks of the jedi order structured by the council. Though, being a jedi knight always ha...