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Artificial Insemination by Whynotagain
Artificial Inseminationby Jade
It was meant to be a quick ten minute job, and Layla Martis was meant to be five hundred pounds richer by the end of it. Instead, after the hospital had an accidental mi...
Bane by sweetchoclate9
Baneby rose
How far can an Alpha go far his mate? Anna is an innocent, beautiful seventeen year werewolf waiting for her mate. But never did she expect him to be the every werewol...
Azariah by -sapphiris-
Azariahby 𝐈𝐫𝐢𝐬
"Do you even know what the fuck you do to me?" Dom questioned lowly as he pressed me against the window. My cheek pressed onto the cold glass as I mumbled inco...
The Alpha Prince by Sleepy_Loverboy
The Alpha Princeby Sleepy_Loverboy
Just enjoy this stupid story 🙂👍 Love Kyle 💙
Alpha Female - Book 1 -Under Major Editing- by bGoforth
Alpha Female - Book 1 -Under Brooke_Goforth
Being a woman in a man's world has always been hard. Whether it came to politics, work, or just every day life, being a woman could be hard. It was even harder to try an...
Heart of a rogue by DHKwriting
Heart of a rogueby DHwriting
The caged bird sings with a fearful trill, of things unknown, but longed for still. And her tune is heard on the distant hill, for the caged bird sings for freedom. His...
Alpha Of Blood by radleyswriter
Alpha Of Bloodby Becca🧃
Alexia wanted a mate, but what happens when her Mate doesn't want her. Every year, The Red-Moon pack would host a Party, for the unmated wolves. Little does Lexi Know is...
Random Yandere One Shots Vol. 2 by Assassin_sin
Random Yandere One Shots Vol. 2by unknown
More one shots - completed -
Neighbours by Wintershadowassassin
Neighboursby Wintershadowassassin
Jimin is about as human as he could. In a world full of the supernatural. A world hidden from the human race. They walk among them, blending into the shadows. Some maybe...
Demon in my bed PSYCHIC by eclipses817
Demon in my bed PSYCHICby Angel wills
After a very fatal accident when she was three which put her life in danger and affecting her normality state .she was different and not like any kid of her age. yh she...
The Fertility Mark (Book 1) by grizzie-grey
The Fertility Mark (Book 1)by Grey
NOT EDITED VERSION. Delilah got a huge responsibility on her shoulders at the age of 17 when her parents died. The responsibility: her seven year old sister, Alice. The...
Challenging The Alpha (Wattys2016) COMPLETED by orchidtrait
Challenging The Alpha (Wattys2016) LunaGrey
Highest ranking #14 as of 12/20/16 WARNING: This story is not all lovey dovey, it's raw, brutal, and is filled with plot holes, now don't comment and remind me. TONS OF...
His abused mate by chickenwing1235
His abused mateby chickenwing1235
This story is about a girl named Daisy that's abused by her pack until one day she finds her mate which is a ruthless and cold hearted alpha named xander What will happe...
New Kid In Town by HaikyuuShips13
New Kid In Townby -_-
I'm Delta Grey, a normal 17 year old, high school kid. I also happen to be gay, still in the closet--along with having a huge secret. I moved to this little town in the...
Melody's mate by MellowRosey
Melody's mateby Melissa🌹
Melody Prince is a seventeen-year-old girl. She has abusive step parents. Her real parents sadly died. Or so she thinks. She has never known what love feels like and she...
Accidental Marking  by Tweeker-Bell
Accidental Marking by Tweeker-Bell
*I'm not good at descriptions but I'll try.* Lucy had heard some news that broke her heart even more than it already was. So Cana noticed this sadness and took her to a...
Seducing The Alpha by Couthed
Seducing The Alphaby Premeditated
**CONTAINS MATURE SCENES AND LANGUAGE. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK** Cara is still reeling from her brother's death when Valentino comes into her life. Her best friend wants...
The Alpha's Human Mate by SunFireRising
The Alpha's Human Mateby Kat Sanborn
Calla moves to a new town with her mother to get away from a 'divorce' but Calla finds out there was a different reason. These boys that are in a wolf pack enter Calla's...
My Alpha's (Bucky x Steve x Reader) by Alyssa_DeAnne
My Alpha's (Bucky x Steve x Reader)by Alyssa DeAnne
Y/N was raised to hate who she was, an omega. She was broken, and it took years to finally see her worth, stepping up to becoming a capable leader to other wayward child...
Completed Werewolf Books on Wattpad by demon_royalblood
Completed Werewolf Books on Wattpadby Alexandra Pierce
Completed Werewolf Books on Wattpad which can be read for free