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Return of the 13th Zodiac by earlfangs
Return of the 13th Zodiacby Earl Fangs
Ophiuchus has fallen. Once the strongest clan in the empire of Luo, now they are the most hunted. Shu Yue, the scion of a declining, once-powerful clan, conceals her tru...
He's Not My Shadow Guard, He's My Lover by Lazy_Cat_Zero
He's Not My Shadow Guard, He's Lazy_Cat_Zero
Hello my fellow readers here i'm publish a translate novel from I'm not the translator. I'm going to publish all chapters and I just want to read it of...
butler of Francisco family by feather_pen_06
butler of Francisco familyby robert Beramina
riko was a new butler of the Francisco family his mentor jin Gonzalez was assign him to protect and serve his new master, but the only problem was his new master's attit...
Best Pal Ever by love_mailer
Best Pal Everby love_mailer
This is a story of an endearing friendship that is as strong as rock, as stick as glue and as clingy like magnet.
DARK ROSE; A Vampire Legend by MEVAuthors
DARK ROSE; A Vampire Legendby MEV Author's
Decades passed, where there was a great war happened it was full of Blood thirsty human, killing intent, greed, and a shed of hope. A great legend has been born. That h...
Butler, Dear Butler | On Hold | by FotaProductions
Butler, Dear Butler | On Hold |by A Dozen Dimes and a Nickle
After dying, reincarnating, being stolen from his mother, and becoming a servant for an arrogant noble, Moyin could say he got the better end of the stick. He was treate...
The Prince's Loyal Lover by WarrenZafra7
The Prince's Loyal Loverby Warren Zafra
This is not my story nor translation Tao Wen transmigrated and discovered that he had become the brutal scum lover in a tragic novel that he had just read. That scum cha...