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Hamilton ship opinions by Just_an_uwu
Hamilton ship opinionsby jEfFmAdS
Request any ships that you want! Temporal cover :>
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Hamilton pictures  by And_Fricking_Peggy
Hamilton pictures by Ellie
Cover not mine I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE PICTURES for entertainment purposes only
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Autumn (Marliza) by Spoopy_potato13
Autumn (Marliza)by Spoopy Potato
SoMe cLasSiC mArLizA So uh this my first story that I havent dleted. Hope it turns out well. (ANGST warning but only later in the story) Upload schedule? I usually uploa...
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Hamilton One-shots by itsYaGirlMJ00
Hamilton One-shotsby itsYaGirlMJ00
A bunch of oneshots about Hamilton. NO SMUT
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Hamilton Oneshots by hamiltonobsesser
Hamilton Oneshotsby iTs yA gIrL
Ayyeee it's ya girl. I should be writing my other stories but oh well. While i was writing the title I accidentally wrote Oneshits lol. Srry for the tmi or whatever
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Out Of The Blue  by And_Fricking_Peggy
Out Of The Blue by Ellie
Ellie and her friends are on their summer break before college, but at some twist of fate the founding fathers and some others somehow appear in her living room. What cr...
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Demons Guarded by Angels by itzmemilo
Demons Guarded by Angelsby 🌎eArTh 🌎
Every demon is guarded by an angel. Every angel is guarded by a demon. Laurens, Eliza, Jefferson and Lafayette, have gotten a specific person they'd have to look out for...
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tomorrow there'll be more of us  by jodiessparks
tomorrow there'll be more of us by linnamon
modern college au|| lams fanfiction Hamilton is the new kid at college supposedly a nobody but Laurens can't seem to get him out of his mind
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Hamilton Oneshots by hamiltonperson124
Hamilton Oneshotsby 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓶𝓮
I am not promising high quality. But, I'm trying. If you know me in real life, don't read this. Pls Request I'm lonely. Trigger warning? I might have some triggering s...
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Hamilton one shots  by Hamilton_Lover1776
Hamilton one shots by Hamilton_Lover1776
The title. Requests are fine just put fluff/angst prompt/ already together or no/ suggestive is okay just no smut/lemon. Hamilton belongs to Lin-Manuel Miranda not me. ...
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Electricity (Lams) by lilmisshamfam
Electricity (Lams)by Anita Asquith
Another modern Hamilton fanfic no one asked for. Alexander Hamilton has a dark past, living most of his life in awful conditions. Orphaned at only 12 years old. However...
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🐢🌹"College Crushes" - A Marliza & Lams Fluff🌹🐢 by ashsxtrash
🐢🌹"College Crushes" - A ash
Mariah is developing feelings for Eliza, then they go to the club and find out they both like eachother by being drunk (idk) and boink! On the other hand, John and Alex...
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Irregulars by Random_nerd4
Irregularsby Spookyboi
Kathrine Pulitzer is the daughter of the leader of the regulars, while she herself isn't one. So in the middle of the night, she runs away and gets picked up by the Irre...
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