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Tyrus - the Sequel by crackheaddraco
Tyrus - the Sequelby 𝙘𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙠𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙙
This is a continuing story based off of the show Andi Mack, which recently ended. Tj and Cyrus got together in the finale and they are perfect for each other. This is...
You and Me and Us | Muffy by DonTheRock
You and Me and Us | Muffyby 🔸EJ🔸
(Completed) "I'm sorry I ever let myself fall in love with you again!" A "rekindling of romance" between two torn-apart lovers who are now being brou...
Tyrus One Shots by DAhnaaaaaaisawesome
Tyrus One Shotsby D J M W
TJ Kippen: Tough on the outside but sweet on the inside Cyrus Goodman: Sweet on the outside and inside Tyrus: When in sync, two people simply bringing out the best in ea...
The GHC by Lilacs2022013
The GHCby Lilacs2022013
The Good Hair Crew is in their junior year of high school. Cyrus is in love with TJ and waiting for the day he'll notice him. His friends try to bring them together. Buf...
Dye | Tyrus/Ambi by DonTheRock
Dye | Tyrus/Ambiby 🔸EJ🔸
(Completed) The night before their first day at Grant High School, Cyrus, Andi, and Buffy make it a goal to all get boyfriends in high school. Pretty quickly, Cyrus cros...
Wyd? <3 {Ambi} by AnDiMaCk_crack
Wyd? <3 {Ambi}by Lj
"Maybe she likes you?" Amber and Jonah figure out their feelings while Jonah is sure how he feels Amber suppresses the truth about her sexuality. It goes fine...
You Were The Only One | Tyrus by _CCCM_
You Were The Only One | Tyrusby CCCM
A flash-forward to junior year for Andi, Cyrus, Buffy, and Jonah at Grant High School. All is well with the Good Hair Crew. Everyone is thriving. Until... Two people m...
Episode #313 Resolved by DonTheRock
Episode #313 Resolvedby 🔸EJ🔸
(Completed) An extension to episode #313, because this hiatus will make me go crazy if I don't get some kind of resolution. This includes 2 options on what the ending co...
Tyrus oneshots. by illogical_spock
Tyrus Sara Pazzi
Cyrus pushed him a little bit away, just enough to take him by the collar of the dark hoodie and take the initiative for the kiss. They both closed their eyes, tasting e...
The Kippens | Tyrus by DonTheRock
The Kippens | Tyrusby 🔸EJ🔸
(Completed) "TJ," I say, "I love you." "I know," he says with a smile. "You married me." He lets the words float for a second bef...
the prom <3 {a mini andi mack fanfic} - by: cyrus_.kipmuffin  by cyrus_kipmuffin
the prom <3 {a mini andi mack ana [CLOSED]
the good hair crew, and their significant others are at prom, but it isn't really going exactly how someone planned main ships: tyrus, muffy, ambi, wonah started - augu...
Forever my Love {COMPLETED} by Tyrusship2point0
Forever my Love {COMPLETED}by Tyrusship2.0
The Good Hair crew was broken up 4 years ago. Cyrus and Tj confessed their feelings not long after and have now been dating for the past 3 years. Now everyone is back to...
Andi Mack: Continued by Prime45
Andi Mack: Continuedby Back to Basics of Writing Fan...
Season 4 and beyond, Found this in my drafts, ignored it for 3 years releasing it. Ambi, Tyrus, Muffy, Bexie, IrisxKaitlin or Irisxlibby, MAYBE BuffyxKaitlin later on Mi...
Always Been You [wonah] by AnDiMaCk_crack
Always Been You [wonah]by Lj
"You've got stars in your eyes let's paint the sky" As all of Jonah's friends seem to be in relationships he begins to feel like the third wheel of the group...
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our moments - andi mack one-shots by myfandomheart
our moments - andi mack one-shotsby Annie
one-shots for all of your favorite andi mack characters, friendships, and ships. enjoy! you can message me with prompts for the ship if you'd like.
Secret Admirer // MUFFY by angelictyrus-
Secret Admirer // MUFFYby marty's party
Complete I guess? Marty always gets notes in his locker from a secret admirer. He always smiles while reading them because they're so sweet. He really wants to know who...
Tomorrow Stars Today | Andi Mack by disneyobsessedbitch_
Tomorrow Stars Today | Andi Mackby disney girl 👑 💞
Liv Driscoll goes through the ups and downs of middle school alongside her twin sister Buffy, and their best friends, Andi and Cyrus. Lots of changes await them, especia...
troublemakers ~ Andi Mack by myfandomheart
troublemakers ~ Andi Mackby Annie
A day spent in detention turns to a group full of unlikely friendships and romances. AU: based on Disney Channel's Andi Mack
fairy lights (ambi au) by sleepysunflowergirl
fairy lights (ambi au)by amber kippen
the extended good hair crew goes camping! ambi focused fic with (a lot of) background tyrus, muffy, wonah and irby. all lowercase is intentional! ps this will be very...
Tyrus Oneshots by GuavaGuava
Tyrus Oneshotsby gen is here✨
*REQUESTS OPEN* Enjoy a bunch of short stories that might make you laugh, cry, or smile. Or be completely pissed off. ⚠️I don't own Andi Mack or any of the characters⚠️