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I Won't ever Leave |Masky X Hoodie| by MoonKillerzX0X
I Won't ever Leave |Masky X Hoodie|by Locket Socket
Masky and hoodie was best friend's ever since they were children But masky was different then hoodie cause he had a really bad sickness. hoodie was worried he never wan...
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Forbidden Love (Masky X Hoodie) by Three_Proxies
Forbidden Love (Masky X Hoodie)by Masky Hoodie Toby
After the unexplained deaths of Jay Merrick and Alex Kralie, Tim Wright (Masky) and Brian Thomas (Hoodie) had gone missing, and were never found. Assumed to be dead by e...
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Secret Admirer (Masky x Hoodie) by StrangeCodes
Secret Admirer (Masky x Hoodie)by Strange Codes
The covert art above is mine. I drew that :3 Kate The Chaser has hurt Masky, and now Hoodie has been replaced with an imposter. Masky tries to find his best friend, beca...
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Love Is A Killer (Masky X Hoodie) by rosafuckingbella
Love Is A Killer (Masky X Hoodie)by ♡
Everyone was in a war. Slender vs Zalgo. But there were two battling there own wars. Masky and Hoodie. Hoodie is trying to confess something, While Masky won't tell anyo...
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New Comer (A Masky X Hoodie Story) by Alec_in_Wonderland
New Comer (A Masky X Hoodie Story)by Alec_in_Wonderland
Hoodie is a new proxy in the Slender's mansion. Everyone abuses Hoodie except Ticci Toby and Masky. Masky is dating Jane and Jeff is his best friend. Hoodie has feelings...
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Masky x Hoodie by MacksedOut
Masky x Hoodieby M
Masky x Hoodie story here! (Of course this is boy x boy, so don't read if you don't like that kind of thing) There is Jeff x EJ (Eyeless Jack) in here, but don't ask w...
You're the only one {Masky x Hoodie} by Amber_the_killer_fox
You're the only one {Masky x Amberthekillerfox
Masky and Hoodie are two really good friends but Masky has a crush on Hoodie and Hoodie doesn't know. Hoodie also has a crush on Masky but what happens when Masky confes...
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Masky x Hoodie ~Behind the Masks~ by MentalCrazyLady
Masky x Hoodie ~Behind the Masks~by Jane The Killer
A cute Masky x Hoodie Fanfic! (Characters and art is not mine! Both belong to the rightful owners, picture I got off Google but was posted by someone on Deviantart origi...
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The path of a Proxy by Wicked_Darkness
The path of a Proxyby Wicked_Darkness
*Cover art belongs to me* Being a Proxy isn't a choice, it's forced. You may think it would be a dream come true, to eat all the cheesecake and waffles you could ever im...
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Only Time Can Tell- Creepypasta  Yandere Masky X Reader X  Yandere Hoodie by RAZzBERLIOAN
Only Time Can Tell- Creepypasta VIVIII.RAZZBERLIOAN
Clumsy you, You bump into the wrong people at the grocery store. It just so happens to be Slenderman's fabled proxies. Sparks fly and they go ignored for a while but the...
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Creepypasta Oneshots by StrangeCodes
Creepypasta Oneshotsby Strange Codes
yEET. Most of these, if not all, are gay. I do not do x readers, other than that requests are open. (NONE OF YOU UNDERSTAND HOW LONG IT TOOK FOR ME TO FIND A COVER. I CO...
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Cigarettes and Butterflies by darknessangel99
Cigarettes and Butterfliesby Aries Starlight
"Hey, Tim, can I ask you something?" My lips twitch into a concerned frown at the quiet voice he speaks in. "Yeah, sure." "Do you think we cou...
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Masky x Hoodie (Nonstoping Love) by Creepypastafan500
Masky x Hoodie (Nonstoping Love)by Lafayette
Masky knows hoodie likes him how will this go then they starting to finding out also they are not the only "gay" couple.
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Masky x Hoodie  ~TO BE CONTINUED~ by Leo_The_Idiot
Masky x Hoodie ~TO BE CONTINUED~by Leo_Dumb_Shits
Perspective of both Masky and Hoodie
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The Mask-A CreepyPasta FanFiction by TheFanfixWriter
The Mask-A CreepyPasta FanFictionby Julia
A CreepyPasta FanFiction Masky X Hoody This is my favorite CreepyPasta pairing, I ship it like Fed-Ex! Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Based o...
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Dear Timothy - (Masky x Hoodie) *DISCONTINUED* by lizzisdunwithu
Dear Timothy - (Masky x Hoodie) * lizzisdunwithu
I want you to wake up. (inspired by "Dear Josh")
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masky x hoodie by iamarandomZALGO
masky x hoodieby iamarandomZALGO
this is another fanfic I hope you like it
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First Kiss by 19mstone
First Kissby @SugarRushGirl
This the story about my ships first kiss, but it won't get sexual it will just be a PG story.
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Our daughter by JessicaDark2
Our daughterby Jessica Dark 2
This is Creepypasta It represents past and future so don't be confused when you see them. Italic is writing, Underline is past, and Bold is Slenderman-Zalgo-Demons. Und...
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I fell in love with my best friend - Masky x Hoodie |Book 1 COMPLETED| by SU1C1D4L
I fell in love with my best EJ/Sero
From being friends since childhood may change your love life. What will happen if two best friends fall for each other? Will it work out?
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