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DARE | marksana by ohmygottwice
DARE | marksanaby ชัยชนะ
[COMPLETED] in which sana is dared not to fall for her enemy, mark tuan.
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Precious Love: MarkSana by huixuchn
Precious Love: MarkSanaby tsaixiao
[COMPLETED] Like a fool, Mark has been hiding his feelings for years. When he finally confesses, it seemed like destiny is against him. He then, hardly, started forci...
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The sister | Sana and Mark by clarabaek
The sister | Sana and Markby clarabaek
What will Mark do when he starts having sex dreams about his best friend's sister.
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Accidental Meeting ( A GOT7 Bambam & Twice Tzuyu Fanfiction ) by erde22
Accidental Meeting ( A GOT7 {Air}
"You want me too put a shirt on but then you seem to enjoy seeing me shirtless Tzuyu-a" Bambam said chuckling. I blushed even redder than a while ago. "Y...
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secretly married ✧ jinyeon by -ctrlxuxi
secretly married ✧ jinyeonby ⅈᥴꫀᦔ ᥴ𝕣ꫀꪖꪑꫀᦔ
[ WATTYS 2019 ] ༄ this is where Im Nayeon and Park Jinyoung is secretly married with each other, without their fans, manager, and members knowing. what will happen, whe...
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HER SEENPAI | marksana by ohmygottwice
HER SEENPAI | marksanaby ชัยชนะ
[COMPLETED] in which sana starts texting mark, but he never texts back.
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OH, MY GOTTWICE | one-shots by ohmygottwice
OH, MY GOTTWICE | one-shotsby ชัยชนะ
[ON-GOING] in which tori makes your gottwice imagines come to life.
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The Epitome of Beauty // Mark x Sana // by Alfantasy_
The Epitome of Beauty // Mark x Modena Evilion
"You're the perfect example of my type, I like you." That one full sentence always lingers whenever you're in my thought. Which I hated it so much when you say...
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With You My Love /// Mark x Sana /// (Completed) by Alfantasy_
With You My Love /// Mark x Modena Evilion
In which Mark asked Sana to help him practice some scenes for his upcoming drama movie. Hi hi... My second story... I hope you like it. Teehee. Completed
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DISGUISE. | gottwice by -KASOERI
DISGUISE. | gottwiceby ⥸
↳ GOTTWICE FANFICTION! in which two people from two different worlds meet each other. -KASOERI © 2019 started ; 19.07.19 ended ; xxx
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Magical World (Ongoing) by Blue_Darker17
Magical World (Ongoing)by Blue_Darker17
This story is all about a superstar. She is very famous. The whole world loves her, but what if she enters the magical world? The place that is full of magic. Different...
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Arrange Marriage(MARKSANA FANFIC)(COMPLETE) by TheBeautifulVixen
Arrange Marriage(MARKSANA FANFIC)( Beautiful Liar💋
Sana is a kind, intellegent and beautiful girl, her parents have decided that Sana has to marry Mark because their company is going to bankrupt. Sana didn't agree first...
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7 nerd girls turns into 7 beautiful girls by TheBeautifulVixen
7 nerd girls turns into 7 Beautiful Liar💋
This story is about 7 nerd girls fell inlove with 7 badboys.... The 7 nerd girls know to be the smartest yet ugliest persons in their school.....They are helpful, intell...
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GotTwice Group Chat by nottodayy-
GotTwice Group Chatby madison
Nicknames Nayeon- nayeonii Jeongyeon- nojambro21 Momo- momoringpeach Sana- shysana Jihyo- godjihy0 Mina- penguingirl Dahyun- Tofudubu Chaeyoung- chaengiie Tzuyu- yodat...
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FORBIDDEN LOVE | jinyeon by ohmygottwice
FORBIDDEN LOVE | jinyeonby ชัยชนะ
[COMPLETED] in which jinyoung and nayeon start dating and keep it a secret from the world.
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𝐌.𝐒𝐍 > SANA ONE-SHOTS by whoriizen
Just a bunch of sana storys and sana x idols Ranked #1 In twice teen Ranked #1 in gottwice 8/4/18 Ranked #1 in sajun 8/25/18
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The Joker (Mark X Sana)  by DQuinn_17
The Joker (Mark X Sana) by DQuinn_17
?Love someone, not because they give you what you need..... But because they give you feelings that you never thought you needed. ? Mark. He came into their life like a...
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just a dare | gottwice fanfic. by itsyou_anne
just a dare | gottwice anne_jinyeon
Warning: Taglish, Bad Words, Kilig Moments, 3 Nerds, who kept a secret... 3 Princes, who bullied them... 3 Princesses, who are in love with the Prince... 3 Boys, who fel...
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Gotwice - When Stars Fall In Love //Sana and Mark// [Discontinued]  by wherearemypotatos
Gotwice - When Stars Fall In 𝓕𝓪𝓷𝓬𝔂_𝓞𝓷𝓬𝓮
What if stars fall in love. Like Sana and Mark. Both are shining stars but what obstacles will they encounter? What consequences will they receive? Find out.
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strip | Sana x mark by dxxrkrose
strip | Sana x markby Anna🖤
"why are you always so fucking stupid?" ------ started: 2019.02.24 ended:
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