My life is a wreck (pewdiepie fan fic) by Cj_H96
My life is a wreck (pewdiepie CakeByTheOcean69
Everything is getting worse and worse until I meet the one person who always made me laugh and I didn't even realize that we were next door to each other oh and my name...
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Story of a Youtuber by Penguin5S0S
Story of a Youtuberby Queen of Procrastination
Alice Wondershire is a youtuber. She is invited to Playlist Live with her friend Madison. She and Madison love youtubers. When they meet their favorite youtubers will th...
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Outfits by 85fish
<3 Hey marzipans just some clothing ideas you mite want an idea <3
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Adopted by Pewdiepie & Marzia: Jasmine's Story by _nessiee
Adopted by Pewdiepie & Marzia: floral queen.
After discovering Marzia cannot conceive children, Felix and Marzia decide to adopt. They change 13 year old Jasmine's life forever. She puts the past behind her and enj...
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Mama Marzia & Papa Pewds by misslivbunny
Mama Marzia & Papa Pewdsby Olivia
Little Aileen had been orphaned since she was 7 years old, she had been turned down by everyone who came to the orphanage, until her many years of sadness disappear in a...
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Those 4 words by Booluvshamsters
Those 4 wordsby Booluvshamsters
Felix has been nervous about this for weeks but when he build up enough courage to get down on one knee and ask those four words to marzia. What will she say?
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