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♡ SSBU One-Shots ♡ by XxWellHereIAmxX
♡ SSBU One-Shots ♡by ꧁ ❤︎ ꧂
~Enjoy!~ • Y/n will be a girl • No Lemons, Smut, etc. but there may be suggestive themes • No boy x boy or girl x girl • Only 'x Reader' stories • CRINGE AHEAD :D Reques...
𝕳𝖊𝖗 𝕶𝖓𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙 {Meta Knight x Lucina} by Metacina24
𝕳𝖊𝖗 𝕶𝖓𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙 {Meta Knight Metacina24
{A love story between Meta Knight and Lucina and it's taking place in the Smash Bros Ultimate Universe} After a incident where Lucina almost died, both Chrom and Robin h...
(Read Desc!) Fire Emblem One Shots by ChildePlsRailMe
(Read Desc!) Fire Emblem One Shotsby Childe is a cutie
I'm not gonna be updating this book for a while, (as I'm doing more Genshin things than Fire Emblem ;v;) but I definitely will update it again one day.
Riptide (Zelink|Modern AU) by Sunshinehappygirl81
Riptide (Zelink|Modern AU)by Sunshinehappygirl81
Link is a ranch hand from Ordon who yearns for a life of adventure. With a suitcase and a guitar, Link moves to Castle Town. He had no idea he would spend his first nigh...
SSB/FE oneshots(#Wattys2016) by Jazboo5
SSB/FE oneshots(#Wattys2016)by Jazboo5
SSB4 and FE one-shots Finished: December 18, 2017
Fire Emblem Heroes: One-Shots and Other Things by PlatinumGlow
Fire Emblem Heroes: One-Shots Platinum
A collection of one-shots and short stories based off Fire Emblem Heroes. (Note: Kiran's gender is up to the reader)
Karma (super smash bros) by zeldaxlink12
Karma (super smash bros)by ❥ zelda
kar•ma: destiny or fate, following as effect from cause. When Zelda, one of the most popular girls in school, is cheated on by her boyfriend of 10 months, there's no wa...
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SSBU/Nintendo Characters x reader One shots/ Lemons/Fluff by hokageAkira240
SSBU/Nintendo Characters x Hokage.__.Akira.__.240
Don't be afraid to ask a request I needed to change the description so yea🤣 I can do lemons fluff, boyxboy, and girlxgirl. -their might be spicy themes~ ~there's cursin...
Tales Of Smash Mansion by xoxoHotMe
Tales Of Smash Mansionby dimitri’s hoe
Ever wonder what the Smashers do when they aren't fighting? Well let's find out! Link gets a motorcycle, Zelda's got a hot, mysterious date, Marth can't speak English, a...
Warriors // SSB AU Fanfic by em_peralta
Warriors // SSB AU Fanficby Hi
"Farewell, I've gone to take my throne above But don't weep for me 'Cause this will be The labor of my love Here we are, don't turn away now We are the warriors tha...
Fire emblem x Reader by Azumayah
Fire emblem x Readerby Azumayah
This are small one-shoots storys about Fire emblem characters. Fire emblem belongs to nintendo. I don't own the images only the stories. Some of my stories are edited b...
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High-School Problems (Smash Bros Fanfic) by DaisyDetergent
High-School Problems (Smash Bros DaisyDetergent
Welcome to high-school, where there are many lame but big problems. Daisy and the new girl, Rosalina, just don't get along. And things get worse when Rosalina gets popul...
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Book One by ilikepizza107
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Book ilikepizza107
The world has long moved on since the defeat of Master Hand and Crazy Hand. However, a new evil has risen.....Tabuu, a man made of energy. Since then, he has gathered al...
Ike x Marth {One-Shots} by MidnightShine781
Ike x Marth {One-Shots}by Marth x Ike? OTP.
These are just short or long, one page, one shots that I have thought of. Marth: Sub (Bottom) Ike: Dom (Top) {Unless I say it's different} [OOC, definitely] I'm not sur...
Bloodthirsty (Season 3) by TemTheBermuda
Bloodthirsty (Season 3)by TelomianWolf
(FANFICTION) Martial participated an event to at least be entertain himself instead of being bored all the time. On their way to the camp, he saw something bellow the sn...
Ssb X Reader Oneshots  by shadowcatt27
Ssb X Reader Oneshots by Shadow
I'm new to writing these kinds of stories so please no rude comments. So please request it would make me happy to see that people actually really my story.
Marthe Woertman Imagines by rainbowalison
Marthe Woertman Imaginesby rainbowalison
I'm not a good writer so sorry if it's bad😅. Some are quite short😬. I've written these mostly for myself but decide to share them anyways. I can't stop thinking about...
Game Fixer: Book II (A Zelink Fanfiction) by petitelavande
Game Fixer: Book II (A Zelink Petite
All seemed to be going well, until Zelda comes face to face with a more pressing issue: being forced to return to Hyrule to become queen. Because a queen cannot rule wi...
Smash bros 5! by have_you_ever
Smash bros 5!by Izaaa
Warning: includes mentions of self harm, suicidal thoughts, and swearing Basically what i think what would be Smash Bros.5.... As a story. Honestly this is one of my fi...
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Marth's Instagram by Danawolf3412
Marth's Instagramby Dana Beaudin
I saw Robin and Roy do this so I thought I would try it out