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Mischief Managed by TinaX2
Mischief Managedby Tina Edwards
{𝗕𝗼𝗼𝗸 𝟮} This is where Jenna Potter's story began; from her adventurous journey to Hogwarts in her first four years, where she made three friends that she would cal...
you promised  ||  Young Sirius Black x Reader by butt_smasher_
you promised || Young Sirius siriusblackwife_
Sirius black thought he was never going to find love, he wanted to be a free spirit, but what he never would of thought it's that he will fall in love with his best frie...
Dumbledores daughter and the marauders by 7Justdealwithit7
Dumbledores daughter and the 7Justdealwithit7
Hi, my name is Alice Kate Dumbledore. Being the headmasters adopted daughter has it's perks and it's been great meeting everyone as they come and go, pranking people and...
Limerence | A James &  Lily Story by episkeyyy
Limerence | A James & Lily Storyby episkeyyy
I take her head in my hands, and do what I've been wanting to do for as long as I can remember- I press my lips to her. It's better than I could have ever dreamed it wou...
I Hate That I Love You~ Regulus Black by JazzyM646
I Hate That I Love You~ Regulus JazzyMcK
Being James younger sister had its perks. Except when it came to boys and he was to overprotective. But she loved him. Until she fell in love with boy named Regulus Blac...
Divergent High by annapars247
Divergent Highby 𖡎
//COMPLETED //Divergent Fanfic AU //Tris Prior's father just got a job transfer from Portland, Oregon, to the big city of Chicago, Illinois, and for her, the pros and co...
You wish Potter : A Jily Fanfiction by prongsdidit
You wish Potter : A Jily Fanfictionby prongsdidit
James Potter and Lily Evans are about to start their sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. These two Gryffindors have never exactly seen eye to eye...
Tobias's sister by blover99
Tobias's sisterby Megan
Rosemary Eaton thought that the hardest challenge she would ever have to face was living with her abusive father, Marcus Eaton. She thought that she could transfer to Da...
What if James and Lily lived? by MrsAllAustralianxoxo
What if James and Lily lived?by MrsAllAustralianxoxo
What if they knew Voldemort was coming? What if they had time to get out of the house? What would it have been like for Harry growing up with love instead of hatred, how...
Flower Child by Fanworrior
Flower Childby Fanwarrior
Morgana Snow is from Amity, the kind faction, but everyone knows that she doesn't belong there. She doesn't know where she belongs though. When her aptitude test goes wr...
Holding On||Peter Hayes (Divergent) by Scxrpix
Holding On||Peter Hayes (Divergent)by Scxrpix
"When will it end?" I say in a small, weak voice. "All this... dying, murder, feud... I'm sick of it." "Me too," he agrees. "We just...
Caretaker of Madagascar by DrMMTiplier666
Caretaker of Madagascarby Insert-Meaningful-Username
Some believe misfortune can bring people together. Others believe that destiny has the power to interconnect lives, whether those lives wanted to or not. Call it a coin...
My Five Husbands by Demz5luv
My Five Husbandsby Demz5luv
I woke up in Vegas with amnesia. I had absolutely no idea what I had done last night but I was pretty sure I had had a blast with my five hot new friends! I'm also pret...
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Divergent High: College Life by annapars247
Divergent High: College Lifeby 𖡎
➽Sequel to Divergent High. I suggest that you read the first one before you read this. ➽It's been two years since the ending of Divergent High. Everyone is in college no...
Little Lies ▹ Sirius Black ✔️ (undergoing editing as of 28/06/20) by O-Obliviate-
Little Lies ▹ Sirius Black ✔️ ( O-Obliviate-
** this book it's going under major editing so be wary if you read it; there's major plot holes and things not described very well.** No matter how much I edit this book...
The two of us by BigotSandwich
The two of usby YellowCups
Ellie and Dina's relationship Also released on AO3
Of All The Stars: Sirius Black by erob_s
Of All The Stars: Sirius Blackby erob_s
"Out of all the stars, all the constellations, out of everything.. you chose me?" A Sirius Black Fan Fiction- Set before Through Her Eyes, may contain spoilers...
epiphany by UnusAnnusStan
epiphanyby gray
"just a flesh wound, here's your rifle crawling up the beaches now 'sir, I think he's bleeding out'" ★★★★★ joel miller knows he has nothing. outbreak day comes...
Penguins of Madagascar x Reader (GUESS WHOS BACK and read the description) by mysticislandhw
Penguins of Madagascar x Reader ( Cupcakesalty_HVW
Before you even think of clicking, if you are not a fan of this show. Don't read it. It saves you the embarrassment. It's kinda walking onto a stage and complaining abou...