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Flawless Silence  by ErraticChand-p
Flawless Silence by Ms Chand
When Annika, a science graduate, agrees to an arranged marriage chosen by her parents, she finds herself wedded to Shivaay Oberoi, her law professor with whom she had a...
Make It Right | KTH FF | by Himaniii14
Make It Right | KTH FF |by Himani
Story of the clumsy yet weird girl and a mature mafia becoming a problematic yet sassy duo. Marriage wasn't a good decision at first but soon got to know it would turn o...
Arranged marriage to Mr Billionaire by axamaxamaxa
Arranged marriage to Mr Billionaireby axamaxamaxa
Caramel is a poor university student in England, her ambitions is to become a successful doctor one day. She was living in an orphanage looking after the orphans there w...
Stubborn Love [L.S ABO]  by Angelicufo
Stubborn Love [L.S ABO] by angelicufo ◟̽◞̽
Deux princes se connaissant depuis l'enfance sont destinés à s'épouser. Ne s'aimant pas de base, ils seront obligés de s'aimer et combattre leurs ennemies enssemble. Dé...
1885 When her father dies, Rosalind Trevellian (19) is left destitute and homeless. Grief-stricken and apprehensive, Rosalind travels far west to the mansion of her dist...
A Sinful Obsession by AnaM_Author
A Sinful Obsessionby Ana.M
Celestina, an innocent young woman, and Nikolai, a dangerous Russian mafia mobster, and capo were meant to bound. Celestina married Nikolai after her parents died to hon...
DESTINY by Oneandonlyme123
DESTINYby Aditi rathore fan ❤️
What happens when Avni gets to marry her boss for 3 months but one of them end up falling in love with the other ?❤️ Plz give it a try .. because I really don't know ho...
START ALL OVER (Baekhyun and Hera) by Min_jee27
START ALL OVER (Baekhyun and Hera)by Min Jee
I watched my reflection in the mirror since, I do not know how long. I was coming back to our wedding, that beautiful day that turned into a nightmare over time. I was d...
Chroniques d'Imane "jusqu'à la fin" by s1r1n9
Chroniques d'Imane "jusqu'à la fin"by s1r1n9
"Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir." Chronique 100 %Fictive
Nous deux contre le monde by sheilaa_dz
Nous deux contre le mondeby sheilaa_lz
salem aleykoum tout le monde je vis dans le 33 . j ai un grand frère j ai une vie plutôt bien jusqu'à se que Enzo me demande en mariage la tout change par ce que mon frè...
Wedding by Laetizya
Weddingby Laetizya
A la recherche d'un peu d'argent afin de pouvoir se payer une voiture, JungKook accepte de faire le serveur durant le mariage de personnes qu'il ne connaît même pas. Cep...
Chroniques de Léana : Marié de force a Thug by RaissaLpb
Chroniques de Léana : Marié de Raissa Lpb
C'est l'histoire de léana qui me menait sa vie comme elle le souhaite quand son pére lui annonce quel va se marier avec son pire énemie cela bouleversa sa vien
Une  kehba devenue pratiquante by hayyath
Une kehba devenue pratiquanteby hayyath
Slt je m'appelle leyla vous allez suivre mon parcours en tant que keh mais j'ai décider de reprendre ma vie en main je me énormément raprocher de la religion
chris brown imagines by kyaram101
chris brown imaginesby kyaram101
i really don't know why yall need a description butt..... chris brown imagines (dirty and clean )
#MON MARIAGE FORCÉ  by Goundo2222
#MON MARIAGE FORCÉ by Goundo2222
Coucou à tous je vais vous raconter mon histoire.
Forced marriage  by taylor-kaulitz
Forced marriage by Ranya3603
18 year old Brianna was doing her last year of school before taking over one of her fathers businesses but then got forced to marry some guy that her dad chose. It was h...
Soumise a ses beaux-frères by Mimi_kh
Soumise a ses beaux-frèresby {Erza_Scarlett}
MERCI DE NE PAS FAIRE DE PLAGIA -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Merry pensait avoir une vie he...