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Frans one-shots by kawaii_trash180
Frans one-shotsby Bella Estrada
what the title says...🙃hope y'all like it
"Dude Looks Like a Lady" by Nonbeliever
"Dude Looks Like a Lady"by Nonbeliever
"When your bandmates find out you're borderline transvestite, they'll freak." Sometimes the best way to find out where your childhood sweetheart has gone is to...
Miraculous One Shots by TheFandomQueen06
Miraculous One Shotsby The_Fandom_Queen
Read the Title Btw if you are a hater for , Julrose, Marcanial, any other ships of that manner then do not tap 'read'. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I don...
Feral World by angelos666
Feral Worldby M.W Fahriawan
"This is Zootropolis, a place where anyone can be anything!" That phrase captivate the naive Judy Hopps. But the fact is, in the real world not everyone gets a...
SONGS I LISTEN TOO~ by Amicus_Wolf
SONGS I LISTEN TOO~by Amicus The Wolf
just some songs i listen too :3
That Risen Snow: A Scary Tale of Snow White and Zombies (Wattys 2014 Award Winner) by RobBoley
That Risen Snow: A Scary Tale of RobBoley
Book One of the Scary Tales The zombie sequel to Snow White begins where the classic fairy tale ends, with the Prince’s kiss waking Snow from her cursed slumber. Snow wa...
Try Something new by GayB0i12
Try Something newby Google_was_my_idea
This is just a place to look at new types of music you never knew you might like It's also for me to look at different types of songs/genres if you have any song suggest...
Anime One Shots by ArealAurealis
Anime One Shotsby - ̗̀Aroa ̖́-
One shots for Soul Eater, Erased, Death Note and pretty much anything else; I'm taking requests so feel free to comment on the book or private message me. Don't forget...
Covers | [2] CLOSED by DarellyLucero
Covers | [2] CLOSEDby LUC(IFER)ERO
This is my second book of covers, the information about the form and rules are on the first chapter. So go ahead and request if you are interested. I do make mashups to...
Ariya os: " The Crazy Mashup! " by Ariya182
Ariya os: " The Crazy Mashup! "by Ariya_Kazi
A sweet & Simple Ariya Story with some latest_old romantic & sad musics... A love life story journey with musics...........
la vie est belle ♡ daniel seavey by danielllcv
la vie est belle ♡ daniel seaveyby ♡♡
she was a rainbow, but he was colorblind
Amazing Remixes/Mash Ups by UsernameEnvy28
Amazing Remixes/Mash Upsby Døl
Just a book containing the most AMAZING remixes and mash ups ever. they are not mine I just found them on YouTube and wanted to share them with you.
Crimson Moon by DaemonHunter97
Crimson Moonby DaemonHunter97
As Rose the werewolf hunter heads north to complete a job for a secret client, Ella dreams of meeting the prince, and they soon find themselves in a convoluted plot that...
The Universe Collapses by CrazyBirdMan59
The Universe Collapsesby CrazyBirdMan59
So, this is my idea of a giant-ass mash-up of everything I can possibly think of - and more. From the distant oceans of Pirates of the Caribbean to the far reaches of sp...
FANDOMONIUM: Edits, Reviews, Theories, Tags, and More! by NebulousFishGills
FANDOMONIUM: Edits, Reviews, NebulousFishGills
Literally just a cluster-fuck of my different fandoms, be it edits, theories, me getting tagged, among other things Tbh, it's pretty accurate to how my brain looks on a...
The New by TheImanginenative
The Newby Fandoms are epic
This story is a new feel with my favorites pjo/hoo , Disney , and more with astonishing adventures and devous stunts ( sorry for any spelling mistakes)
The Planet "Fandom" by mukman5
The Planet "Fandom"by mukman5
[WIP] [DISCLAIMER] I do not own any of the named weapons, planets, ships, or ideas, the rights to each of these belong to their respective owners such as Disney and BBC...
MUSIC LYRICS by tripper_14
MUSIC LYRICSby Aurora Daco Nasol
originals ,mashups, sing offs lyrics . allowed po ang song request's if wanted :) pls. support <3 all of the lyrics are copy paste
The Lie by kayla24680
The Lieby kayla
#iTunesBestof2014 Look I may not be the best writer out there, but this is my own Mashup for the Fanfic Mashup Contest. If you like it please vote. I have worked very ha...