Torn Between Two Lovers: A Yami X Reader X Yugi Love Story! by QueenOfNekoWriters
Torn Between Two Lovers: A Yami DaydreamingNeko
Hello! This is my first story so I hope you like it! Guess you'll want a summary so here you go! When (y/n) moves to Domino City, She doesn't know what to expect. But wh...
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  • yami
  • joey
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It's Too Hard... by KnightWolf05
It's Too KnightWolf05
Yami is finding it difficult being away from everyone and now has returned to being Atem. A few years has passed and Yami finally has a mirror into Yugi's world and is a...
  • yugiohfanfic
  • tristan
  • romance
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The Singer Who Grew by KnightWolf05
The Singer Who Grewby KnightWolf05
The Dragons are a well known band that need someone to work with them. So when Yugi sees the form he go straight away to it and soon enough get the job. It isn't what he...
  • band
  • joey
  • yugioh
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Yu-Gi-Oh x reader one shots ✨Requests open✨ by theyugiohidiot
Yu-Gi-Oh x reader one shots ✨ Meluna🌙✨🖤
Welp, request if you want a character. WARNING: this story will contain lemons or sexual stories. Please if you're underage DO NOT read this book. I'll be editing the bo...
  • yugi
  • marik
  • yugioh
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Book 1: Death Lullaby (Deathshipping) by Treacherous_Rex
Book 1: Death Lullaby ( T-Rex
After Yami Bakura banishes Ryou to the shadow realm, Ryou finds himself alone and afraid. Lost in the abyss with no signs of ever coming out. That all changed when a mys...
  • marikishtar
  • florence
  • marik
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Genie of the Puzzle by ArtemisSilver478
Genie of the Puzzleby Artemis Silver
Puzzleshipping Aladdin Parody with an abridged twist!!! Riff raff, street rat. Yami is desperate to rise above these rags and prove that he's worth so much more. And th...
  • disneyanimeparodies
  • yaoi
  • yamixyugi
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Yu-Gi-Oh Oneshots  by Tigerstarwolf
Yu-Gi-Oh Oneshots by Tigerstarwolf
Yu-gi-oh x reader one shots I am taking requests
  • dartz
  • yamibakura
  • oneshots
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Yu-gi-oh oneshots  by JazmineMuoz
Yu-gi-oh oneshots by Jazmine Muñoz
Read the title.
  • yugimuto
  • yamiyugi
  • atemxyugi
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Walk with Fate (Yugioh x reader) by Waffleflaffle
Walk with Fate (Yugioh x reader)by Waffleflaffle
Hapu Van Schroeder was raised to be extraordinary and an asset to the family company. She was very involved in the Corporation and her home studies, she's never had any...
  • marikishtar
  • xreader
  • manga
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Outkasts  by GabbyKirklandJones
Outkasts by Gabby Kirkland-Jones
What do you get when you add four outkasts and four rich princes in one high school? Why is Otogi looking at Honda that way? Why is there a "k" in outkasts? Jo...
  • jounouchi
  • sennen
  • fluff
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Thiefshipping one shots by ArtemisSilver478
Thiefshipping one shotsby Artemis Silver
Because why not. (COVER ART IS NOT MINE) -no smut (I'm sorry, but it's difficult finding any thiefshipping fics without smut. Where is just plain fluff?) -abridged pers...
  • yamibakura
  • marikishtar
  • thiefshipping
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Alone Together (Yu-Gi-Oh! Wattys 2018) by ArtemisSilver478
Alone Together (Yu-Gi-Oh! Wattys Artemis Silver
After returning home from several months in an institution, Melvin emerges from his sane façade and goes back to doing what he does best; being a sadistic psychopath. A...
  • bakura
  • thiefshipping
  • fanfiction
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A new item, a new friend. (Another yugioh story)(A Seto Kaiba X OC Reader) by _sakura_honda_
A new item, a new friend. ( Fem! Japan
When Tristan's never before seen twin sister, Angie Taylor, comes to visit, it will become chaotic. When she starts a job at Kaiba Corp and starts new friendships, it wi...
  • duke
  • yami
  • bakura
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Guilty Pleasure by ArtemisSilver478
Guilty Pleasureby Artemis Silver
There is no immediate desire to settle down, but when he realizes he's stuck in an okay lifestyle, Bakura doesn't quite enjoy the idea of things being the way they are f...
  • theifshipping
  • imstillbeatingtendershippingwithastickjustmoregently
  • bakura
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Yugioh Boyfriend Scenarios by Emipopistar123
Yugioh Boyfriend Scenariosby Emine
Have Fun with your Dreamguy😉😳😍
  • atem
  • ryou
  • devlin
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Let Me Help You [puzzleshipping] by dontviewinpublic
Let Me Help You [puzzleshipping]by dontviewinpublic
Yugi x Yami ~ Seto x Joey ~ Heba x Atemu
  • ishtar
  • bronzeshipping
  • yugioh
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MY HIKARI (Yaoi) (Boy X Boy) by MichelleKChapman
MY HIKARI (Yaoi) (Boy X Boy)by Michelle Chapman
My Hikari is a YAOI (boy X boy) Yugioh fanfic. Yami X Yugi, Bakura X Ryou, Marik x Malik, Heba x Atemu and Seto X Joey. This about how each Yami (DARK) love their Hika...
  • wattys2018
  • blindshipping
  • puppyshipping
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Destined to be Yours by Hiroakki
Destined to be Yoursby Hiroakki
(Originally known as "We were both Destined") Marik got away from his sister's grip and got closer to Akia. He smiled at her and rubbed the back of his head, r...
  • yugiohfanfic
  • joeywheeler
  • marikishtar
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Atem x Reader: A Protective Love in His Heart by WolfPuppy12
Atem x Reader: A Protective Love WolfPuppy17
Atem is your boyfriend and is very protective of you. He protects you from bullies, and always walks you home. But when a new man comes in the school and flirts with you...
  • protectiveatem
  • atem
  • kaiba
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Yugioh - Edit : Little Chibi by laplanhbc
Yugioh - Edit : Little Chibiby Chít
Tác giả : Hidden Guardian - Edit : Chít Câu chuyện là phần tiếp theo của truyện Yugioh : Yami no Hikari Nội dung : Sau sự kiện thế giới ký ức, Ryou và Bakura đã trải qua...
  • bakura
  • shizuka
  • ryou
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