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I Need to Tell You Something... by DisneyWorldInfoQueen
I Need to Tell You Peggy - The DWIQ
A Bucky Barnes x Reader Story *Winner of a 2016 Superhero Fanfiction Award* Cover made by @SassyBatz Your husband is James Buchanan Barnes, the most dashing man in Broo...
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Avengers, Loki, and Bucky Preferences/Short Imagines [Wattys2017] by colsonbakers
Avengers, Loki, and Bucky # 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐀𝐋𝐋 𝐌𝐎𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑
A collection of Preferences and Short Imagines about Earth's Mightiest Heroes, The Avengers. And let's not forget our favorite villain, Loki Laufeyson. (I think I spelle...
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the monster within → b . banner by colsonbakers
the monster within → b . bannerby # 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐀𝐋𝐋 𝐌𝐎𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑
I used to be a sweet little girl, with a loving father. My mother abandoned me a month after I was born, so my father says. But, I'm no ordinary girl now. I have special...
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A Twist of Fate (Book 2 of the Fate Series) An Avengers/Loki FanFiction by katethewriter81
A Twist of Fate (Book 2 of the katethewriter81
*Book 2 of the Fate Series* It has been thirty-four years since Loki fell in love with a mortal woman. Since the tragic end of their relationship, his life has been one...
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A Change of Fate (Book 1 in the Fate series) Loki Fanfiction Pre-Thor by katethewriter81
A Change of Fate (Book 1 in the katethewriter81
*Now a Wattpad Featured story* 1970's-New York City. A young Asgardian prince manages a bustling nightclub in Chelsea. Most of the time he enjoys watching from his lofty...
  • 1970s
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I Wish I Could Tell You Something... by DisneyWorldInfoQueen
I Wish I Could Tell You Peggy - The DWIQ
The final book in the ''I Need to Talk to You...'' Bucky Barnes x Reader trilogy. *Winner of a 2016 Superhero Fanfiction Award* Cover made by @SassyBatz
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UNORDINARY (Avengers Fanfic)  by vaneunlee
UNORDINARY (Avengers Fanfic) by Van 💫
Just an ordinary girl living a normal life but her all she knows is about to change when she finds a portal and meets her heroes. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MARVEL CHARACT...
  • avengers
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Wanted Man (Loki Fanfiction - Book #1) by McKenna_Carlin
Wanted Man (Loki Fanfiction - McKenna_Carlin
A price on his head, Loki of Asgard finds himself stranded on Earth and in need of one woman's help in order to free himself from the bounty and try to reclaim what he s...
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✪ American Noise ✪ [Captain America] by amep057
✪ American Noise ✪ [Captain a.m.e.p
*** Wattpad Featured Story: March 28, 2016 *** Liz Dolan has put her life on hold for many reasons. Good ones, too (or so she keeps telling herself). Steve Rogers is try...
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2| Platinum [Pietro M.] ✔ [Unrevised] by RoyallySarcastic
2| Platinum [Pietro M.] ✔ [ 98% Sarcasm
[UNREVISED; MAY NOT MAKE SENSE WITH REWRITING OF BOOK 1] It's been almost a month and a half since the destruction of Ultron and the city of Sokovia. No one has heard or...
  • vision
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Extraordinaries • {Peter Parker} by katt_lover13
Extraordinaries • {Peter Parker}by Katharine
"yeah, because running around in tights and acting like a circus animal is the best way to discourage crime" Peter Parker isn't the only teen to have superpowe...
  • ironman
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❝I WANT YOU CLOSE TO ME, BUT NOT SO CLOSE THAT YOU GET HURT.❞ whether you prefer agent romanoff with steve, clint, or bruce, you can find one-shots for all three otps h...
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My Dear Enemy (Bucky Barnes fanfic) by marveluniversal
My Dear Enemy (Bucky Barnes fanfic)by Marvel Fanfics
"I'll never smile again until I smile at you..." Bucky Barnes/ The Winter Soldier is obviously our most beloved badass. We all know he fell off of a train and...
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Out of this World (Avengers Fanfic) by vaneunlee
Out of this World (Avengers Fanfic)by Van 💫
Sequel to Unodinary. After Hydra kidnaps Vanessa, it is their mission to investigate more about what happened and what Hydra plans to do next before it is too late. But...
  • avengers
  • adventure
  • fantasy
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Till the End of the Line (Bucky x Reader) [✏] by Eliraraa
Till the End of the Line (Bucky Eliora K
Book 1 of "The Line" Series You are agent 257 working for S.H.I.E.L.D. in duty of assisting and watching over the Avengers. Your life is pretty great. You live...
  • wintersoldier
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Raptor by Cerberous10
Raptorby J̷͙͓̝͉̺̫̯̘̇̌͑͂̑ǎ̢͚̦̩̤̆̓͂͂̇̑ͅ...
(Avengers Age of Ultron Fanfic) Raptor isn't your typical girl. She wasn't born, she was created in a lab by a group who called themselves HYDRA. For what exactly? Why...
  • raptor
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A Call to Action (Avengers Fan Fiction #1)  | REWRITING by TAngel96
A Call to Action (Avengers Fan Tara ❤
Everything changes in the blink of an eye. One minute I'm having the time of my life with a new family, and the next, I am six feet deep hollow of emotion with a huge am...
  • marvelcommunity
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  • natasharomanov
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Stark 'Dopted by Waitingforthedoctor
Stark 'Doptedby Mika
My name is Lilly Stark and this is the Story of how Tony Stark came to be my Dad. Lilliana never knew who her birth parents were, She was to young to remember when they...
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Spidey & Speedy - Central City Rush by RickyPine
Spidey & Speedy - Central City Rushby Ricky Pine
Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy really couldn't have picked a worse day to come to Central City for a tour of their prestigious university. Because today is the day when a b...
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This Time Around (Sequel to All Over Again) by McKenna_Carlin
This Time Around (Sequel to All McKenna_Carlin
Since marrying Loki, the God of Mischief, McKenna Carlin Laufeyson has long since become accustomed to her new life as wife, mother, and princess of Asgard. But now, sin...
  • avengers
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