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wingate gardens -got7 ✓ by xoxopjy
wingate gardens -got7 ✓by 💥💥
𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐊𝐉𝐈𝐍 COMPLETED/ if you live in wingate gardens, you are the lowest of the low. mark finds himself moving into wingate. and soon, becomes involved with its res...
instagram™️〈jinson〉 by slowfantasia
instagram™️〈jinson〉by NANANA
A Jinson Instagram Fanfiction Side ships: Markjae, Yugbam and 2jae (B.A.P's Youngjae) Started: ✎ February 5th 2019 Ended: ✐ May 29th 2019 Side mentioned groups: NCT and...
Notice Me Senpai by bambamismyaesthetic
Notice Me Senpaiby ʸᵒᵘ’ʳᵉ ᵈᵒⁱⁿᵍ ʷᵉˡˡ
doublebillion: how do you make a boy look at you in a "weo weo" way and not in an "aww" way yeetcucumbers: whats that even supposed to mean? snaccj...
say it back by sinfulmortal
say it backby ben
im jaebum being the most popular kid is confident with himself and one day he found himself being interested to choi youngjae, the boy who couldn't give less fuck about...
We Repel Too Much | Jinson by love_got7_always
We Repel Too Much | Jinsonby agase 💚🐥
We are opposite ends of magnet .. but still we repel !
And That's How It Happened by choiyjg7
And That's How It Happenedby ChoiYJ
A CUTE 2YOUNG STORY! Completed ☑️
What They Don't See (jinsonxjackbum) by theminionlife
What They Don't See ( theminionlife
In the kpop world there are many couples such as Namjin, yoongmin, Jeongcheol, but there are also coulps like vhopekook. Even Got7 has some couples such as Markbam and Y...
BOYFIE. - JINGYEOM by -kygfs
"ugh, park jinyoung you're my soft boyfie." "i'm not soft, fuck off."
Youngjae Fic Recs (bxb)  by yovngJ
Youngjae Fic Recs (bxb) by .
Fics recommendations (best) of youngjaeXgot7 especially 2jae, jackjae , 2youngjae . And MarkJin , because why not ?
girlfriends ♡ yugbam ♡ by v4mpboi
girlfriends ♡ yugbam ♡by ∪^ェ^∪
yumi meets a cute girl and they fall in love maybe a bit too quick compared to anyone else's standards *genderbent yugbam*
Mine [Markjae] by ASLOnePiece
Mine [Markjae]by k k a e b s o n g
There are things in life that you should never do, and one of those things is touch touching another werewolf's mate.
i'm just a kid : markbeom, markjae,  2jae [editing] by beomsiqarus
i'm just a kid : markbeom, noah
jaebeom transferred back to zara high school, but he definitely wasn't new. his elementary school friends were there. yugyeom, youngjae, and bambam. mark, the star quart...
My Brother's Boyfriend (Markjae One Shot) by ASLOnePiece
My Brother's Boyfriend (Markjae k k a e b s o n g
Mark is in love with Youngjae, who just so happens to be dating his older brother. One shot
GOT7 VS ... by ASLOnePiece
GOT7 VS k k a e b s o n g
GOT7 versus literally anything.
STARS ✩ MARKJAE FANFIC by neyocitiii
« Behind those shinning eyes, lies a boy; Who's heart already reached its limit. » ✧Mark Tuan & Choi Youngjae AU✧
[Trans-fic] [NC17] [GOT7-2Jae] The one to hate by 2JaeVN
[Trans-fic] [NC17] [GOT7-2Jae] 2JaeVN
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Cục nắng nhỏ trên cánh đồng muối by bichlac
Cục nắng nhỏ trên cánh đồng muốiby bichlac
nếu Mark và Youngjae hẹn hò thì như nào nhỉ?
Mi problema lleva tu nombre by aome91
Mi problema lleva tu nombreby Aome91
My nombre es Youngjae, soy un chico con actitud y con objetivos claros, nadie pasara sobre mí. Llevo tres años viviendo en el extranjero pero al fin logre convencer a mi...
GOT7 the type of chilensis. by drugsciles
GOT7 the type of dani globito
¿Como serian los miembros de got7 siendo chilenos?
Stockholm Syndrome | m.t x j.w by turtlleneckgod
Stockholm Syndrome | m.t x j.wby syd🤪
a story in which a teenage boy falls in love with his bully,, or is it the other way around? ~warning~ •mature content •bullying