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Sweet & Sour [Masayuki Hori x Reader] by Avearia
Sweet & Sour [Masayuki Hori x Avearia
The tale of you and your beloved senpai falling in love with each other. [Masayuki Hori x Reader] A Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Fanfiction.
6 Steps to Love [Hori x Kashima] by kisekiyukira
6 Steps to Love [Hori x Kashima]by hxrxkx
[Hori x Kashima] Kashima finally realized her love towards Hori-senpai. But being the airhead Prince she is, she didn't have any idea to confess to him. So what did she...
Racional - A Horikashi Fanfic by hikaru_97
Racional - A Horikashi Fanficby Icarus
A one chapter story about the day Masayuki Hori realised he might have feelings for the Prince
Birdcage by postscriptress
Birdcageby Patricia Selina
On one hand, the nobleman's daughter looking for the brother she never knew she had. On the other, the samurai family's son fallen from grace, resigned to a life looking...
Victoria G Interviews Masayuki Funatsu by HelloVictoriaG
Victoria G Interviews Masayuki Victoria G
On January 16, 2021 I sent interview questions to the incredibly talented graphic artist for the band Chicago, Masayuki Funatsu, then on January 19, 2021 he took some ti...
Author x Shindou Takuto x Kariya Masaki x Tsurugi Kyousuke by Ch3Sh9
Author x Shindou Takuto x Kariya Ch3Sh9
Well guys this is me chichi and I am going to do a Character x reader story but.... It has a twist....instead of reader, it's author which is me! But I changed my name i...
Inevitability Index by postscriptress
Inevitability Indexby Patricia Selina
Believe it or not, it’s really a coincidence. Well, at least that’s what Masayuki tells himself. Never mind that he actually takes the train that comes a little over thi...
The Sweet Revenge of the Supreme Being by Mischief_Grimoire
The Sweet Revenge of the Supreme Mischief
~Requested by DonDavidvincent~Sama~ What if it wasn't just Yuuki aiming to destroy the world? What if there were darker, stronger forces at play? What if at the end of...
Rimuru's Journey to the Past {translated to English} by Tensura6
Rimuru's Journey to the Past { Rimuru tempest
The short time passed when the Tenma War ended with the victory of the demon king faction. Today, as every year, Rimuru will spare Walpurgis to discuss the problems the...