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Sweet Home by puput4
Sweet Homeby rapp
Cerita tentang seorang Satria Abimana yang terlihat luar biasa di luar namun sangat rapuh di dalam. Tak ada orang yang bisa ia ajak untuk berbagi kisahnya, tak mau ada o...
  • percintaan
  • marisa
  • sma
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The Lone Shrine Maiden's Wish by Cutie-sama
The Lone Shrine Maiden's Wishby Cutie
Reimu Hakurei, a human in a strange world full of extremely powerful humanoid creatures named Youkai, finds herself alone at the shrine of Hakurei, the very place Reimu...
  • reimu
  • cirno
  • touhou
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(Touhou Fanfic) Happy Birthday to you by yakumoyukari
(Touhou Fanfic) Happy Birthday PsychoSuya
Bằng tình yêu của mình với Touhou
  • touhou
  • reimu
  • marisa
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In Love With A Spy by Normila_Rising
In Love With A Spyby Normila is still #1
K.C and Marisa are dating but can Marisa handle dating K.C Cooper whos a top secret agent spy? Ok this summary sucks but bare with me the book isn't that bad. And ex...
  • channel
  • undercover
  • marisa
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Academy of Shifters [PDF] by Marisa Claire by jezoxuru60016
Academy of Shifters [PDF] by jezoxuru60016
Read Academy of Shifters PDF ebook Listen to Academy of Shifters Marisa Claire audiobook Read Online Academy of Shifters: Tooth & Claw Society book in EPUB Find out Acad...
  • marisa
  • pdf
  • shifters
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touhou/len'en art by tsuuuwu
touhou/len'en artby call me tsuu
this book contains mainly drawings of touhou, but ive been drawing a lot of len'en lately so i decided to put both together ✨ criticism is appreciated loves 💞 - lydia
  • koishi
  • marisa
  • reimu
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5 Tips To Help You Deal With Rejection | Marisa Peer by alexsihay
5 Tips To Help You Deal With alexsihay
Celebrity hypnotist Marisa Peer outlines five simple techniques we can all use to deal with any forms of rejection - so that it can't hurt you. If you like this video, y...
  • marisa
  • peer
The Bad Boy Ate My Shirt by evilturkey5
The Bad Boy Ate My Shirtby 🐸개구리🐸
Marisa Susans may seem to be an average girl, but she's actually not your average girl. So when she meets Brad Du Bois, the bad boy who treats her just like any other gi...
  • badboygoodgirl
  • uwu
  • love
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Touhou Project Romance Stories by Kayto2538
Touhou Project Romance Storiesby Kayto2538
This is another story I've been wanting to do for a while. This will be about a series of guys who somehow get transported to Gensokyo. Also these will not be one shots...
  • malereader
  • touhou
  • flandre
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Undercover Love by Chonivibez
Undercover Loveby Norminah_squad
KC and Marisa have been Bestfriends since kindergarten. What happens when Marisa let's herself fall for KC. Will it change things for the worst or will it be the start t...
  • gay
  • zendaya
  • kcundercover
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Sweet & Spoiled by Tashathe04
Sweet & Spoiledby Konni
Sweet & Spoiled is a book about touhou ships that contain lemons in them
  • alice
  • lemons
  • konngara
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OTP by ahirurei
OTPby Ahiru Rei
như tiêu đề sìn OTP là nhiều :v
  • alice
  • marisa
  • mariali
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Christmas/Winter Special - Frozen Times by WishingJirachu
Christmas/Winter Special - Wishing Jirachu
Tricky and her friends were having an innocent snowball fight, until an encounter with a Glaceon and a Leafeon drags them into a problem that includes their old friends...
  • snow
  • marisa
  • krystie
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El Amigo De Flandre by Lapislazuli1234MSA
El Amigo De Flandreby Sergio Armando Martinez Gutie...
Sergio es un humano proveniente del mundo humano, que cayo al mundo de Gensokyo, desde entonces su vida era mas tranquila, ayuda en la villa humana, pero no senti mas qu...
  • barrerahakurei
  • marisa
  • sacerdotisas
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Touhou Gallery by JevilRoyalJester
Touhou Galleryby 🃏ᛃᛖᚹᛁᛚ🃏
¿Pués que más diré? Sólo son mis imágenes de Touhou que me gustaría compartir UwUr Serán publicaciones lentas
  • yakumo
  • flandre
  • rumia
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Marisa x Alice True Love by GCNess
Marisa x Alice True Loveby GCNess
Because I actually think they make an adorable couple. I tried to write this seriously at first, but I couldn't.
  • shipping
  • marialice
  • gay
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TOUHOU: raji alguien algo peculiar by murko_zeta
TOUHOU: raji alguien algo peculiarby murko
luego de que una diosa decidiera darle su alma a un bebe y de esta forma crear una nueva generación, pero gracias a esto el bebe crecerá y desarrollara habilidades que u...
  • youmu
  • marisa
  • reimu
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Marisa by yurimuthmainnah
Marisaby Muthmainnah Yuria
Marisa tak pernah membayangkan ini. Madu yang ia percaya untuk mengisi sebagian ruang hati suaminya mengkhianati. Cinta yang manis semanis madu ternyata beracun mematika...
  • fiksimuthmainnahyuria
  • marisa
  • muthmainnahyuria
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handsome and the beast by rastrud
handsome and the beastby rastrud
Marisa membenci wajahnya yang sekarang, banyak laki-laki menolak mendekatinya setelah melihat wajahnya. samapai seorang laki-laki kenalan Ayah membuatnya nyaman. Tapi ap...
  • cacat
  • kehidupan
  • face
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