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I'm Drunk On Your Tears, Baby by joeyfilthx
I'm Drunk On Your Tears, Babyby joeyfilthx
I do not own any members of CKY, H.I.M or Jackass. I do not own any lyrics used unless otherwise noted. This is a work of fiction. This is a very old story from 2008 tha...
Jackass. by BurningTimeWithWords
#3 BurningTimeWithWords
Welcome to the wonderful world of Jackass! This story follows Christina Margera, younger sister to Bam & Jess Margera through her life of being around stuntman royalty...
Jackass Preferences by glader_
Jackass Preferencesby poison girl
In this book you'll find Jackass preferences, imagines and blurbs. Message me if you have a request or if you want me to add one of the guys. I'm currently writing mainl...
Finally by PurpleImagination2
Finallyby That Kid
"I'm sorry to say this, my dearest Juliet, but I'm absolutely head over heels for you."
Jackass Preferences and Imagines by Fan_Fics101
Jackass Preferences and Imaginesby Fan_Fics101
Hey guys!! Welcome to my Jackass Preference and Imagines. This book will include: ~ Johnny Knoxville ~ Bam Margera ~ Ryan Dunn ~ Steve - O ~ Wee-Man ~ Chris Pontius If y...
The Perks Of Being A Jackass by bella1234z
The Perks Of Being A Jackassby bella1234z
Tessa Margera is not the girl you want to annoy. You could say that her childhood made her tougher than most kids on the block and she is no different in her early twent...
Jackass Preferences by Ryleigh_roxx
Jackass Preferencesby Ryleigh_roxx
I'm writing about ~Knoxville ~Chris Pontius ~Ryan Dunn ~Bam Margera ~Steve-O HOPE YALL LIKE THESE PREFRENCES
Rescue Me  With Your Smile: Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn fanfic (Not Slash) by MaidOfMischief04
Rescue Me With Your Smile: Bam Steph
Wen Bams cousin attends the family reunion she is in need of help and before long he ropes her into his mad world. Then after a old friend visits she gets swept up into...
The Funeral of Hearts by venomousxkiss
The Funeral of Heartsby venomousxkiss
It was supposed to be the best day of his life. Yet he couldn't stop thinking that he was about to make the worst mistake of his life instead.
Jackass (Bam/Johnny Love Story) by baniellover
Jackass (Bam/Johnny Love Story)by Laura
Jasmine Jessie is a young girl she has a famous brother who is on TV, she is also on TV because she has a job at Miami Ink with Kat Von D. her best friend for years. Her...
My Random Hero [discontinued] by facepaintphan
My Random Hero [discontinued]by Adam
Jade was a just a normal teenage girl. Until Ryan Dunn came along -Ry is 17 -Jade is 17 -The story is set in the USA -All the CKY, Jackass and VLB people involved are 17...
Dead Lover's Lane (VILLE VALO FANFIC) by Metai4Llfe666
Dead Lover's Lane (VILLE VALO Atlas
When a troubled girl runs away from her home in Canada to start fresh in Finland, she finds that it may not be as easy as she once thought, and what happens when a surpr...
(Ville Valo) You Will Join Me In Death PT 2 by AlisonBonser
(Ville Valo) You Will Join Me In Alison Bonser
Was requested to write a second part so here goes
Happy Endings Don't Exist by mama_bunny
Happy Endings Don't Existby mama_bunny
Scarlett, better known as Scar, has had a rough life. And it's just going to get harder as Bam Margera falls into her world. How will this self proclaimed southern belle...