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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 by spidermanxblackcat
Marvel's Spider-Man 2by spidermanxblackcat
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is my take on what will happen in the sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man . I plan to do multiple stories of decent length to continue my plot. This stor...
Marvel's Spider-Man 3 by spidermanxblackcat
Marvel's Spider-Man 3by spidermanxblackcat
Marvel's Spider-Man 3 picks up 3 months after my Marvel's Spider-Man 2 story. It will follow Peter and Felicia as they continue to reach new heights in their relationshi...
The Past (winterspider, Bucky x Peter)  by Bum_Blah
The Past (winterspider, Bucky x Fair
- I'm an assassin - yeah, okay, but put this back, you can hurt yourself - i guess you're right Or a fanfiction about James Bucky Barnes and Peter Parker AU superheroes ...
The Tragedy of Mary Jane Stark by KathrynAnneParker
The Tragedy of Mary Jane Starkby KathrynAnneParker
"I just feel like the burden of his last name will never leave me, ya know? As if I'm destined to be just like dad and Howard. Branded by their name and blood"...
Call me by my name by area51pizza
Call me by my nameby 𝑀𝒶𝓇𝓉𝒽𝒶 𝒢𝓇𝒶𝒸𝑒
I started reading this ship last night and I'm already obsessed, sooooooo I'm writing a book for them. We need more of this ship! Please enjoy!
|Spider-Man| City On Fire by Flaconian
|Spider-Man| City On Fireby 002
As Spider-Man, you're supposed to protect the streets of New York City. That's what you've grown accustomed to in the six years you've spent as the wall crawler. Though...
Why Did You Chose Me? II Parksborn by itsnotklaus
Why Did You Chose Me? II Parksbornby Klaus☆Pres☆Seven
Parksborn. When two completely different people, one a popular, attractive, suave ladies-man and the other a cute, quiet science nerd, are forced into a situation were t...
Ghost in the Wind (male child reader X mother Gwen Stacy) by CRProductions
Ghost in the Wind (male child CRProductions
The possibility of running into your doppelganger is always present in a vast multiverse. However, what do you do when you're responsible for the death of your counterp...
55 Backpacks  by Maren-Emilie
55 Backpacks by Maren-Emilie
One shots because I have no self controll and I love this game and its characters to bits. Except Taskmaster, Scorpio and Rhino. They can go fuck themselves, tbh. • Pe...
Pretty, Petty, Little MJ by SpiderGwen65
Pretty, Petty, Little MJby 🕸Gwen🕸
In every universe, MJ always seems to be the damsel in distress. But even if that's true, it doesn't mean she always needs saving. Can the MJs of different universe's ev...
MJ and the Sea of Monsters by MJ_Davies
MJ and the Sea of Monstersby MJ_Davies
-Book Two- 'There are many ways this could have happened,' MJ thought to herself. 'But this isn't one of my top ten.' Thalia's tree has been poisoned, and there is one w...
Peter Parker: Through the Multiverse by AnimeLife53
Peter Parker: Through the Robin
Peter Parker goes through a lot, but in the end he'll always have MJ. Or, a collection of stories about the many Peter Parkers of the Multiverse. Some chapters have spoi...
The Ultimate Spider-Man by ChristopherCrusader
The Ultimate Spider-Manby Xeno Crusader
A boy who inspires to be like his heroes is then given the opportunity by something that could only be described as impossible, well almost impossible. Turing him into a...
The Moy Boys | Original Story | On-Going by kookiesvibrator
The Moy Boys | Original Story | des
Your name is Maya Rose and had to move to Ocala Florida when you arrive you meet someone who looks familiar
A Very Spidey Christmas by SpiderGwen65
A Very Spidey Christmasby 🕸Gwen🕸
A chaotic Christmas for the Parker family. Spider-Man Comics - Peter's not-so-ordinary holiday season
Inadvertently in Love by miss_oline
Inadvertently in Loveby Caroline
Blake was a young cowboy with a wonderful little daughter. He had a gift with horse. One day, he found a girl while he was riding with his daughter. She was beaten up so...
Spider-Man: The Origins Part 2 by Spider-Man_tasm
Spider-Man: The Origins Part 2by Spider-Man_tasm
Shortly after getting powers from a spider, Luke uses his powers in New York to bring an end to a new scaly threat
My name is Fay by emma_elysian
My name is Fayby Emma
In Victorian London, there is a small area next to the Square Mile City of London that goes by the name of Whitechapel. It is a place full of dire poverty, alcoholism an...