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The Dark Minded - TW/Avengers Crossover (Hiatus) by Kid4eva
The Dark Minded - TW/Avengers Kid4eva
Stiles Stilinski was 17 when he was possessed. He was 17 when he killed his best friend's girlfriend. He was 17 when he unlocked his newly found powers. He was 17 when h...
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LOST GIRLS (TEEN WOLF FANFIC) by PrincessArielofDark7
LOST GIRLS (TEEN WOLF FANFIC)by PrincessArielofDark7
Our names... well let's see, Malia Tate, Lydia Martin and Kira Roast this is the same thing as trouble! We all meet up for college and now we are unbreakble and really d...
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Caught! (Sciles Fanfic) Complete by MissySaysHi
Caught! (Sciles Fanfic) Completeby Killer Cupcakes
Stiles Stilinski is openly bisexual. He's been in love with his best friend, Scott McCall, since Allison left to France after sophomore year. Scott is really sad about A...
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Dark || Stalia/Marrish by QueenShelley
Dark || Stalia/Marrishby QueenShelley
{Stalia, Marrish, Scira fanfiction || Teen Wolf} This is a collaboration with an Italian writer, @lomillina01 The fanfiction is hers but I'm translating it so that more...
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Coyote's Bite by Lindseydiangelo27
Coyote's Biteby Lindsey Argent
Malia had never met Isaac. He had left Beacon Hills, too upset about Allison's death to stay in a place where he would be reminded of her every day. But when Chris Argen...
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Unlikely pair  by Dbell45
Unlikely pair by Dbell45
Stiles is a deputy when he meets Malia and the two help each other In so many ways
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Teen wolf one shots by FandomFanatic1010
Teen wolf one shotsby Morgan
{{{{ON HIATUS}}}} A bunch of teen wolf ships in one shot forms request are taken enjoy!
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dead mans arms,   scott mccall by yourscth
dead mans arms,   scott mccallby — 𝖈𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖓
❝Maybe it's built of stone Maybe it's dark as coal Used to be a heart, I'm told But a heart needs blood to love ❞ or Parrish's cousin moves to Beacon Hills #2 allisaac #...
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No Regrets: Marrish (Slowly Editing!) by cc_bitch16
No Regrets: Marrish (Slowly CC Gal
**** Happy Birthday Lydia Martin😉 **** "Lydia, I don't regret any of it." I turned away and started walking. "Me neither." **** Lydia is turning 18...
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Love at second sight//Thiam by mew__cat
Love at second sight//Thiamby Vici
After everything, Theo moved away for a year.Hayden stayed and kept dating Liam and everyone found love, broken or not. Theo came back and fixed his relationships with...
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The Banshee and her Hellhound (Marrish  Story) by ellcrys-is-dying
The Banshee and her Hellhound ( Watson
A story about when strong, independent Lydia Martin--who has had the biggest crush on Stiles Stilenski since forever--runs into dreamy, dependable Deputy Parrish who hid...
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The siren of poseidon (teen wolf fanfic) by becca_park
The siren of poseidon (teen wolf becca_park
I always felt attracted to the sea some how. It was like i had the urge to jump into the water and swim underwater as far as I could never coming up again , i felt like...
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Pack Oneshots (Teen Wolf) by GitanjaleeChatterjee
Pack Oneshots (Teen Wolf)by Gitanjalee Chatterjee
Where Derek is like a single father, Isaac is adorable, Erica is having the feels, Boyd is too observant, Jackson is a bitch,Stiles is well Stiles,Allison is cute,Lydia...
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Teen wolf: One Shots (Thiam)  by Maliacasey08
Teen wolf: One Shots (Thiam) by Maliacasey08
Just some, probably shitty, mostly thiam oneshots. Maybe some other ships But would only include: Malira, Morey, Stalia, Stora and Marrish - not all will be related to...
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FRIENDS → teen wolf au by laheythere
FRIENDS → teen wolf auby AMY
"welcome to the real world, it sucks!" |season one|
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The Deputy and The Banshee by OfficialKCJaleco
The Deputy and The Bansheeby KC
It's summertime in Beacon Hills and Lydia Martin finds herself interning at the police department. What she thinks will be a summer of solving meager cases and doing pap...
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The Red Crow [ Teen Wolf Fanfiction ] by GiuliasDoom
The Red Crow [ Teen Wolf Doomsday_
[Stalia || Marrish || Scira] - Future!fic - Dopo sei lunghi anni di pace, la fragile quiete di Beacon Hills viene nuovamente spezzata. Un nuovo nemico minaccerà di s...
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Lydia's birthday (Part 2) by fxckparrish
Lydia's birthday (Part 2)by fxckparrish
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Elements: Fire VS. Water (Teen Wolf AU)(2ND BOOK to the Elements Series) by alexabright6
Elements: Fire VS. Water (Teen alexabright
Gerard is dead but peace in the Moonlit and Blood-Moon pack is still disrupted. After Antonella Anderson came back from the dead as a True Alpha, her, Derek, and the ot...
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Malisaac (back to beacon hills x forbiddean love) by starbucksharman
Malisaac (back to beacon hills x starbucksharman
After Allison's death Chris Argent and Isaac Lahey ran away from Beacon Hills. Time has pasted and now they must go back and find the Coyote. There mission is to kill th...
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