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Keep My Heart- Prologue by bookwormprincess
Keep My Heart- Prologueby Morgan
When you've been hurt, it's difficult to learn to love again. When you've felt pain, it's not so easy to be joyful. When your heart has been broken, it feels impossible...
  • fight
  • suspicion
  • conflict
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The Craving - Marooned by RainerSalt
The Craving - Maroonedby RainerSalt
[Complete] After a plane crash, Megan is marooned with a group of survivors on an uninhabited island in the Pacific. They find a dead man's body, and the next day it's g...
  • adultfiction
  • grownupreads
  • mystery
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Marooned With A Billionaire  by ShilpiKhanna
Marooned With A Billionaire by Shilpi Khanna
"How can a Virgin claim she is a rape victim?" The opposition Lawyer's contempt filled voice still haunted her. Is the technical definition of rape 'Penis pene...
  • humor
  • love
  • firstlove
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Julia's baby, Bk 2 - Oh, Mama. by Corinder
Julia's baby, Bk 2 - Oh, Corinder
Julia, just months from becoming a full-werewolf, is now halfway through her pregnancy, has officially hooked up with the father of her babies ...sort of... and on the r...
  • two
  • seals
  • home
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Marooned ||A Literate Group Roleplay|| by CheshireCat3975
Marooned ||A Literate Group Idyllic
It all happened so fast. One moment we were comfortably seated in our seats, and the next, we were all panicking as the lights flickered and the engines cut. The plane s...
  • paranormal
  • stranded
  • plot
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Salticid [Scifi Short Story] by BlackDenimLit
Salticid [Scifi Short Story]by Black Denim Lit
Dr. Carson Deming has an embedded AI in his head to keep him company while marooned on Jesson VII with his daughter and surviving crew from a wrecked space freighter. T...
  • scifi
  • spider
  • marooned
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Truly Marooned by MirlyMe
Truly Maroonedby Emilia
Ella is a fearless girl who's future disappears when she and her shy friend, Celia, get trapped on a mysterious island. What makes things worse is they are left with the...
  • kiss
  • dream
  • return
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Be Careful What You Wish For by Avrettos
Be Careful What You Wish Forby Alex Vrettos
King Midas wished for gold. Many of us wish for paradise. Be careful what you wish for.
  • island
  • holiday
  • marooned
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Princess of the Moths by itsSoRhetoric
Princess of the Mothsby Sha
A modern retelling of “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding. Imagine if, instead of a group of British schoolboys, a bunch of girls were stranded on the island. One wou...
  • marooned
  • shortstory
  • golding
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Jargonot 13: Marooned  by AriaCheesman
Jargonot 13: Marooned by @AssassinAria42
(Enjoy!) (Book 13) Summary: Jargonot gets left behind on a desolate red planet, called Mars, until his team comes to get him back after a terrible accident and brings h...
  • alien
  • action
  • mystery
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Bluebottle by ostentatiousaligator
Bluebottleby ostentatiousaligator
Gina grew up the hard way, much too fast and much too soon. After moving with her father to Annapolis and spending 2 years getting used to her new life and even making...
  • island
  • marooned
  • teenfiction
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Marooned by Koala_Studios
Maroonedby Koala_Studios
  • missing
  • marooned
  • trees
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Worlds Apart by RennegadeHunter
Worlds Apartby Sylver
Heather survived a pirate attack on the interstellar transport she was one, survived through the escape pod's crash on an alien world, survived the hostilities of the gr...
  • romance
  • marooned
  • crash
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The Spirit of the Tillamook People by Bdratty
The Spirit of the Tillamook Peopleby Brian D. Ratty
  • 1800s
  • lady-washington
  • tillamook
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Only Lonely [Editing] by RoyalKei
Only Lonely [Editing]by Success Kendy
Too damaged to face the world,Hailey Adams put on a facade, a face which isn't hers. Call it a mask but she isn't in the least fazed as she won't change the way it is fo...
  • fighter
  • fun
  • relationship
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Grounded. by pjstringfellow
#16 Pj
Heloise Ford Is a typical teenager who wins a crossword competiton , Gaining herself a holiday on safari . The plane ride to Africa didnt go as planned and before she kn...
  • marooned
  • live
  • plane
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Pristine Waters✔️ by almostwonderful
Pristine Waters✔️by Lubaba Iqteder
[COMPLETED] Being a vulnerable girl, Naomi goes out surfing on the sunkissed cost of Hawaii and comes across some wild waves. She washes up on a strange beach and with...
  • waves
  • waterfall
  • beach
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Marooned by Ricken_Inventor
Maroonedby Ricken_Inventor
Welsh actress Dame Abigail is just 24, but when she finds herself on a sinking ship, even she can't pretend to be calm. She's pronounced dead, but thousands of miles awa...
  • marooned
  • stranded
  • abigail
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A Step Closer (Realization) by CalebPaul
A Step Closer (Realization)by Caleb
  • airplane
  • people
  • glance
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Poisoned Memories by Sarah_03_
Poisoned Memoriesby Sarah Tahir
She never expected him to leave her. They were so perfect together. But, he did. He made it clear that all those loving dinners, memorable breakfasts were just an act. H...
  • castedaside
  • true
  • left
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