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Origins (Incorrect Quotes and Memes) by 9iiine
Origins (Incorrect Quotes and Nap
Incorrect quotes and memes i was going to do headcannons but then realized im uncreative
SCP Lockdown meets Never Ending Party by AliceCircus54
SCP Lockdown meets Never Ending Alice Angel and Circus Baby
Mario, Bryan, Xylobear, and Kaylabear from SCP Lockdown meet Frankenstein!TryHardNinja, Spider!DJSmell, Clown!Dolvando, and Vampire!Cami-Cat from Never Ending Party.
Scp Thefamousfilms (Discontinue) by WolfbeGaming
Scp Thefamousfilms (Discontinue)by WolfbeGaming
Bryan before going to the foundation he lived a "normal life" until the foundation came to his door and took his family away. The foundation though they wiped...
Origins Oneshots. (FINISHED) by ShootingfortheSun
Origins Oneshots. (FINISHED)by 🔮Sun🔮
Writing is to be able to bend words to your will, painting a picture just with words. [REQUESTS CLOSED] A oneshot book dedicated to minecraft roleplays. I hope you enjoy...
Origins one-shots by KarlaMMelndezNegrn
Origins one-shotsby Kami225
This is my first book! One-shots dedicated to the Minecraft roleplays from the Origins crew. Requests are closed at the moment! Please read the Imformation chapter if...
Bryrio (Bryan x Mario) oneshots || Fanart by Misty_Kai
Bryrio (Bryan x Mario) oneshots || Misty Kai
Since I am not satisfied enough with the fanfics and fanarts of these two, as good as they are, I decided to make my own! I'm a beginner at this so please be a little pa...
The Rouge's Quest - (Shino X Artemis AU) by PIE4LIFEE
The Rouge's Quest - (Shino X PIE4LIFEE
Wassup Yo! I have decided to mix this, (Cause I absolutely LAV this ship) With my idea to do a Dragon Rider whole war book thing. I'm planning on making this a whole ser...
Origins one-shots by Your_local_dweeb
Origins one-shotsby How did I end up on wattpad
In this I will be making different ships with the characters of origins of Olympus, fairy tail origins, scp, ect. Feel free to request ships or any stories that include...
Incorrect Quotes by Camille_and_Fritz
Incorrect Quotesby Camille 🧶(and Fritz 🏵)
FNAF Kids, Origins of Olympus, Fairy Tail Origins, Supernatural Origins, TFF FNAF6/7, Origins of Olympus S2, My Hero Origins, Fanmade Origins AUs, DreamSMP AUs, and more...
Ask and Dare with a little twist  by IronTooth43
Ask and Dare with a little twist by nope
This will mainly focus on the twins. They will be loopy or adorable 80% time
Origins Oneshots by Lunatic_3clipse
Origins Oneshotsby :)
Request are now closed
ask and dare them by IronTooth43
ask and dare themby nope
mostly going to do the true alpha pack, but will do others periodicity
Fto Oneshots S4 + 5 by Enby_Panda
Fto Oneshots S4 + 5by Dan/Danny
The end :D! This is a book of oneshots, oneshits, loveshots and others! Oh! Also! I don't check over my work before publishing so beware bad grammar or missing words. ...
This is a book that I have decided to create! I have SO many ideas and I need a place to put them. Plus I think some certain people may like the ships included! Personal...
my hero oirgins oneshots(request are open) by romanangst2020
my hero oirgins oneshots(request romanangst2020
hello and welcome to my hero oirgins oneshots this i will not do smut very big angst (death and other things) things i will do fluff angst(nothing to bad)
Origins of Olympus Oneshots (Season 1 and 2) *completed* by _White_Angel_Fox
Origins of Olympus Oneshots ( Angel Lynn
Basically just oneshots from the origins crew. They are minecraft role players and they make great content.
Fto ask n dare by IronTooth43
Fto ask n dareby nope
here we go, go again.
FTO Oneshots by AngelBeeAKAFloria
FTO Oneshotsby AngelBeeAKAFloria
Okie so this is going to be a lot like my SNO oneshots book in that you can ask for whatever you want and I'll do my best. Just make sure its FTO related!
Origins Oneshots/Theory's etc..  by Genocide_Player
Origins Oneshots/Theory's etc.. by Chaotic Melody
This book is about Oneshots, Stories and Theory's about The Roleplays the Origins Crew made with some people from other fandoms too
Fairy Tail Origins One Shots by JayDarke
Fairy Tail Origins One Shotsby Jay
One shots for the YouTube series Fairy Tail Origins. I'm going to attempt at least one chapter with every character at least in it.