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Blindsided • adrienette by spicyavocdo
Blindsided • adrienetteby mia
Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, childhood friends to teenage enemies. Torn apart at an early age due to reputations and outside influences, not a day goes by...
we're just friends, right? by trippingoveraknife
we're just friends, right?by trippingoveraknife
"what's up with you, it's not like it's the first time alyas suggested something like that but you're making it such a big deal." adrien laughed and put his ar...
Personal Assistant Ms. Dupain Cheng.✓ by randomtothecore
Personal Assistant Ms. Dupain BishWutdaHeck✵
Adrien Agreste, soon to be the CEO of the Gabriel brand, wants to get rid of responsibilities. Gabriel has assigned him a good post at the workplace so that he learns a...
Please...Don't. [ Miraculous Fanfic - Chlonette] ✔ by -NixxNixx-
Please...Don't. [ Miraculous 醒めない夢
Marinette Dupain-Cheng used to walk into the halls of school bullied by Chloe Bourgeois. Now that's changed, Chloe acknowledges her feelings for Marinette after her eig...
A Recorded Life - Miraculous Ladybug by AllTimeLilly
A Recorded Life - Miraculous Lilly
Marinette Dupain-Cheng and her friends are in their final year of Lycee (High School), and they are all 18 years old. Marinette has a very busy life between trying to gr...
Hawkmoth's Redemption || MLB Fanfic by ur_fave_ship
Hawkmoth's Redemption || MLB Fanficby sil <3
Gabriel knows. He knows his son is Chat Noir. But instead of stealing the ring, he doesn't say a word. He knows his son is in love with Ladybug, and it reminds him of h...
Félinette's Journey {Discontinued, Apologies} by Phoenix818012
Félinette's Journey { Phoenix818012
*The artwork above is mine* This is a few years later. Marinette is 16 years old and life isn't going all that well... She has been diagnosed with anxiety and Lila is th...
When Duty and Desire Meet by midnight_starry
When Duty and Desire Meetby midnight_starry
Adrien was twenty years old when he first became Chat Noir and met Ladybug. Four years later, amidst the toughest time of his college career, he meets Marinette Dupain-C...
Believer || MLB Fanfic ✓ by ur_fave_ship
Believer || MLB Fanfic ✓by sil <3
"She's not Ladybug, Alya! Can't you see it?" Marinette cried to her so called best friend, grasping her by the shoulders and shaking her. "Sorry, Mari, I...
Heartstring ✅ by Miraculous_786
Heartstring ✅by Miraculous_786
After Lila turns all of her classmates against her, Marinette finds herself comforted by none other than Luka, with his words and music. His anger on Marinette's behalf...
Change of Plan by alvares715
Change of Planby alvares715
Now that Adrien is dating Kagami, Marinette decides that she needs to move on. And she stumbles upon the perfect person to move on to. Set after season three. #7 Marinet...
Marinette OneShots by morganlbr
Marinette OneShotsby Morgan
One shots with Marinette. *Mostly Daminette*
Happier|| A Lukanette story by Miss_lovley_me
Happier|| A Lukanette storyby Miss_lovley_me
A MIRACULOUS LADYBUG FAN FICTION "I can't deal with this anymore!" The blonde cried out. "Then you won't! We're through!" The bluenette yelled back...
Unforeseen Pregnancy [MLB] by Little_Buginette
Unforeseen Pregnancy [MLB]by Peachy Ria 🍑
Marinette didn't really plan this to happen. She didn't know that they would go overboard and she didn't know that they would do that. It was unexpected and so wrong. S...
Last Champion Standing by periwinkleplagg
Last Champion Standingby ᗷᑌᘜᗩᗷOO🤸‍♀️🚆
The return of ScarletMoth proves more troublesome than the last time. Akumatised victims terrorise the streets with the new addition of Princess Justice and Verity Queen...
The PE class to sleepover reveal by cheesefibber
The PE class to sleepover revealby cheesefibber
Marinette's class in gym is going to free run on the rooftops of Paris, not for so long... Marinette decided that her class knew too much of her identity, she would reve...
Buff Marinette one shots by happypanda1864
Buff Marinette one shotsby happypanda1864
I've seen a lot of buff Marinette comics but hardly any stories so I decided to write my own. In the words of Beverly "if you don't see the book you want on the she...
Fʟɪʀᴛʏ Fᴇʟɪɴᴇ (Chat Noir X Reader) (Adrien Agreste X Reader)  by Complicatedly_Andi
Fʟɪʀᴛʏ Fᴇʟɪɴᴇ (Chat Noir X Reader) ⚔️Andeeehhh🏹
Meet Y/N Y/L, Chloe Bourgeois's cousin. Yes, you read it right, Chloe Bourgeois. Y/N is a helpful and kind high-school girl. But don't get into her bad side, she might...
You're Mine, Only Mine.      [fan. fic] by chatnoir_eliza123
You're Mine, Only Mine. [ elizabeth
This is my first story* Marinette is a 15 year old girl. Adrien is a 16 year old boy. Marinette falls in love and finds out she's pregnant. Read to find out what happens...
Playing the Player by ashleighclaire1003
Playing the Playerby Ash
"Here's the game, Adrien. We date. We hold hands. The first person that falls in love with the other loses." Marinette Dupain-Cheng has had enough of the playe...