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Fnaf silver eyes: The story has just begun by Temmieproductions
Fnaf silver eyes: The story has Temmieproductions
This takes place after silver eyes and Charlie , John, Marla, Clarton, Jessica and Jason stayed in Hurricane. And everything starts to change as something from the past...
hbc imagine by HornyW1tch
hbc imagineby horny af
well Im just writing hbc imagine here so yuh dont mind me
Me and You❤ - Gabelena Story by Alexandraeyes
Me and You❤ - Gabelena Storyby Alexandraeyes
Elena Castillo Flores, the princess of Avalor, and Gabe Nuñez, the captain of the royal guards. They are best friends but Gabe hides something... For him she isn't only...
My comfort//Helena Bonham Carter characters and Y/n one shots by simpingforbellatrix
My comfort//Helena Bonham Carter Random mess :)
Comforting one shots including Helena characters, and perhaps even a few of Helena herself. If you'd like a part two to one of the one shots, just comment and I'll try m...
Marla J  by jungjoonyoung5555
Marla J by NotJJY
From "Caller ID" with love for my beloved husband. Thank you for your understanding of all this ForthBeam things.... (even if you cringed or nearly puked) Pair...
Reparto A través de la ventana by malignaconswag
Reparto A través de la ventanaby MALI
Aquí podrás ver cómo son los personajes del libro: A través de la ventana, escrito por @malignaconswag. También podrás hacerles preguntas y ellos te contestarán. ¡Espero...
Short Stories by MelissaWaters17
Short Storiesby Minea Tabor
Short stories happening before, during and after the series. Dragonwatch might be included in later stories. Story requests recomended!
Helena Bonham Carter's Characters As Songs ♡ by hbclovebot
Helena Bonham Carter's the big tourist
hello simps, so this is pretty much what the title says. i will be doing all helena's characters (you can also request some if i havent already made them). i am basicall...
Five Nights at Freddy's The Silver Eyes oneshots by FuntimeOverhaul
Five Nights at Freddy's The FuntimeNoHands
Oneshots of The Silver Eyes characters. I do have gay ships as always... one of them though might seem... wrong... you will see it eventually. Also my favorite is Carlto...
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The Stars Align by geejay0202
The Stars Alignby geejay0202
Lacey despite dealing with trauma and pain is a kind girl. Liam is arrogant, lonely and unsure. When the two meet in an unexpected situation shit happens. Liam has been...
Fnaf books info by debunkingnightmare
Fnaf books infoby Elizabeth
Well i'm tired of people making stuff up and saying its in the books to trick those who haven't read them. So this book exists to debunk and say what actually happened...
A New Neko In Town Book 1: New Home, New Friends by Kylafox1212
A New Neko In Town Book 1: New Kyla
Kayla is a normal highschool gal.... well normal for a neko. She has blue eyes and tail and ears. All the boys want to be her boyfriend, but then she sees a sad looking...
Author to Builder by Short_Sad_Stories
Author to Builderby _Short_Stories_
Post Fourth Closet. John's untimely end that makes all of the books more tragic. I MADE THIS UP, JUST TO MAKE THE BOOKS MORE TRAGIC! Enjoy 😊!
Finding Alice by slothingnialler
Finding Aliceby Bonjour
It was on a cold December evening when Zayn Malik found the lost copy of "Alice and Wonderland." Who knew one simple book could change him so much?
The Marla Show by DestinyHogue
The Marla Showby Destiny Hogue
It's a story of Marla Brown (Marla Medders) and her brothers Keith, Russ, Randy and Dwight. Her mother passed away of cancer and her father fell in love again with a wai...
Pieseň ohňa by DragonTwinsVN
Pieseň ohňaby Vanesa.Natália
Vládkyni Erdellskej ríše Marle sa narodí dieťa.Nie však obyčajné.Toto dieťa je potomkom draka,Marlinho manžela ktorý padol v stratenej vojne s grifmy.Ale v ten istý deň...
Life as a Dog: Roxxi by ChristyAKAspiderman
Life as a Dog: Roxxiby Christy
Roxxi is a small dog who has many friends. Make sure to check out TessaAkaBatman and her version!