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The Legendary Warrior [Magi x Reader] (ONGOING) by Draculaura8
The Legendary Warrior [Magi x Saiko
Clad in black, wears a mask to conceal her identity and an aura of mysteries surrounds her persona. The Warrior who's making a name for being a savior to all. Traveling...
My Fanalis (masrur x reader) by TheSoggyNoodle
My Fanalis (masrur x reader)by anzimelogicz
EDITING! You are a 7 year old girl who was always a slave. After getting shipped off to a slave market in Reim because you had been giving your master much trouble just...
(((CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN)))             Her Fate (Masrur x OC) by Elegant-Nightmare
Masrur X OC A story about a young women who is a descendant of a powerful and forgotten race that mysteriously disapeared over hundreds of years ago.
Magi one-shots by Maryposavik
Magi one-shotsby ReturnToTheRukh
Just like the title says, a bunch of Magi one-shots! Magi belongs to Shinobu Ohtaka. Writing Belongs to Me The image doesn't belong to me either English is not my moth...
The Misfit (A magi story) by MelodyFanalis
The Misfit (A magi story)by MelodyFanalis
You know how there are kings and metal vessels, assassins and swordsman, magicians and knights, people who are good with animals and abnormally strong people, mafia good...
Magi x Reader by NyxieGoddess
Magi x Readerby Nyxie (Shin-Ah's Dragon :3)
Eeeeeey! Lili-chan came up with a second Anime x Reader book! How cool! Requests are accepted all the time in the comments or you can PM me too. What else should I say...
Magi One Shots and Scenarios | Part 2 | (REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!!) by yahiko_uchiha
Magi One Shots and Scenarios | Dead Inside But My Hands Are...
This is part two of my Magi Scenario Book!! I want to try and do more scenarios than one shots this time, so requests for one shots will be very rare! The Dynamic Duo! A...
My Endless Love by _CrimsonPetal_
My Endless Loveby Raijū
[Soulmate AU: Aladdin x OC x Slight Various] Ren Yue, the youngest daughter of Koutoku Ren and the ninth Imperial Princess of the Kou Empire. As a young girl, she was to...
Conquerer of his Heart (Sinbad Love story)-Magi Adventure of Sinbad/ Magi by MoonAura
Conquerer of his Heart (Sinbad MoonAura
**Slow Updates** Giving someone a piece of your soul is better than giving a piece of your heart. Because souls are eternal. Salma, known around the world as many things...
Set Me Free(Cancelled) by Not2ShabiAbi
Set Me Free(Cancelled)by Not2ShabiAbi
Sindria is known for being a place of peace and a safe place for all but for one girl that doesn't apply. She doesn't live where everyone else does, she is a slave for t...
Sailing the seas (Teenage Sinbad x Reader/Oc) by VenusStoleTata
Sailing the seas (Teenage Sinbad wannatouchmywenis
Sinbad sighs as he looks up at the woman in front of him. He thinks about the soul crushing love he has for her and where it began. He gulped, 'Ah shit, that's how it st...
The Eight Generals React to Ships by Baeks-Glasses
The Eight Generals React to Shipsby ☁ ✈ Planes Travels Fast ✈ ☁
The eight generals of Sindria reacts to Magi ships. Hope you'll like it. :) Sinbad may make his way into the book sometimes.
Magi x Male Reader by Jkyolo265
Magi x Male Readerby OkamiH
You are normal teenage boy and you live in San Jose, and you live on you own while your older siblings are in college from far away. you're in high school. But there's...
When Worlds Collide (Sinbad x OC) by SarahWinterheart
When Worlds Collide (Sinbad x OC)by SarahWinterheart
It's is the year 3025, and the world is full of technology. However, 20 years ago, scientists discovered a gate. This gate opens into other worlds. In this case, the wor...
Magi boyfriend scenarios by Jay-Anime
Magi boyfriend scenariosby Jayden Scarlett
I sort of says it in the title 😋 Characters are: Aladdin, Alibaba, Hakuryuu, Sinbad, Ja'far, Masrur, Spartos, Kouen, Koumei, Kouha, Judar, Yunan, Titus. I might add mo...
Serenity • Magi oneshots by purinm
Serenity • Magi oneshotsby • p u r i n m •
> serenity /sɪˈrɛnɪti/ noun the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. • "She was drifting amidst waves of love, and she felt nothing more then serenity...
Magi One Shots REQUESTS ARE OPEN by Midnightwolfy54
Magi One Shots REQUESTS ARE OPENby Midnightwolfy54
Requests are open and it can be from Aladdin to Sinbad. There can also be male character x fem! reader, or female character x male! reader. I'd like to thank you all for...
Magi Characters React To Ships by MissisMuu
Magi Characters React To Shipsby MissisMuu
Welp, you read the title. Oh. Ehm... It's the Magi Characters reaction on ships. The first one is pretty bad but the others are 'kinda' ok. The oc known as Aari will int...